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CIO Technologies, Inc. SHIP4U. Order Fulfillment Customer Service Warehouse Management “EVERYTHING SHOULD BE Made AS SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE BUT NOT SIMPLER.”. A. Einstein. Over 20,000,000 orders shipped. Ship4u is the only system developed specifically to match

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CIO Technologies, Inc.


Order Fulfillment

Customer Service

Warehouse Management



A. Einstein

over 20 000 000 orders shipped
Over 20,000,000 orders shipped

Ship4uis the only system developed specifically to match

the extreme needs of today's third party fulfillment industry.

The system handles hundreds of

clients concurrently. They all have

varying types of products, services

and volumes ranging from

10 – 60,000 orders per day.

CIO Technologies’ mission is to deliver outstanding support to the 3PL community in their daily pursuit to serve their clients.
ship4u fundamentals
Ship4u - Fundamentals
  • Ship4u is built for a dynamic world. A client can be in charge of the entire process or chose to outsource an inbound call center, fulfillment or customer service. This can be done in an instant.
  • Simplicity is our main goal.
  • The web is our tool to perform business. Everything is accessible through the web - daily operation, customer service, reports and set-up.
  • The goal is to automate the entire order process. No extra equipment is needed making Ship4u efficient and cost effective.
shorter cycles
Shorter Cycles
  • When we began deploying Ship4u in 2000, the third party logistics provider’s typical set-up time was 2 - 4 weeks. In today’s fast paced world it is often necessary to set up new clients in a matter of hours although the requirements are more extensive!
  • The internet has created a demand for significant faster processing and shipping.
  • Credit card providers require a 24 hour turn-around for best discount rates.
it explosion
IT Explosion

A few years ago a small 3rd party logistics provider

would typically use an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of his inventory and a stand alone UPS shipping station.

The needs today are greater. The provider must have a selling web site, a client portal with real time order, shipping and inventory information, email notification to customers, full integration to UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, web based customer service, etc.

Budget increase for new IT services – non existent

the ship4u vision
The Ship4u – Vision

The combination ofsimplification, automation and synergy with business partners allows you to remain cost effective in today's market place.

Using a wireless connection you have the ability to run your entire business from anywhere.

Change is evitable and Ship4u easily adopt.

ship4u today
Ship4u - Today
  • Installed at over twenty businesses with own or outsourced warehouses in California, Illinois, Oregon, Texas, Tennessee, Utah and Ontario and Canada.
  • Customers include 3PL, Virtual Fulfillment Providers, DR Marketing Companies, Art and DVD producers and distributors.
  • Over 20,000,000 orders shipped – Currently the Ship4u 3PL community has deployed over 200 fulfillment clients using Ship4u.
  • Many of our 3PL partners have no IT staff.
ship4u warehouse management
Ship4u – Warehouse Management
  • The web based Warehouse Management handles up to 10,000 parallel regular or consignment inventories at fulfillment centers / retail stores all over the world in real time.
  • A potential of 10,000 clients side by side, each with an individual selection of fulfillment centers and routing rules.
  • Order routing based on country or zip codes. Re-routing of back orders.
  • Order volumes from 10 – 60,000+ per day.
ship4u warehouse management10
Ship4u – Warehouse Management
  • Full warehouse mapping
  • On-hand, On-hold and WIP inventory
  • Serialized and limited editions
  • Zone-bin and Pick and Pack
  • Fulfillment sorts, singles, doubles, expedited, etc.
  • Container or LTL receiving
  • ASN, Advanced Ship Notification
  • Kit assembly and dynamic processing of promotional kits
ship4u warehouse management11
Ship4u – Warehouse Management
  • Ship complete, manual order split, automatic back order split and on demand back order split
  • Manual order line split if part of quantity can ship
  • Multiple order sources, Ship4u web orders, eCommerce and Call Center orders
  • Already integrated order formats from leading providers
  • Automatic posting to SFTP site or HTML file drop
  • Web based pick printing / viewing
  • Integration with 3rd party Manifest systems
  • Full audit trace of all inventory changes
manifest integration
Manifest Integration
  • Clippership
  • UPS WorldShip
  • FedEx Ship Manager
  • Galaxy
  • Trueship
  • DHL
  • Abol, WebShip
  • Proprietary manifest system for USPS high volume operation with combined pick and USPS label and BMC sort
customer service
Customer Service
  • Web based order entry for both

DR and B2B.

  • Web based order line changes, new ship methods, cancel a

line or an order.

  • Save the sale.
  • Call Center monitoring with

reason codes explaining why

an order was accessed and

by whom.

  • Customer, order and order line


customer service14
Customer Service
  • Credit card and eCheck processing
  • USPS, UPS, DHL and FedEx
  • Credit card and eCheck processing
  • Credit card and eCheck processing
  • Installment plans
  • Continuity programs
  • Order tracking with links to
  • Returns, Replacements and Refunds
  • Color coded order status and full order and customer history
  • Disputes and Charge-Backs
set up

Web based user set-up of new clients, new shipping arrangements, new products, new promotions, new installment and plan continuity and much more.

A key to the system is the user set-up allowing individual rights for each user. It gives you the freedom to allow access for internal users, partners, clients and their customers without sacrificing the integrity of the data.

client support

Ship4uaims for a new level of client support. The system is ready for new businesses and offers many tools to achieve that!

  • Uses an already integrated eCommerce solution to generate additional sales.
  • Offers an installment plan to help customer finance expensive products.
  • Starts a continuity program to promote supplies in a cost effective manner.
  • Allows your B2B customers access to the Ship4u portal to enter orders and track shipments.
client support17
Client Support

Ship4u makes your daily operation even more cost effective!

  • You have all daily, weekly and monthly reports ready when arriving at your desk.
  • Order tracking and customer support can be handled from

your office even if the fulfillment takes place thousands of miles away.

  • Already integrated outsourcing

partners provide you with an

in-bound call center, customer

service and fulfillment services.