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Peer Assistance and Review

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Peer Assistance and Review. A Collaborative Effort between Columbus City Schools(CCS) & the Columbus Education Association(CEA) Tracey D. Johnson. Bio of Tracey D. Johnson. 22 years experience in education Elementary and Middle School experience

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peer assistance and review

Peer Assistance and Review

A Collaborative Effort between Columbus City Schools(CCS) & the Columbus Education Association(CEA)

Tracey D. Johnson

bio of tracey d johnson
Bio of Tracey D. Johnson

22 years experience in education

Elementary and Middle School experience

Former PAR Consulting and Lead Consulting Teacher

Currently work as a Staff Consultant on behalf of the Association

Graduate of The Ohio State University: BS.Edin Elementary Education, MA in Studies in Philosophical, Psychological, Historical and Comparative Education

Mother of a 20 year old son named Gregory who attends Columbia College Chicago.


Mid 80’s CEA and CCS agreed the evaluation process in the district needed to be reformed

Examined the Toledo Plan

1985 PAR Program was implemented in Columbus

Since its implementation, PAR as served over 8,000 teachers

par program overview
PAR Program Overview

Intern component: Newly employed teachers to the district

Intervention component: experienced teachers who are having difficulties in the classroom

Resident Educator: 4-year residency requirement by the state of Ohio for licensure

intern program
Intern Program

Mandatory for all newly hired teachers – even those with previous experience in another school district

Also mandatory for teachers five years removed from their PAR experience (If they left the district and returned)

Interns are assigned a consulting teacher

A minimum of 4 observation cycles as outlined in the CCS I Lead Teacher Evaluation Program (Induction, Leadership and Evaluation to Achieve and Develop)

Interns receive an interim report and final appraisal

Principal completes a Principal Summary Report

PAR Panel determines based on evidence presented by the CT final employment recommendations

intervention program
Intervention Program

Assists experienced teachers who are having difficulty

A minimum of 8 observation cycles

A person can self-refer

Referral can be initiated by either an administrator or another teacher – which goes through the Association Building Council

Formal evaluations and/or special evlautions are not conducted by the administrator while a teacher is in intervention

Assistance provided as long as a the teacher is progressing at an acceptable rate

observation cycle
Observation Cycle

Pre-Observation Conference

1 Observation (at least 30 minutes)

2- 4 Walkthroughs (10-20 minutes)

Post Observation Conference

Interns – 2 complete cycles by January 10 and 4 complete cycles by May 1

Interventions – 4 complete cycles by January 10 and 8 complete cycles by May 1

governance board
Governance Board

PAR Panel

Consist of 7 members: 4 appointed by the CEA President and 3 appointed by the Superintendent

Members represent the diversity of the district

CEA President and Executive Director of Human Resources co-chair the program

Chair is alternated annually between administration and CEA

All decisions must pass by a 2/3 vote

roles and responsibilities of the par panel
Roles and Responsibilities of the PAR Panel

Oversees the program

Selects PAR Consulting Teachers (CTs)

Meets with CTs periodically to receive reports

Evaluates requests for intervention

Makes employment recommendations based on PAR CTs reports

Oversees training for PAR CTs

Evaluates the PAR CTs

Determines policies and procedures that govern the program

the par ct criteria
The PAR CT - Criteria

Taught in the Columbus City Schools for a minimum of five years

Demonstrated outstanding classroom teaching ability

Demonstrated talent in written and oral communications

Demonstrated ability to work cooperatively and effectively with other professional staff

Extensive knowledge of a variety of classroom management and instructional techniques

the par ct selection process
The PAR CT – Selection Process

PAR panel post the need for PAR CTs

Applications accepted from those who meet the criteria

A letter of reference is needed from the building principal or immediate supervisor

A letter of reference from the senior faculty representative

Two letters of reference from teachers in his or her building or program

A video of them teaching or working in their current capacity

the par ct selection process1
The PAR CT – Selection Process

The co-chairs review the applications and identify teachers for consideration

In consultation with the PAR Panel individuals are selected for an interview

Teachers are interviewed and also complete a written component

The panel determines who will be placed in the PAR pool

the par ct

Fulltime released

Assigned as a CT for up to 3 years in order to maintain the peer concept

PAR Panel determines who will be called from the pool based on the needs of the district.

Can return to their previous assignment if they elect to do so

Receives a supplemental contract at a rate of 20 percent of the base salary per year.

Caseload varies and is a combination of interns, interventions and resident educators

development of the ct
Development of the CT

Participate in a Shadowing Day once selected

Receive a week of in-depth professional development prior to the start of the school year

Participate in on-going PD throughout the school year

Organize and present the PAR/CEU course

work of the par ct
Work of the PAR CT

Arrange new teacher luncheon

Observe and conference with intern and intervention teachers

Mentor resident educators

Provide feedback and resources


Arrange observations with successful teachers

Write PAR Panel, Interim and Final Appraisal Summaries

Conference with principal and FR

Support union activities

Help participants to resolve issues

misconceptions about par cts and par
Misconceptions about PAR CTs and PAR

Position of power

Doing the work of management

CTs have the ability to fire colleagues

Easy job

It divides the union

how do you know you are ready for par
How Do You Know You Are Ready For PAR?

Both labor and management see it’s relevance

Strong collaborative relationship between labor and management

Funding source to begin and sustain the program

Membership input is given

Membership votes in support of the initiative

Researched and outlined a program that fits the needs of your district

Willing to make it a part of your collective bargaining agreement

final thoughts
Final Thoughts

Greatest level of professional development for a teacher

Help and support colleagues

Can be a catalyst for other leadership positions

Greater understanding of district resources and policies, the Master agreement and the Association

It’s a collaborative effort between labor and management

Since its inception, the PAR program has never been on the chopping block during negotiations


For more information contact:

Rhonda Johnson, CEA President (614) 253-4731

Tracey Johnson CEA Staff Consultant (614) 253-4731

PAR Office (614) 365-5110