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Elements of talent management software PowerPoint Presentation
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Elements of talent management software

Elements of talent management software

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Elements of talent management software

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  1. Elements of Talent Management Software Rise profitability of an organization

  2. PeopleQlik is a part of Bilytica Pvt Ltd, which is known globally for providing business solutions for almost all industries that includes Financial Technology for Banking, Insurance, health and other others. Bilytica’sproduct, PeopleQlik, is a comprehensive solution that facilitates every facet of the HR process spectrum such as workforce Administration, Recruitment, Performance Management, Talent Development, Payroll, HR Analytics, Enterprise Collaboration and Mobile.

  3. Talent Management • It is significant to hire best suited employee that is fulfilling the job requirement. • It ensures that business goal can be achieved efficiently through its talent. • HR managers need to identify their organization’s goals and identify which requirements are necessary to fulfill that goals then hire applicants according to that requirements.

  4. RECRUITMENT MANAGEMENT • Managers should define the job requirements and recognize their organization’s objectives and hire talent. • They can be in great difficulty or an organization can face challenges if its goals are not well defined. • Recruitment process contains activities of job analysis, job description, attracting, hiring and selecting a candidate.

  5. APPLICANTS MANAGEMENT • It is an important and hectic task if perform manually. • There can be a lot replication of resumes that can confuse you. • To refine the best candidate through its CV, managers have to go through this hectic management.

  6. NEW HIRE ON-BOARD MANAGEMENT • It refers to handle or update the information of employees who are selected recently. • It is necessary to recognize them with organization’s objectives and their tasks.

  7. SUCCESSION PLANNING • Succession planning is most important duty of HR Manager for the organization’s smooth work flow. • Its task is to plan for the succession to continue company’s activities and to increase its productivity. • The manager is responsible to observe the competent employees and hire them on successive positions or on the place of fired, died or retired employees.

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