Top 6 Indian Landscaping Natural Stones
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Indian sandstone slabs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Natural stones are highly popular around the world for their elegant look and decorative purposes. Here are the top six natural stones as stated by leading Indian sandstone exporter.\n

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Indian sandstone slabs

Natural stones are highly popular around the world for their elegant look and decorative purposes. Apart from being extensively used for floorings, wall facings and claddings; natural stones are the perfect choice for landscaping. The reason for using natural stones for landscape features is that the natural patterns and varieties that are visible in them are unmatched.

Indian sandstone slabs

Let’s have a look top six natural stones as stated by leading Indian sandstone exporter.

1 Beige and Green Sandstone

2 Chocolate Brown Sandstone

3 Grey Black Granite Cobbles

4 Maple Green Quartzite

5 Jaipur Pink Slate

6 Aquamarine slate

Indian sandstone slabs

1 Beige and Green Sandstone leading Indian sandstone exporter.

Beige and green Indian sandstone slabs are highly popular all over the world for use in water features such as fountains and cascades. Its colouration gives it a very rich look after being polished. Due to the excellent water holding capabilities of sandstone, it is an ideal stone for use in making fountains and other water features. The sandstone is also very tough and thus doesn’t lose its look or quality even under harsh climatic conditions. Its durability and toughness also leads to a very high longevity of many centuries. If you are looking to give your garden the most beautiful landscape, then beige and green sandstone should definitely be in your shopping list.

Indian sandstone slabs

2 Chocolate Brown Sandstone leading Indian sandstone exporter.

Brown is the colour of earth and using this stone in any landscaping project adds the necessary touch of intimacy with nature. The chocolate brown colour is especially enticing as it not only looks and feels natural but at the same time very rich and premium. This stone has gained fame for use in garden benches, tables and standing tops. Its soft nature enables cutting in slabs and tiles.

Indian sandstone slabs

3 Grey Black Granite Cobbles leading Indian sandstone exporter.

If you are looking to add finesse to your garden, then do not give Grey Black granite cobbles a miss. This stone with a black grey hue makes for an enchanting choice for side paving around pools, fountains and lawns. Apart from that, the non slip surface of this stone makes it ideal for this purpose. It is available in small blocks with varying sizes to suit your decorating and landscaping requirements.

Indian sandstone slabs

4 Maple Green Quartzite leading Indian sandstone exporter.

This stone is famous across the world for its amazing finish, colour and multipurpose utility in various areas such as landscaping, flooring, roofing, paving, kerbs, kitchen tops, basins and steps etc. Mined from the princely state of Rajasthan, this greenish hued stone has a very exquisite natural pattern that comes to its won when polished. It can rival even the highly popular granite in terms of appeal. With properties such as water and temperature resistance, anti slip, hardness and low maintenance, it is a top contender for all sorts of landscapes and garden features.

Indian sandstone slabs

5 Jaipur Pink Slate leading Indian sandstone exporter.

The slight pink tone of the Jaipur Pink or Rosa Slate is highly regarded for the soothing aura tht it exhibits in the garden. This stone is used mainly as a garden stepping stone, for elegant benches, pathways and pool siding. It’s a tough and very durable stone that withstands cracks and erosion.

Indian sandstone slabs

6 Aquamarine slate leading Indian sandstone exporter.

The Aquamarine slate adds a very calm and serene vibe to the whole scene as it brings along the qualities of water: peace and tranquility. It is used for mosaics and pool linings and looks very beautiful in its natural finish.

Indian sandstone slabs

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