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  2. Your Goals: • Highly targeted leads of Students interested in attending Your University that match the optimal profile of successful students. • Incorporate new technology to increase traffic to Your University Web site. • Increase retention among current students • Easy to use products that do the work for you • Consistent communication with potential students of Your University • Increase ROI on all marketing campaigns including direct mail

  3. What distinguishes MyMajors from the “find a college” Web sites? Educational Value for the Student MyMajors is an online resource whose mission is to assist students in choosing the right major.

  4. What distinguishes MyMajors from the “find a college” Web sites? Value for your Institution Lead Generation – Student Search – Retention Video – E-mail – Targeted Banners

  5. We help youSelect Your Target Student Choose from over 300 data points. You will receive an email with a link to a CSV file that easily uploads into Excel or your CRM database. Weekly updates are posted to your account as students that match your search criteria complete the survey.

  6. We Contact students that match your profile and “choose you”. Leads: Students matching your search criteria are offered opportunities to connect with you and request information as they complete the survey. Student Lead is sent to you for follow up; also in CSV file. Direct Response E-mail is sent on your behalf as students click on your banner. Attach a Digital View book or video to enhance the interaction.

  7. We E-mail students that match your profile to generate additional leads. E-Lead Generatoremail campaigns connect with students while they’re engaged... Links create multiple engagement points for the student to easily connect. This is sent out automatically on your behalf. Of course, the email will be approved by you before being put into use. Tracking software engages to reveal student interest and notify you when to take action.

  8. Engage and Inform when students research majors and search for colleges Major ▲ Videos Students connect with you as they Search for Colleges that offer specific Majors ◄ Featured College Students spend more than 2 minutes on these valuable pages. Detailed information on more than 120 Majors.

  9. Engage, Track, Score and prioritize your recruitment efforts With the MyMajors Stealth Tracker, we offer a simple solution to engage, track and score visitors to your Web site. It requires little effort on your part other than enrolling the most interested students.

  10. Student Profile Detail drilldownshows Pages Visited and date of each visit ◄ Academic interest Tracker E-mail sent 6-14-10 ► Tracking engaged ◄ Personal interest Visits Tracked prior to email ► This student’s first visit tracked ► Tracker applied to Academy Web site on 5-5

  11. Web Tracking Score Report - This is the most valuable report as it shows the most motivated prospects. Higher scores mean more page views and click thru. Score: Open e-mail = 1 Click through = 5 Each page visited = 2

  12. MyMajors Lead Generation with Stealth Web Tracking 9,000 Students each week take MyMajors survey MyMajors Search and Lead Generation 1. Your University selects a profile of your target student 2. MyMajors identifies students that match the Your University target profile - you receive that refined "search" database to prospect. 3. As students complete the MyMajors survey and at several points throughout the site, each student is also presented Your University as a match. 4. Students that request information are linked to your website and their contact information, including MyMajors data is forwarded to your school as a lead. Tracking 5. All students that match the target profile are sent a Tracker e-mail. 6. Student visits to your web site are tracked and as interest increases they are sent additional messages prompting them to contact the school. 7. Those that request information are sent to your school as leads. 8. Those that reach a predetermined "score" are then passed along to your school as leads. Scoring Open e-mail = 1 pt; Click through to your web site = 5 pts; Every web page viewed = 2 pts * Include your entire inquiry and applicant pool in the tracking process to help you enroll a higher percentage of those that meet your profile needs.

  13. Increase ROI - return on investment - The Stealth Tracker can help you increase ROI and efficiency. When you know which students are reacting to your search, you can better allocate resources to those most likely to enroll.

  14. STEALTH TRACKER MyMajors Stealth Tracker Sample Customer Statistics Tracker Campaign Stats College 1 -Campaign 1MyMajors targeted search E-mail Sent …………. 6,600 Opened ……………... 274……. 4.2% Clicked through (tracking) ……………. 87……… 1.3% College 1 - Campaign 2Inquiry Pool E-mail Sent …………. 1,535 Opened ……………... 216……. 14.1% Clicked through (tracking) …………… 42……… 2.7% College 1 - Campaign 3Search list purchase E-mail Sent …………. 32,337 Opened ……………... 589……. 1.8% Clicked through (tracking) …………… 48……… 0.1% College 2 – Campaign 1 Inquiry Pool Sent …………………..10,009 Opened ……………... 815……. 8.1% Clicked through (tracking) ……………. 241……. 2.4% • *Web visits indicate interest • Tracker results for college 1 indicate 4 of 7 students that were scored > 50 had applied to the school. Here’s where those students are in the recruitment funnel: • 2 had been accepted 2 more had applied2 were junior inquiries1 was of unknown status 4 of 7 studentsthat were scored > 50had appliedto that school* Tracked Students Summaries College 1- Campaign 2 Average Median HighPages Viewed 6.8 3.5 35.0Score 26.9 16.0 116.0Visits 1.3 1.0 5.0 College 2 - Campaign 1 Average Median HighPages Viewed 8.0 3.0 98.0Score 25.4 12.0 213.0Visits 2.3 1.0 27.0 For more information please contact: Townsend Communications, Inc. | 20 E. Gregory Blvd. • Kansas City, MO. 64114 | 1-800-274-8867 :

  15. MOBILE APP • MyMajors Mobile APP • Image Recognition • QR Bar code scanning • Featured School Listing • Immediate Engagement of Students • Student Incentive Program • Important Announcement Notification An Innovative and interactive solution that will engage students on the go.

  16. Login Password Sign in ▲ ▲ A single log-in for mobile and web give students the ease of use they demand. It also gives us a way to track the activity within your campaign.

  17. The App has a lot of useful functionality ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ FEATURED BAR CODE IMAGE DEALS & SPONSOR SCHOOLS SCANNER RECOGNITION INCENTIVES CONNECT The MyMajors Mobile app allows you to push “notifications” out as well. For example, if you have an open house coming up, we can push that message out to the phones that are utilizing the application. We are all aware that if you can get a potential student to visit campus, the chances of getting a paid enrollment drastically increase.

  18. Your school Profile has phone, text, e-mail and web address One touch to APPLY, GET INFO and MAP IT scan play Bring your 2D marketing to life!

  19. …The MyMajors Mobile App has BOTH Image Recognition and 2D bar code scanning. scan play The scanning device within the App allows students to “activate” any of your online content through a QR code OR an image scan – for immediate engagement.

  20. Scan the Bar Code Or Image Connect to any Web Based Content

  21. MOBILE APP Students opt-in to receive promotions and updates… ▲ You can offer DEALS like merchandise discounts or free application …and broadcast messages to a target group of students inviting them to an open house or campus visit

  22. One touch allows students to take the MyMajors Survey Students can FIND schools based on location, major or “near me”

  23. Reports help you measure the effectiveness and ROI of multiple campaigns. Contact and identify students in real time. Find out which students scan your ads, search your school or contact you. Usage report: Sample University MOBILE APP Sample Scan Report Image QRScan sourcescansscans College Outlook magazine 500 250Junior Search Mailing 250 150View book 300 100Inquiry Mailer 500 200Achieve magazine 200 175 Sample Featured School Data APP functionCount Views 125Unique Visitors 94Clicks 31Text 250Phone 125e-mail 250Find – locate 500Apply 5 • Detailed Drilldown • Data Includes: • NameE-mailZipAgeGrad YearPhone

  24. Instantly engage students and measure the return on investment of your marketing programs. Usage report: Sample University MOBILE APP scan play Sample Scan Report Image QRScan sourcescansscans College Outlook magazine 500 250Junior Search Mailing 250 150View book 300 100Inquiry Mailer 500 200Achieve magazine 200 175

  25. MOBILE APP STEALTH TRACKER Connect for details 816-361-0616 ●