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GPPI>MSPP Transition. Q&A with Leslie Evertz Assistant Dean of Academic & Student Affairs. Will there be a PhD program launching? If we are interested in pursuing a PhD, can this be in partnership with the Department of Government?

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Gppi mspp transition

GPPI>MSPP Transition

Q&A with Leslie Evertz

Assistant Dean of Academic & Student Affairs

Future of school

  • Will there be a PhD program launching?

  • If we are interested in pursuing a PhD, can this be in partnership with the Department of Government?

  • Will the school now offer a PhD program? If yes, what is the timeline? And how will this impact faculty availability for Masters students?

  • Is the school going to take a completely different path from the one it's been on the last few years? Aka, are we still going to have MIDP? Or are we going to focus more on domestic issues and data analysis?

  • How do we get participate in the Massive Data Institute? Which professors / researchers will be part of this? Can we switch our thesis advisor if there will be one from MDI who is more closely aligned to our topic? Who is the main POC for MDI?

  • Could you please help me understand more about implications for upgrading? So far, my understanding is limited in better database, better professor and more opportunities.

  • As a second year student, how much will these implications affect my job searching and network?

  • Will the upgrading lead to a rapid increase in GPPI's reputation and ranking? If so, to which extent is a reasonable expectation?

  • And I am not familiar of the qualifications in the US for an institute to upgrade to a school. Could you please lead where to find such information?

Future of School


  • Will there be additional scholarship opportunities for current students?

  • Will MSPP allow part-time students to apply to merit-based scholarships? Currently, part-timers do not have access to GU sponsored merit-based funding.

  • In our email from Dean Montgomery, he writes: "McCourt students will see an increase in scholarship support through the establishment of McCourt Fellows Program." When will we find out more about how this change will impact our scholarships and how soon will they change?

  • will there be more funds for students? and in what ways?

  • I am concerned that the current students will not be able to receive any benefit from this transition. As we all know, upcoming students will be offered with generous amount of scholarship, however there is no indication that current students will receive any financial support. Please clarify this concerns.

  • Will there be any benefits to the first graduating class of MSPP? I realize funding takes a while to receive, but will there be any advantages to still being in the program when this contribution was announced? Most importantly, are there any scholarships or additional funds available to help students cover the cost of the last semester of school?



  • Can we get a good deal on replacement business cards? current students?

  • It's unfortunate that I now have 900 business cards made through GU that say GPPI. Any chance students might be comped for the cost of ordering new cards?

  • After GPPI is subsumed by MSPP should alumni change their resumes to reflect the new school and brand?

  • Will we refer to the School as McCourt School of Public Policy of Georgetown University OR Georgetown University McCourt School of Public Policy