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Final Project Objectives: Conduct a risk assessment independently.

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Final Project Objectives: Conduct a risk assessment independently. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Final Project Objectives: Conduct a risk assessment independently.

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Final Project


Conduct a risk assessment independently.

Apply theory and methods discussed in this course in a creative fashion to (i) assess the human health or ecological risks of a specific contamination and (ii) to make recommendations for addressing or responding to the contamination.

Discuss and contemplate the significance of the application of your theory and methodology on the risk that you assessed and/or the recommendations you proposed.



  • Pick a topic that is of interest to you.
  • Select one or two papers with relevant information.
  • Define your objective
  • Develop a methodology for addressing your objective
  • Carry out this methodology
  • Make recommendation(s)
  • Discuss / critique your recommendations

Suggestions for Projects

Ecological risk assessment:

What is the risk of rising levels of PBDEs in Canadian wildlife

Are pulp and paper mills putting bald eagles at risk.

What are the ecological impacts/risk of phthalate esters or PFOS or…..

Human health risks:

What are the human health risks of consumption of dioxin or mercury or PAH contaminated fish and shell fish

What are the health risks of phthalate ester exposure through air inhalation.


Exposure Analysis

What is the exposure of British Columbians to PCBs in farmed fish.

Do current usage levels of phthalate esters pose a risk to the Canadian environment.


Are sediment guidelines for dioxins/PCBs/… truly protective of the aquatic environment

Do human consumption guidelines for dioxins in fish and shell adequately protect human health

Does the proposed Environmental Risk Limit approach in the Netherlands adequately protect environmental health



Some information available.

Many large data gaps

Apply tools and fundamental principles covered in course to extrapolate beyond the available data

Provide best possible assessment

Consider merits and limitations of approach taken

Provide a balanced conclusion, statement, answer

Include your own best professional judgement


Guidelines for outline of paper

Abstract / Executive summary

Introduction (Rationale of the projects/question/study)

Methodology (lay out your approach to the problem)

Results / Findings (Report on your findings)

Discussion (Discuss the results in relation to your question, arrive at conclusions)


Recommended length : Main text should be about 20 pages, double spaced, 12 pt font. You can add appendices of supporting info.