to spray or not t o spray n.
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To Spray or Not T o Spray! PowerPoint Presentation
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To Spray or Not T o Spray!

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To Spray or Not T o Spray! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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To Spray or Not T o Spray!. The painted apple moth. A threat to nature. What you will learn today is that the painted apple moth has come and invaded new Zealand's native plants. How? By eating them.

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to spray or not t o spray

To Spray or Not To Spray!

The painted apple moth.

A threat to nature.

What you will learn today is that the painted apple moth has come and invaded new Zealand's native plants. How? By eating them.

As you read decided a opinion of your own on weather the government made the right decision to spray this pest!

Painted Apple Moth.

By Hannah Alley.



When the Government choose to act against these pests I thought it would be a sensible thing to do until they decided they would do a aerial spray that would cover a area of 600 hectares and supposedly get ride of all the caterpillars, just like that. But no, I mean nothing is ever that easy. I think that aerial spraying was a very poor decision made by the Government because you are not only spraying the caterpillars, but also everything and anything that are in the 600 to 10,000 hectares of land that they are spraying. What this means to me is that they are just wasting lots of money spraying over people that are just getting sick.

By doing this they have to waste even more money on the people that are getting sick. When first reading the information given to me I thought well if you don’t like the spray, move away- meaning that if you are getting sick or having heath issues just leave the area when they spray. But then I read again and realised it’s not fair to just push people out of their homes for 3weeks or more, especially if they keep widening the area of the spray zone, like they have been doing.


My opinion continued…..

What I mean is that apparently the spray zone area started as 600 hectares of land then increased HUGELY to 10,000 hectares. This means that all schools, houses, and any people or animals that are wondering around at the time of spray are in perfect position to have spray poured right over the top of their heads. If I was them I definitely would not want to come home covered in spray after having a nice walk to the park or anywhere else. But from my recourses of information, I’ve learnt the Government quoted “if the spray is applied correctly it will not harm people, plants, or insects except PAM caterpillars.”

now, what I would expect is that there would be professionals doing the job right but it seems to be doing the exact opposite. My reason being, they increased the area of spray, which means the spray wasn't working and killing all the caterpillars. Now if we go back to what the government quoted, this must mean that the native trees are being disturbed. So in conclusion I think that they need to change there tactics and come up with a better more efficient.

o thers supporting my case

Tamara's opinion-

Ashley’s opinion.

Ashley strongly that thinks the spray should not be used because now it is not only harming the caterpillar's but everything in the spray zone too!!!

I think we don’t need to spray and are strongly against it. I think that there must be another alternative then to spray all over people and animals that are just getting sick it’s just a waste of money!!


Just remember nothing is ever as easy as people say it is, even though at the end of the day, its your decision that counts!