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The City of Cells

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The City of Cells. The attack of the germs By: Christian Xenakis. Chapter One: Planning the Attack.

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the city of cells

The City of Cells

The attack of the germs

By: Christian Xenakis


Chapter One: Planning the Attack

One day a city was made it was a happy city. The proteins lived in piece and Shane Membrane always kept out bad germs. One day the mayor Ricky Ribosome called a meeting in the middle nucleus. He told us that the bad germs were planning an attack on the city. Carnage went about the city.

chapter 2 everything went wrong

Eryk Endoplasmic started bad proteins come in, Michal Mitochondria gave less energy to the city, Virginia Vacuole stopped digesting all the food and the dumps started getting bigger and bigger, and Lady Golgi Aparatusstarted filling less fluids in the cell.

chapter 3 they prepare for the worst
Chapter 3:They prepare FOR the worst

The small city prepared for the worst. They had there best fighters go out and see what they were going to have to fight . Not one of them came back. They asked Shane Membrane to fight but he didn’t like violence.

chapter 4 the walls start to fall down
Chapter 4: The walls start to fall down.

Boom Bang the germs were starting to hit the walls. The walls were cracking and crumbling the lysosome's waiting to fight on the other side. There only hope was Shane Membrane. The little proteins were hiding in their homes.

chapter 5 starting the battle
Chapter 5: Starting the Battle
  • The germs knocked down the wall with a CRASH! The Lysosomes began to attack digesting the enemy, that’s their job! Both sides had casualties but more on the cell side. But the lysomes were dying. Shane Membrane went to talk to Ricky Ribosome. Ricky Ribosome told him if you don’t fight everyone will die.
chapter 7 the flash
Chapter 7:The flash

The lysomes were dieing boom a bright light flew across the city. When the light was gone the germs fled because half their men were dead, and they knew that Shane Membrane would kill them all if they hadn't fled. The city had a big party to celebrate living to see this day. The city had lived to tell this story today.