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The Nuts and Bolts. of Differentiated Instruction. KHS Study Groups. Differentiating Instruction:. What is it? How do I plan to meet the needs of my students? How do I group my students to reap the most benefits?.

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Khs study groups

The Nuts and Bolts




KHS Study Groups

Differentiating instruction
Differentiating Instruction:

  • What is it?

  • How do I plan to meet the needs of my students?

  • How do I group my students to reap the most benefits?

The biggest mistake of past centuries in teaching has been to treat all children as if they were variants of the same individual, and thus to feel justified in teaching them the same subjects in the same way”

Howard Gardner

What is differentiated instruction
What is Differentiated Instruction?

  • Differentiated instruction is a way of thinking about teaching and learning.

  • Differentiating instruction involves providing instruction at different levels to meet the individual differences of students. This includes instruction, classroom materials, products and assessments.

Differentiated instruction is a way of using data in
Differentiated instructionis a way of using data in:

  • Whole group instruction

  • Small group instruction

  • Learning stations

Why is differentiated instruction important
Why is Differentiated Instruction Important?

A mistake we often make in

education is to plan the

curriculum materials very

carefully, arrange all the

instructional materials wall to

wall, open the doors of the

school, and then find to our

dismay that they’ve sent us the

wrong kids.

Gardner s multiple intelligences
Gardner’sMultiple Intelligences

Differentiation of instruction
Differentiation of Instruction

  • “is a teacher’s response to learner’s needs guided by general principles of differentiation such as:

  • Respectful Tasks

  • Flexible Grouping

  • Ongoing Assessment & Adjustments”

Using assessment data to determine the instructional needs of students, differentiated instruction is planned and delivered with precision.

One size does not fit all
One Size does of students, NOT Fit ALL!

Elements of curriculum that can be differentiated content
Elements of Curriculum that can be Differentiated - learner’s needsCONTENT

  • Content consists of facts, concepts, skills, generalization or principles related to the subject.

  • Content includes both what the teacher plans for the students to learn and how the student gains access to desired knowledge, understanding and skills.


Differentiating content
Differentiating Content learner’s needs

  • We can differentiate content by:

    1) Using manipulatives

    2) Using texts at more than one level

    3) Using texts, computer programs, tape recorders, videos, pictures, etc.

Elements of curriculum that can be differentiated process
Elements of Curriculum that can be Differentiated – learner’s needsPROCESS

Process is how the learner comes to make sense of, understand, and own the key facts, concepts and skills of the subject.

Process = Activity


Differentiating process
Differentiating Process learner’s needs

We can differentiate an activity

or process by:

  • Providing varied options at differing levels of difficulty or based on differing student interests.

  • Offering different amounts of support.

  • Provide students with choices as to how they express what they learn.

    Ex: Write a letter, draw a political cartoon or create a diagram

Elements of curriculum that can be differentiated product
Elements of Curriculum that can be Differentiated - PRODUCT learner’s needs

Products refer to the items a student can use to demonstrate what he or she understands and can be able to do as a result of an extended period of study.

Examples of Products:

  • Portfolio of skills achieved over the course of semester

  • End of the Unit Projects

  • End of the Unit Test

Differentiating product
Differentiating Product learner’s needs

We can differentiate products by allowing students to:

  • -Create and design their own products around learning goals.

  • -Express what they have learned in varied ways.

  • -Work in flexible groups and arrangements

  • -Provide product assignments in varying degrees of difficulty

  • -Use a wide variety of assessments

  • -Develop rubrics of quality

Delivery how we teach
Delivery: learner’s needsHow We Teach

  • Teachers demonstrate explicit steps and strategies to students explaining the strategy and its purpose.

  • Teacher model multiple examples of how to apply the strategy using a “think aloud” procedure while interacting with actual text.

3. Teachers provide students with extensive opportunities to practice strategies and offer high-quality feedback.

4. Teachers structure ample review and opportunities for learning how and when to use strategies, within the context of instruction.

What do you remember
What Do You Remember? practice strategies and offer high-quality feedback.

What is differentiated instruction?

Planned and delivered with precision

Which students receive differentiated instruction?

All students

Which elements of the curriculum can be differentiated?

Content, Process, and Product