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English 1p

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  1. English 1p Mrs. Rice lrice1@ggusd.us

  2. Welcome to Room 129!!! • Where you are sitting now, is not where you will be on Monday. ;D • We will have a seating chart, but you will be moving around during the week.

  3. Please Bring… • A spiral notebook • Pen or pencil (final draft essays in pen) • Colored pen or pencil • Text book • If you prefer a binder with dividers, label Writing, Writing Conventions, Vocab, Content

  4. You may… • Eat anything but Corn Nuts • Drink a beverage with a lid. • Get up for tissue, pencil sharpener, trash, recycling, or to blow your nose outside whenever you need. You don’t have to ask.

  5. You must… • Clean up all of your trash or the whole class loses its eating privilege until the next quarter. • Be responsible for your learning. If you are too busy doing other things during class, you will not learn.

  6. You may… • Get extra help or catch up on work every Friday. • Talk to me about personal/academic problems.

  7. You must… • Be sure that any electronic devices are off and completely put away • Use class time wisely. • Prove to me that you have met your unit goals.

  8. You may… • Ask me to explain again, & again, & again… • Make mistakes. • Be yourself. • Tell me what you think.

  9. You must… • Listen & stay engaged with the lesson • Allow others to make mistakes & learn from them. • Allow others to be themselves & learn without interruption. • Be respectful & polite.

  10. Tardies • I am strict on the tardy policy. • If you need to use the restroom, come to class first and check in with me. • Do NOT even try sneaking in. • It is your responsibility to be sure that I have changed your absence to a tardy.

  11. Electronic Devices • I do not want to see any part of your phone or ipod. • TURN YOUR PHONE OFF DURING CLASS • See me for extenuating circumstances.

  12. Dress Code • Your clothing must cover your under clothing. • No hats other than the SHS cap or beanie. • No drug, sex, violence references on clothing.

  13. Consequences • Verbal Warning • Detention with me • Phone call home • Parent Conference I save referrals for the most serious or repeated problems. Lets just handle problems on our own, RIGHT?

  14. Grading • My grading system may be different than those you are used to. • Grades will be based on how well you learned the unit. • Every question is counted as level 2,3, or 4.

  15. Grading • Low scores at the beginning of the unit won’t hurt as much as long as you prove to me that you know the material. • You will have many opportunities to show me that you have mastered the material.

  16. Learning • This system is based on LEARNING. • If you learn the material, you will get credit for it. • You will be given second chances. • Scores will be entered in Aeries as units not individual assignments,

  17. Learning • You will make learning goals at the beginning of the unit. • We will have lessons and assessments that give you an opportunity to show me what you have learned. • Once you have learned it, you work on depth to get the 4! 

  18. Formative Assessments • Worth 40% of a unit • Done during learning • Track student progress • Scored • Class work, homework, observations, steps in writing process, quizzes, etc

  19. Summative Assessments • Worth 60% of a unit • Represent student’s final status • Scored • Can include or be affected by formative scores • Tests, benchmarks, essays, projects etc.

  20. Unit Weights • Writing Conventions Unit (20%) • Vocabulary Unit (20%) • Content Unit (30%) • Writing Unit (30%)

  21. Huh? How much does homework count? • Units are based on learning and showing that you learned the material. • Everything we do works toward you achieving your learning goal. (Usually a 3 or 4) • When you learn it and prove it, you get the score. • You may try again after we complete the unit.

  22. General Rubric 4 point 4 Advanced Learning Goal 3 Target Learning Goal 2 Simpler Learning Goal 1 Partial Credit with Help There is no “0” because I won’t let you get one!!

  23. 4 Advanced Learning Goal In addition to exhibiting level-3 performance, this students makes in-depth inferences, and how he/she applies the knowledge goes BEYOND what was taught in class. I did even better than the goal I set. I am ready to teach this to another student.

  24. 3 Target Learning Goal No major errors or omissions (things left out) regarding any of the information and/or processes that were explicitly (straight out) taught. I accomplished my goal!! I am ready to try for the 4!!

  25. 2 Simpler Learning Goal No major errors or omissions regarding the SIMPLER details and process BUT major errors or omissions regarding the more complex ideas and processes. I didn’t accomplish everything I wanted to, but I learned quite a bit. I would like to try again!!

  26. 1 Partial Credit with Help With HELP, a partial knowledge of some of the simpler and complex details and processes. I tried, but I didn’t really learn much. I need more help in this area.

  27. Scale • 4 = Advanced 100% • 3.5 Proficient 95% • 3 Proficient 90% • 2.5 Basic 80% • 2 Basic 70% • 1.5 Basic 65% • 1 Below Basic 60%

  28. So how does this affect my grade? • You won’t have a grade in Aeries until the unit is done. • You will keep track of your scores on a chart. • I will decide what your overall performance on a unit says about your level of learning.

  29. So how does this affect my grade? • You will be given a unit score of 1-4. • If you don’t like your score, or I don’t like your score, you will keep trying even after the unit is over. • I will go back and raise your grade as you show me that you have learned the concepts.

  30. Does this mean I can do things over? • You will reassess or do more practice on Fridays. • There is always a chance to prove your learning to me until the end of the semester.

  31. What about essays and tests? • You will try again if we don’t like your score. • This can be done on Fridays. • Tests (Assessments) are not the same each time.

  32. What about late work? • You won’t have any. • We do almost all our work in class so there is no need for late work.

  33. Questions? • I know that was a lot of information. • Don’t worry we will all figure it out with practice.