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Circle K Spirit 101

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Michael Tung William Duong. Circle K Spirit 101. What is a cheer?. Dictionary.com defines a cheer as: n. a shout of encouragement, approval, congratulation ex. The school made a cheer to show support for the team. What is the importance of cheers?.

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what is a cheer
What is a cheer?
  • Dictionary.com defines a cheer as:
  • n. a shout of encouragement, approval, congratulation
    • ex. The school made a cheer to show support for the team.
what is the importance of cheers
What is the importance of cheers?
  • Show pride in your Circle K and your school!
  • Awards!
  • Teamwork!
  • Fellowship!
  • Fun! There are so many people that do it together that’s more fun than awkward!
preface to cheering
Preface to Cheering
  • Cheering is a complicated art. It takes practice. Guidance. Faith. Energy. Volume. Most importantly, cheering requires a severe to absolute lack of shame. We’re here to help.
  • First and foremost, nobody can be left behind, so everyone has to be involved. Look to each other for inspiration, and remember the golden rule to cheering: it’s only as fun as you let loose.
preface to cheering1
Preface to Cheering
  • Secondly, we must be educated in our ways in order to participate. Those lacking in knowledge should look to others for help. Returning members and Spirit Captains are all willing to help teach you these cheers.
preface to cheering2
Preface to Cheering
  • The last advice to achieving ultimate cheering prowess is to not be cliquey. Disperse yourself and make new friends within and outside your club, and feed off each other’s energy. 
  • HAVE FUN WITH IT!!! Because if we’re not cheering all over the place, we’re probably all up in your face.

-2008-2009 UCI Spirit Chair Albert Kazi

what are some essential cheers
What are some essential cheers?
  • If you were/are in any Kiwanis organization, you should know these!
    • How do you feel?
    • Spirit Battle (We’ve Got Spirit)
spirit battle we ve got spirit
Spirit Battle (We’ve Got Spirit)
  • We’ve got spirit, yes we do

We’ve got spirit, how about you?

*repeat back and forth until one side gets quieter or backs down

what types of cheers are there
What types of cheers are there?
  • Defensive/Counter/Support – A clever response to an offensive cheer
    • Burger Cheer, We Are Proud of You, Good Job
  • Musical – Based off a song
    • Shots (Na-Na-Na) Cheer
  • Energizer/Silly – A cheer to simply be loud
    • UCI Botellaly, UCR Awesome
  • Offensive – Used to provoke others to retaliate (but not to the point that it offends others)
    • Spirit Battle
what is an inappropriate cheer
What is an Inappropriate Cheer?
  • In recent times, many cheers have been banned due to the inappropriate meaning and actions in the cheer.
  • Offensive vs. Offensive
    • Cheers are never to be used to put down other clubs or members
    • They may be funny at first, but if taken too far can cause someone to be hurt.
cheer analysis
Cheer Analysis
  • Why are cheers deemed inappropriate?
  • Let’s analyze:
    • The Elephant Trunk
    • The Banana Cheer
  • What do these cheers have in common?
unique cheers
Unique Cheers
  • Each school has a trademark cheer.
      • Bear Territory – Berkeley
      • OJ – UC Riverside
      • Botellaly, Thunder – UC Irvine
      • Cough Cough Sneeze Sneeze – UC San Diego
      • Who Are We? – CSU Fullerton
  • What is your school trademark cheer?
  • Counter
    • Retaliation, made specifically for certain cheers.
    • Counter to the UCR OJ Cheer
      • Followed by the Burger Cheer
      • Followed by the Fries Cheer
      • Followed by the Milkshake Cheer
    • Beware of counters to counter cheers….endless loops
what makes a bad cheer
What Makes a Bad Cheer?
  • Disorganization
  • Too complicated
  • Too long ;)
  • No practice
tips and tricks
Tips and Tricks
  • Don’t be afraid to look silly.
    • It’s not like you’re the only one cheering, have fun and strut your stuff!
  • Always make sure your members know the “how do you feel” cheer!
  • Be original!
  • Be random!
  • When it doubt spell it out! (GIVE ME A C.....)
  • Cheering is NOT for everyone!

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how do you feel
How Do You Feel?



thank you
Thank You!

Thank for making it out to our workshop!

We hope you

had fun! 