What does your future hold
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What does your future hold?. Practical career guidance for teens. What is on your horizon?. A job is defined as work . A career is defined as a profession. Do you want a job or a career ?. Why is education so important?. http://ohiolmi.com/proj/projections/ohio/EdPays.pdf

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What does your future hold

What does your future hold?

Practical career guidance for teens

What is on your horizon
What is on your horizon?

A job is defined as work.

A career is defined as a profession.

Do you want a job or a career?

Why is education so important
Why is education so important?

  • http://ohiolmi.com/proj/projections/ohio/EdPays.pdf

  • High school diploma = average $626 per week

  • Bachelor’s degree = average $1038 per week

  • You can earn over $20,000 more per year with a degree

What are your interests
What are your interests?

  • You can choose a career that you will enjoy doing

  • Think about what it is you like to do

  • http://www.bls.gov/k12/

Mapping your future
Mapping Your Future

  • What classes you take now can prepare you for college and/or your future career

  • Plan for college beginning in eighth grade (Make High School Count program)

What is your dream job
What is your dream job?

  • Choose the level of education you wish to achieve

  • Choose the annual wage range that you wish to make

  • http://ohiolmi.com/jobs/CareerEdWage.htm

Job market in ohio
Job Market in Ohio

  • Buckeye Top Fifty

  • http://ohiolmi.com/proj/projections/ohio/Buckeye50.pdf

College where do i go
College: Where do I go?

  • It’s important to choose compare schools

  • Do they have the degree you desire?

  • How much will it cost?

  • There are 82 four year colleges and universities in Ohio

  • http://nces.ed.gov/collegenavigator/

But how do i pay for college
But how do I pay for college?

  • Yes, college is expensive but assistance is available

  • Scholarships, grants, work-study and loans

  • http://www.aie.org/

The age of technology
The age of technology

  • The language of text: BFF, OMG, LOL, BTW

    • When applying for jobs, you must use the English language

    • Email addresses must be appropriate; partydude@yahoo.com is NOT appropriate

    • Voicemail messages must be appropriate; “Yo, you know what to do, wait for the beep dog!” is NOT appropriate

    • Ringback tones must be appropriate; Anything that you wouldn’t want your Grandma to hear is NOT appropriate

    • http://blog.simplyhired.com/2011/02/professional-email-address-and-voicemail-message.html

Questions contact info
Questions & Contact Info

  • Local One-stop office: Mercer County One-stop

    220 W. Livingston St.

    Celina, OH 45822


    WIA Youth Rep: Summer Myer

    ODJFS Rep: Ben Salazar

    Presenter: Laura Jones