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eBay Small Business Loans

Have you ever wondered how much the average eBay PowerSeller invest into their successful eBay business? Have you ever thought about how much you would need to make sure your eBay business continues to grow? The answers of course will vary depending on what your goal is for your business the profit margin of the items you sell and the fixed cost of your business. See the full article: http://www.videogameselling.com/ebay-video-game-selling-blog/ebay-small-business-loans-getting-cash-when-you-need-it

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eBay Small Business Loans

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  1. eBay Small Business Loans How much money does it take to run an eBay business? www.videogameselling.com

  2. eBay Small Business Loans • What would it cost to run a successful eBay business? • Depends on the goals of the business • Depends on how quickly you want the business to grow • The more funding your start with the quicker the business will grow. • When starting out money must constantly be reinvested • If you take out all the profits the business can't expand www.videogameselling.com

  3. eBay Small Business Loans What are the best sources to fund an eBay business? Use your savings account. No more risk than a credit card No interest charges or late payment fees Use a home equity line of credit. Lower interest than a typical loan Line of credit can be drawn upon only when needed Can be paid in full at any time without penalty A business loan from a bank. No collateral needed Better rates than using a credit card Hard to obtain without a really solid business plan www.videogameselling.com

  4. eBay Small Business Loans What if I have no savings, no home equity and don’t qualify for bank loan? What can I do now? www.videogameselling.com

  5. eBay Small Business Loans A New Way To Fund eBay Business Kabbage.com Buy the inventory you need to profit The number one use of funding is to buy more inventory Don't let another deal pass you by because you don't have the funds Access Funds Immediately 24 hours a day Once approved funds may instantly transferred to you PayPal account Transfer fund to a bank account within 3-5 days No hidden charges Only pay interest on the amount withdrawn during the period it is outstanding. www.videogameselling.com

  6. eBay Small Business Loans What others are saying about Kabbage.com “With Kabbage we were are able to have money sent to us in less than a minute. We got the inventory and were able to sell it quickly. Total time from Kabbage advance to selling the inventory and profit was four days!” - Nabeel Shaukat “What I like about Kabbage is that it’s so fast. I was able to go into my Kabbage account and they transferred the funds instantly.” - Cynthia Jensen “Kabbage is the most efficient, easiest and secure way to grow any e-commerce business. Thanks to them, I am able to grow my business without going through so many loops.” - Francisco Tovar “Kabbage has given us the much needed cash flow in order to increase our product offerings. We could not have had the success we are experiencing today if it weren’t for Kabbage!” - Jack Martin www.videogameselling.com

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