rebekah s autobiography n.
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Rebekah’s autobiography

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Rebekah’s autobiography - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Rebekah’s autobiography
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  1. Rebekah’sautobiography Rebekah

  2. Do you know all about me? Well my autobiography will talk about me. Let me tell you what I’m going to do first, second, third and last . First, I will write about my appearance that tells you what I look like. Then, I will talk about what I enjoy a lot. Finally ,I will talk about adjectives that describe me. Sit back, relax, turn the TV off and read my autobiography.

  3. Alright now I will start with what I look like or my appearance. My hair is very beautiful. It is brown and blonde and long. Everyone says that it’s million dollar hair that also goes with my lovely eyes that are hazel . My lips are thin and my front teeth are crooked . Also, I am VERY short or sort of mediumsize but I’m short for my age . My skin is sort of a tan color. Hope you liked my writing about my appearance.

  4. Are you ready to hear what my favorite things that are stored in my heart? One of my favorite things that I like are sports because I get to meet new friends. Also it gets me very active. I love to stay VERY active. I love my family because they are loveable, they care for me and they feed me. There’re lots of words to say about my family. It’s just awesome to be with them. Oh can’t forget church. I adore church because it helps me with my life. My teacher she’s always by my side I mean always .Thank you for reading all my autobiography. Thanks bye.