The Power of Small Grants
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The Power of Small Grants. Supporting social change at the grassroots in the developing world. Global Grantmaking for Small Grants Workshop, Washington, DC February 7, 2005 Chet Tchozewski, Global Greengrants Fund.

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The power of small grants

  • Supporting social change

  • at the grassroots

  • in the developing world

Global Grantmaking for Small Grants Workshop, Washington, DC

February 7, 2005

Chet Tchozewski, Global Greengrants Fund

The power of small grants

Mission:To strengthen the grassroots environmental movement in developing regions by making small grants to groups striving for environmental sustainability

The power of small grants

The Greengrants Model


  • Small grants to grassroots groups

  • Minimize bureaucracy

  • Maximize trust

  • Focus on small startup groups

  • Wide range of local and global issues

  • Wide range of grantee initiatives

  • Reliance on volunteer advisors

The power of small grants

The Greengrants Model

Grantmaking Advisors

  • Activist Leaders

  • Community Leaders

  • Scientists & Academics

  • Doctors & Nurses

  • Journalists

  • Engineers

  • Foresters

  • Attorneys

  • Economists

  • Non-Governmental Organization Managers

The power of small grants

The Greengrants Model

Grantmaking Advisors (Value to Us)

  • Local wisdom and expertise

  • Reduced grantmaking costs

  • Simplified grantmaking procedures

  • Ability to tap local and regional networks

  • Ability to mentor and monitor grantees

  • Ability to respond to opportunities

  • Ability to work with fellow advisors to make grants strategically

The power of small grants

The Greengrants Model

Grantmaking Advisors (Value to Donors)

  • Access to expertise in a geographic area

  • Access to expertise in an issue area

  • Ability to pool funds with other donors for economy of scale and leverage

  • Reduce in-house staff costs

  • Reduce transaction costs per grant

  • Make smaller, appropriately-sized grants

The power of small grants

The Greengrants Model

Grantmaking Advisors (Value to All)

  • Distributes decision making & costs

  • Enables culturally appropriate solutions

  • Combines the experience of many & taps the strength of social networks

  • Cultivates collective creativity & social entrepreneurship

  • Supports nascent social movements

  • Peer community promotes collaboration & accelerates social capital

  • Peer accountability increases transparency & reduces corruption

The power of small grants

The Greengrants Model

Grantmaking Advisors (Value to Advisors)

  • Supports their agenda & goals

  • Supports members of their network

  • Provides unencumbered funds

  • Provides political leverage

  • Raises their standing and credibility

  • Provides further access to international philanthropy

  • Stimulates indigenous philanthropy

The power of small grants

The Greengrants Model

Grantmaking Advisors (Trade-offs)

  • Added intermediary bureaucracy

  • Cost of coordinating advisors & network

  • Un-democratic proposal solicitation

  • Grantee pool limited by advisor network

  • Diluted resources spread very thin

  • Potential for abuse and corruption

  • Less central control of grant decisions

  • Less central control of strategy

  • Less direct contact with grantees

Greengrants advisory board network
Greengrants Advisory Board Network

  • To identify prospective grantees we rely on an integrated global network of more than 100 volunteer advisors who freely share their local knowledge to help us identify and respond to the most urgent and promising opportunities to catalyze social change

  • with small cash grants.

Brazil advisory board
Brazil Advisory Board

  • Our first formal board

  • Focus on supporting growth of rural environmental networks, especially in Pantanal, Cerrado, Caatinga & Atlantic Forest regions

Brazil advisory board1
Brazil Advisory Board

  • Amália Souza, Coordinator

  • Alexandre Araújo, Associação Pernambucana de Defesa da Natureza

  • Rubens Born, Vitae Civilis

  • Renato Cunha, Grupo Ambientalista da Bahia

  • Alcides Faria, Ecologia e Acão / Rios Vivos Coalition

  • Sérgio Guimarães, Instituto Centro de Vida

  • Miriam Prochnow, Associação de Preservação do Meio Ambiente do Vale do Itajai

Andes advisory board
Andes Advisory Board

  • Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador

  • Focus on extractive industries, trade, sustainable livelihoods and the rights of indigenous communities

Andes advisory board1
Andes Advisory Board

  • Denise Bebbington, Coordinator

  • Maria Elena Canedo, Independent Conservation Consultant

  • Maria Fernanda Espinosa, World Conservation Union (IUCN)

  • Martin Scurrah, Oxfam America

Central america advisory board
Central America Advisory Board

  • Primarily Honduras, Belize, Guatemala and Costa Rica

  • Focus on helping citizens and communities gain a greater voice in major development and trade decisions

Central america advisory board1
Central America Advisory Board

  • Denise Bebbington, Coordinator

  • E. Roy Cayetano, Belize Ministry of Rural Development and Culture

  • Ibis Colindres, Independent Consultant

  • Elmer Lopez, Independent Consultant

  • Ruben Pasos, Independent Consultant

Mexico advisory board
Mexico Advisory Board

  • Primarily Northwest Mexico

  • Focus on coastal and marine resource management and development of environmentally-sound livelihoods

Mexico advisory board1
Mexico Advisory Board

  • Denise Bebbington, Coordinator

  • Maryló Mandujano, Administrator

  • Luis Bourillón, Comunidad y Biodiversidad, A.C.

  • Artemisa Castro, Sistemas Naturales y Desarrollo

  • Serge Dedina, Wildcoast

  • Sandra Guido, Centro de Investigación en Alimentatión y Desarrollo, A.C.

Russia advisory board
Russia Advisory Board

  • Primarily Siberia and Russian Far East

  • Focus on encouraging citizen leadership, education and sustainable resource use

Russia advisory board1
Russia Advisory Board

  • Elena Repetunova, Coordinator

  • Pacific Environment, Facilitator

  • Tanya Karpetchenko, Administrator

  • Aleksandr Arbachakov, Taiga Research and Protection Agency

  • Irina Bogdan, ECODAL

  • Natalia Kovalenok, Dauria Public Ecological Center

  • Arthur Mayass, ISAR Far East Office

  • Yuri Shirokov, Initiative for Social Action and Renewal in Eurasia

  • Svetlana Titova, Amur Socio-Ecological Union

China advisory board
China Advisory Board

  • Focus on pollution and sustainable development and supporting the growth of student environmental movements

China advisory board1
China Advisory Board

  • Wen Bo, Coordinator

  • Pacific Environment, Facilitator

  • Xie Mei, Administrator

  • Li Bing, Wildlife Conservation Society

  • Li Hao, Environmental Education Television Project for China

  • Hu Kanping, China Green Times

  • Lu Zhi, College of Life Sciences, Peking University / Conservation International

India advisory board
India Advisory Board

  • Focus on curbing environmental toxins, pesticides and incineration through support of workers’ rights, community antipollution initiatives and citizen networks

India advisory board1
India Advisory Board

  • Ann Leonard, Coordinator

  • Ardhendu Chatterjee, Development Research Communication and Service Centre

  • Deepika D'Souza, India Centre for Human Rights and Law

  • Nityanand Jayaraman, Journalist

  • Anand Mazgaonkar, Paryavaran Suraksha Samiti

  • Thelma Narayan, Community Health Cell

Southeast asia advisory board
Southeast Asia Advisory Board

  • Primarily Indonesia & the Philippines

  • Focus on support of rural and coastal communities for development of environmentally-sound livelihoods and locally-managed waters, lands and resources

Southeast asia advisory board1
Southeast Asia Advisory Board

  • Nonette Royo, Coordinator

  • Anny Andaryati, Administrator

  • Noer Fauzi, Executive Body of the Agrarian Reform Consortium

  • Edtami Mansayagan, Philippine National Commission of Indigenous Peoples

  • Cristi Nozawa, Birdlife International

  • Titayanto Pieter, The Nature Conservancy Indonesia Program

Pacific advisory board
Pacific Advisory Board

  • Papua New Guinea, Micronesia, Fiji, Palau, New Caledonia, Samoa, Tonga and others

  • Focus on building the capacity of community-based organizations working to protect coastal and marine resources and upland forests

Pacific advisory board1
Pacific Advisory Board

  • Cedric Schuster, Coordinator

  • Ani Kartikasari, Administrator

  • Damien Ase, Center for Environmental Law and Community Rights, Inc.

  • John Ericho, Research and Conservation Foundation of Papua New Guinea

  • Rex Horoi, Federation of the Peoples of the South Pacific International

  • Bill Raynor, The Nature Conservancy

East africa advisory board
East Africa Advisory Board

  • Primarily Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania

  • Focus on forests, mining, sustainable community development and community management of resources

East africa advisory board1
East Africa Advisory Board

  • Violet Matiru, Environment Liaison Centre International

  • Godber Tumushabe, Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment

Southern africa advisory board
Southern Africa Advisory Board

  • South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Mozambique

  • Focus on pollution, mining, forests, sustainable development and corporate accountability

Southern africa advisory board1
Southern Africa Advisory Board

  • Aurelio Gomes, Livaningo

  • Anabela Lemos, Justiça Ambiental

  • Cynthia Mwase, Oxfam UK, Southern Africa

  • Bobby Peek, groundWork

West africa advisory board
West Africa Advisory Board

  • Primarily Nigeria, Ghana, Mali, Cameroon

  • Focus on forests, mining, oil and gas development and sustainable community development

West africa advisory board1
West Africa Advisory Board

  • Nnimmo Bassey, Environmental Rights Action

  • Abdulai Darimani, Third World Network Africa

  • Dembele Souleymane, GUAMINA

Global advisory board
Global Advisory Board

Earth Island Institute

Friends of the Earth International

International Rivers Network

Pesticide Action Network

Rainforest Action Network

International financial institutions advisory board
International Financial Institutions Advisory Board

Members from five continents

Support citizen groups and communities working to gain a voice in large scale development decisions and activities of the World Bank and other institutions

International financial institutions advisory board1
International Financial Institutions Advisory Board

Shalmali Guttal, Focus on the Global South

Marcia Ishii-Eiteman, Pesticide Action Network

Juliette Majot, International Rivers Network

Samuel Nguiffo, Centre for Environment and Development

Doug Norlen, Pacific Environment

Daniel Jorge Taillant, Centro de Derechos Humanos y Medio Ambiente

Tomasz Terlecki, CEE Bankwatch Network

Mishka Zaman, Bank Information Center

Recent grantees
Recent Grantees

  • The East Foundation – Nepal

Recent grantees1
Recent Grantees

  • Persatuan Perempuan Sama– Indonesia

(Women’s Union for Equality)

Recent grantees2
Recent Grantees

  • Guapiruvú Neighborhood Association (AGUA)–Brazil

Recent grantees3
Recent Grantees

  • National Association of Professional Environmentalists - Uganda

Recent grantees4
Recent Grantees

  • Za Zemiata – Bulgaria

The power of small grants

Small grants in action

Pacific Advisory Board member, Damien Ase of the Center for Environmental Law and Community Rights (CELCOR) in Papua New Guinea, presents grant check to the Coordinator of Namiai Community Development Association.

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Global Greengrants Fund 1998–2006

Grants Per Year

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FY 04 FY 05 FY 06

Grants Awarded, 1998–2004

Projected Grants , 2005–2006

Global greengrants fund 1993 2005

Lessons Learned to Date

Global Greengrants Fund 1993 –2005

The power of small grants

Small grants yield high return on investment

Fill vacuum of funding at the local level, especially in the developing worldFill vacuum of environment progress & pick low-hanging fruitEnergize local action which creates a wider ripple effectCapitalize on high levels of volunteerismHelp groups in crucial early stages of development

The power of small grants

Small grants can be more nimble and responsive

Reduce financial risk associated with any single grantAllow donors to meet ‘unanticipated opportunities’ that are critical to the success of social movementsAllow donors to mobilize resources quickly

The power of small grants

Small grants nurture the growth of a diversity of groups

Support a range of problem-solving approachesAllow more voices to be heardReduce dependence on single (or dominant) organizationProvide more people new opportunities to lead

The power of small grants

Small grants especially appropriate in developing world

Groups often need only small amounts of moneyHelp support marginalized voicesHelp encourage growth of citizen sector and democracyHelp encourage development of homegrown philanthropy

The power of small grants

Small grants encourage innovation

Encourage donors to take risksEncourage grantees to incubate and test new ideasSupport social entrepreneurshipDiversity, diversity, diversity

The power of small grants

Small grants support grassroots and community action

Facilitate home grown solutionsEnsure long-term durable changeAddress root causes of many environmental problemsCheck power of government and corporationsBeget small successes that lead to further action

The power of small grants

Small grants strengthen regional and global networks

Enable isolated groups to communicate with othersCreate new opportunities for collaborationEnrich networks with new participants and leaders

The power of small grants

Cost factors in international small grant making

Identifying granteesAssessing need and absorptive capacityPerforming due diligenceTransferring fundsMonitoring and reporting

The power of small grants

Ways to reduce costs of small grant making

Use partners or intermediaries to help identify granteesSimplify application requirementsStreamline systems for due diligence and fund transfersCluster grants geographically or by issue areaTrust grantees to make good decisionsSimplify reporting (reduces burden on grantee and donor)

The power of small grants

Calculating risk and return on investment

Develop a long-term investment horizonLook for benefits beyond immediate projectLook for ripple effects across regions and networksConsider the magnitude of the challengeConsider the value of the opportunity to meet the challengeRemember the value inherent in a diverse portfolio

Global greengrants fund
Global Greengrants Fund

Chet Tchozewski, Executive


2840 Wilderness Place, Suite EBoulder, Colorado 80301 USA