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EchoTaps Worldwide. Brass Players Procedures Nov 11, 2006 Trial Run May 19, 2007. Individuals and Groups Leaders. Pre-register through VA link . Group Leader Responsibilities (i.e bands, drum corps, scout troops). Build a list of participants Organization Name Name Address

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echotaps worldwide

EchoTaps Worldwide

Brass Players Procedures

Nov 11, 2006 Trial Run

May 19, 2007

individuals and groups leaders
Individuals and Groups Leaders
  • Pre-register through VA link
group leader responsibilities i e bands drum corps scout troops
Group Leader Responsibilities(i.e bands, drum corps, scout troops)
  • Build a list of participants
    • Organization Name
    • Name
    • Address
    • Email address
    • Parent signature (if under 16)
    • Type of instrument and key
  • Verify that each player can perform Taps and understands the bugle call transfer process
    • G-bugles will start on G
    • Bb instruments will start on low E
    • Other instruments such as the F French horn must match the G-bugle pitches
  • Completed list MUST be in the hands of the EchoTaps coordinators no later than May 11 (for May 19 performance)
bugle call transfer process
Bugle Call Transfer Process
  • Buglers will form a line with everyone facing toward the first bugler
  • The first bugler will raise his/her instrument in a large sweeping fashion such that they can be seen by the second bugler. The first bugler will then face and play Taps toward the second bugler
  • The second bugler will repeat the sweeping action and begin playing Taps three notes after the first player has started
  • The third bugler will repeat the sweeping action and begin playing Taps three notes after the second player
  • The Forth bugler………………
  • Each bugler will play a full version of Taps

For G Bugles

For Bb Instruments

day of event registration process
Day of EventRegistration Process
  • On May 19, Arrive at your location
  • Go to Taps verification location to demonstrate ability to play Taps (Individuals only – groups can be pre-verified by their band leader)
  • Report to registration tables no later than the report time provided by the facility director. Late arrival will be positioned at the discretion of the registration team
  • A guide will be assigned to your group for the entire day and take you through the following steps.
    • Bugle call transfer rehearsal
    • Safety briefing
    • Go to assigned location
  • Performers should wear clothing appropriate for the weather. This is a rain or shine event - (the only stopper will be lighting)
  • Come prepared - Practice the procedure for transferring the bugle call per instructions
  • Report times will be set by individual site locations
once on location
Once on location
  • Brass playerswill be spaced 1/10th to 1/20th of a mile apart. Younger players may be placed closer
  • All brass players will face toward the beginning of the route
  • Brass players will watch and listen to the player preceding them
  • The player at the starting point will raise his/her instrument in a windmill fashion such that the arm swing rotates at least 270˚. This will serve as a visual queue that TAPS is about to begin
  • Upon hearing the first three notes of Taps the bugler will begin to play (per Taps Playing Process). If you don’t hear the first three notes, count to five and begin to play
mass playing optional
Mass Playing (optional)
  • After the sequenced playing of taps, all players will move to the final mass playing location (if your location is going to do a massed playing – not all are going to do this)
  • After the ceremony brass players will be released