Bullying prevention at the middle school level
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BULLYING PREVENTION at the middle School Level - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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BULLYING PREVENTION at the middle School Level. Presented by: Dave Martys http://dmartys.angelfire.com. COUN 511 Spring 2010. Content of Slide Show Click any of the links below to access that portion of the slide show. Video Introduction What Constitutes Bullying? How Can Counselors Help?

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Bullying prevention at the middle school level

BULLYING PREVENTIONat the middle School Level

Presented by: Dave Martys


COUN 511 Spring 2010

Content of slide show click any of the links below to access that portion of the slide show
Content of Slide ShowClick any of the links below to access that portion of the slide show

  • Video Introduction

  • What Constitutes Bullying?

  • How Can Counselors Help?

  • Access to the Microsoft Excel IAB Address Book

  • How Were the Websites Rated?

  • The Best Overall Sites

  • Closing Thoughts

  • Resources

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Bullying prevention at the middle school level
Purpose of the PresentationDouble Click the Picture Below to Access the Introduction to the Presentation.

What constitutes bullying
What Constitutes Bullying?

  • Verbal Abuse: A pupil or group of pupils name-calling, using racially unacceptable words, profanities and religious slurs against one or perhaps more children in the school.

  • Physical Abuse: A pupil or group of pupils causing physical harm to another pupil or pupils in order to affect as much discomfort and pain as is possible.

  • Source:


  • Racial Abuse: Making disparaging remarks about ones color or religion in order to cause offence or upset by one or more pupils.

  • Cyber-Bullying: A relatively new but nonetheless unpleasant form of bullying, which can take on more than one form. It can come in the form of a text message sent to your child’s mobile telephone, illicit picture messages and hoax telephone calls and also has now swept across the realms of Internet usage.

How can a middle school guidance counselor help

How Can a Middle School Guidance Counselor Help?

Counsel students

Set up prevention programs involving teachers, parents, and students.

Pamphlets/education/offering resources

Make rules and consequences known

Gather information

Set up tolerance programs

Bullying internet address book iab
Bullying: Internet Address Book (IAB)

  • Clicking on the link below will give you full access to the Microsoft Excel IAB, a compellation of the top 20 websites for information regarding bullying.

    Internet Address Book

How were the website s rated
How Were the Website’s Rated?

  • The websites were rated on a scale from 1-10 with 10 being the highest in the following categories:

  • Site’s Design / Feel / Appearance

  • Ease of Using the Site

  • Usefulness of the Material

  • Overall Rating

  • Proceed to the next 2 slides for graphs

Education com

  • Overall Rating: 9.5

  • Offers tips for parents, teachers, students, and administrators.

  • Articles, worksheets, and activities are

  • available.

  • Early intervention and prevention programs.

Click on picture to access website

Stopbullying gov

  • Overall Rating: 9

  • Strongly geared towards younger students, but can be a great resource for adults.

  • Offers coping strategies for victims in print, through games, and webisodes.

  • Offers music and kids poll questions also.

Overcomingbullying org

  • Overall Rating:9

  • Provides Resources for schools as well as the workplace.

  • Highlights the effects of bullying on your physical health.

  • Offers a free newsletter, support groups and other web resources.

Educational resources store com

  • Overall Rating: 9

  • Provides the most extensive list of resources on the internet.

  • Offers books, DVD’s, videos pertaining to school wide prevention programs.

  • Extremely easy to navigate and purchases can be made with little confusion.

Youtube com

  • Overall Rating:9

  • Great resource to show relevant videos to students and staff.

  • Site is continuously updated with new information.

Click on the picture above to access the “bullied to death” video

Bullying org

  • Overall Rating: 9

  • User friendly layout.

  • Offers online classes and presentations, news and events.

  • Main purpose is to create awareness of bullying and to prevent, resolve and eliminate bullying in society.

  • Offers mentors to those who are bullied.

Stopcyberbullying org bullyingresources org
Stopcyberbullying.org Bullyingresources.org

  • Overall Rating: 8

  • Offers great information relating to cyber bullying, including a comprehensive definition.

  • Offers interactive games and fun materials for kids to learn about cyber bullying.

  • Overall Rating: 8

  • Multimedia approach to tackling the topic of bullying.

  • Offers an online resource kit.

Beatbullying org about com
Beatbullying.org About.com

  • Overall Rating: 8

  • The site works with young people to provide them with important opportunities to make positive changes.

  • Has direct links to videos.

  • Works with counseling bullies.

  • Overall Rating: 8

  • Offers information from experts on the deep rooted issues which may cause bullying.

  • Has quizzes for parents to measure how much they know about the signs of bullying.

Glsen org pta org
GLSEN.org PTA.org

  • Overall Rating: 8

  • Website specific to the bullying of gay and lesbian students.

  • Provides guidelines to provide concrete school wide programs to create a safe environment for this population of students.

  • Overall Rating: 8

  • Parent and Teacher Association (PTA) provides parents with powerful voice to speak on behalf of children.

  • The site provides real life bullying accounts from adults.

Kidpower org safeyouth org
Kidpower.org Safeyouth.org

  • Overall Rating: 8

  • Offers a multimedia approach on bullying including web links, articles, web clips and pod casts.

  • This site has valuable information for people of all ages.

  • Overall Rating: 8

  • Has a wide array of articles documenting students who bully.

  • Treating the bullied victim.

  • Prevention programs.

  • Facts and statistics.

Cyberbullying us state ky us
Cyberbullying.us State.ky.us

  • Overall Rating: 8

  • Offers an updated media center where associations and media can post the latest information about bullying from around the world.

  • One of the best sites for statistical data

  • Offers great resources to be purchased and “blogs”

  • Overall Rating: 7.5

  • Offers an interactive kids program called “PACER”. The entertaining program has:

  • Games

  • Videos

  • Webisodes

  • Contests

  • Stories

  • Also great resource for adults

Bullybeware com nationalschool safetycenter us
Bullybeware.com Nationalschoolsafetycenter.us

  • Overall Rating: 7.5

  • Offers software surveys which schools can purchase to find weaknesses with in the school community.

  • Follow up programs are then offered at a reasonable price.

  • Also offers free articles and news letters.

  • Overall Rating: 7.5

  • Free resources to help combat bullying in schools.

  • Downloadable articles from program developers.

  • Discussion activities for the classroom.

  • Statistical information.

Socialsafety org esrnational org
Socialsafety.org ESRnational.org

  • Best strength is to easily access state laws concerning all types of bullying.

  • Information on how to act in the case of teen sexual harassment in person and on the web.

  • Great for teens, parents, administration and counselors.

  • Offers an online teacher center which provides:

  • Programs

  • Workshops

  • Violence Prevention

  • And more

  • Great looking site, although most resources must be purchased.

  • Educators for Social Responsibility

Closing thoughts on bullying
Closing Thoughts on Bullying

  • Whether verbal, physical, racial or over the internet, bullying is a very serious issue concerning students, parents, teachers, administrators and counselors. If used correctly these websites can aid in providing solutions on a number of levels for a healthier school community.


  • Internet Address Report (Microsoft word)

  • Internet Address Book (Microsoft Excel)