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Reintpro Real Estate International Property PowerPoint Presentation
Reintpro Real Estate International Property

Reintpro Real Estate International Property

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  1. RealEstatePortals REINTPRO Real estate listings, direct from Owners, Real Estate Agents, Developers and Builders.. International Property Listings Must-have Features for aReal Estate Web Portal We Show Your Listing Worldwide. Promote your Company to your Potential customers Worldwide. Multilingual Professional Realtor WebSite for Free Your Elegant, Corporate International Website is Ready (9 Languages) , A Synchronized website with First of all we need to know How does a real estate portal works? Mostly real estate portals work in a similar manner. Online Real Estate portals provide platform to real estate's Consultants show case their Inventories for Buyers, as well as Buyers get facilities to find their choice of Homes and idea of on going market prices of real estate. / REINTPRO @REINTPRO

  2. Advanced Search Real Estate Search • Real Estate Agents • Construction Companies Search is the most important tool on a real estate website . • Property Owners • Freelance Real Estate Brokers Real Estate Search Seach Filters • Property Type • Price (Min) and (Max) You must provide search by categories. • Width (Min) and (Max) • Filter by Location

  3. Content Management Sorting properties Pagination & Easy Navigation Responsive Design Sorting properties by latest, oldest, featured, cheapest will also come in useful by visitors. Pagination is one of most required part of a website. Not only for easy navigation but also performance Responsive Design makes our website more readable almost all devices by automatically resizing our website.

  4. Login & Register Pages Register Login Forgot Password Using this page, users can register on the website. Using this page, users can manage their portfolios. If users forgot their passwords, using this page they can get their forgotten password by email etc.

  5. Photo Gallery Real Estate Listings with more photos have more views. Listings with Photos get more traffic Mostly Real Estate agents upload 10-15 photos to promote their properties or property features. Min 10 Photos recommended. Add 360 virtual tour to your web app if you can.

  6. Social Media Social Media platforms are huge visitor sources. On every page needed to be added social share buttons.

  7. Map View Mostly visitors want to know exact location of property, that's the why you need to add this section to your web app. Map View

  8. Multilanguage Support Multilingual option is a must for International Web Portals www.ReintPro.comReal Estate International