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TADIA Episode 1

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TADIA Episode 1

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  1. TADIA Episode 1 Never Trusted

  2. This episode of TADIA will include some voting this time. The EXTREME will come as well.

  3. Players will compete in cliff diving, tight roping, and riding the slingshot!

  4. The losing team will be determined by counting up points in the challenge. Points are from how awesome players do their EXTREME sports.

  5. We will have one of our former players hosting the EXTREME sports. See you there!

  6. Chris has set up a challenge for you. Go to the top of the cliff. I might as well go. I’m Jim, and I’ll be your host for today, I will need one player from team stuffies and freaks.

  7. I usually hate doing this. What’s the point? I’m going. You have to go cliff diving. AAAAAHH, I’ve been stung by a JELLYFISH.

  8. Nice reaction Hobbes. That deserves an epic 6 points for jellyfish. Who’s next?

  9. You will have to go to the top of the cliff. Now I’ll need someone from the Mighty MOV’s I’m going. Chris has no chance of scaring me!

  10. That’s not scary. I’m going! You have to go cliff diving. Nice!

  11. That had no dangers but that was a pro dive. 5 points. Close one!

  12. We’re switching locations. Meet Chris at the Amusement park. I’ll go. The currents score is 6-5 for the stuffies. Who next for that team?

  13. You can be next in line for the Slingshot! It’s a chance to get more points for the team. What!? I can’t go on there. I’ll die. No points for you.

  14. Meet Chris at the Amusement park. Don’t chicken out little guy. Carnation just blew it for the team. Someone from the MOV’s want to try and get points? I’m doing this.

  15. You can be next in line for the Slingshot! It’s a chance to catch up to the freaks. I love this ride! I’m going! Great!

  16. YEEEAAAOOOOWWW! What’s with the electricity?

  17. That… was AWESOME! Glad I had it. That deserves 8 points. 13 points in total now! That slingshot sucked all the colour out of me. What have you been doing?

  18. Go to the top of that school. Let’s go. It’s the last round. Someone from the stuffies has to get a 7 or higher to take the lead.

  19. Tightrope.

  20. Great effort but you only get 5 points. That’s an automatic lose because that was the last round and you guys are still behind. That really stinks.

  21. Carnation, you are so lame. I could’ve done that ride myself. I didn’t know it was a slingshot ride.

  22. It’s a bit early to decide on who to vote for. I think that Carnation is just a weakling. Anyone would vote her off.

  23. You see, this is why we have no weaklings like pretty pink weirdo here. But you guys need me. I’m not a total chicken. Who else would we vote for?

  24. You have all cast your votes in major decision. If you don’t get a marshmallow, you’re out of the contest.

  25. There are ten marshmallows on this plate but one player will get two for being the strongest team member. That’s Hobbes.

  26. Sky and Panda, you two are both safe.

  27. Prince

  28. Leap

  29. Bushy

  30. Eric

  31. Ezykat

  32. The final marshmallow goes to…

  33. To find out who stays and who goes, vote for the player you want eliminated online on Ultracloser Extras. Carnation Jackalopa