leadership patient visits an opportunity for daily connection n.
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Leadership Patient Visits: An Opportunity for Daily Connection PowerPoint Presentation
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Leadership Patient Visits: An Opportunity for Daily Connection

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Leadership Patient Visits: An Opportunity for Daily Connection - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Leadership Patient Visits: An Opportunity for Daily Connection. Workshop Goals . purpose and process of LPV tools for supporting LPV benefits of LPV challenges and ongoing process improvements for LPV. Leadership Patient Visits @ SBH. 8:30-9:00am 5 days per week (Monday to Friday)

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Presentation Transcript
workshop goals
Workshop Goals
  • purpose and process of LPV
  • tools for supporting LPV
  • benefits of LPV
  • challenges and ongoing process improvements for LPV
leadership patient visits @ sbh
Leadership Patient Visits @ SBH
  • 8:30-9:00am
  • 5 days per week (Monday to Friday)
  • Rotation of inpatient units and ED
  • Chance to speak with patients, families and staff
the problem with lpv
The problem with LPV

“So, what do you think of the food?”

 start an A3…

a3 reason for action
A3: Reason for Action
  • There is no clear connection between our improvement goals and our daily Leadership Patient Visits (LPV).
  • We are missing opportunities to connect with patients, families and staff.
initial state
Initial State
  • Waning attendance
  • Unwritten rules
  • No one goes to Mental Health or Palliative
  • Felt like an audit
target state
Target State
  • A sustainable process is in place to support Leadership Patient Visits, including a huddle and a debrief, and involving the Managers of areas to be visited.
  • All Executive Directors and Program Directors will attend Leadership Patient Visits two times per week.
gap analysis
Gap Analysis
  • No purpose or clear process
  • Disconnect between Patient Sat, Patient Safety, LPV
  • How does this relate to my work?
  • Managers don’t come to visits on their own units
  • “I’m not comfortable visiting patients”
what we understand now
What we understand now

It’s about anxiety, not resistance

solution approach standard work
Solution Approach: Standard Work
  • PDSA Cycles
    • Pre-Visit Huddle
      • Script or verbal prep
      • Manager’s role
      • What to say to staff
    • Introductions on the unit, visiting patients
    • Post-Visit Debrief
      • C-suite or on the unit?
cue cards to guide visits
Cue cards to guide visits
  • Patient Satisfaction Highest Score
  • Patient Satisfaction Opportunity Area
  • Ask Patients
  • Celebrate with Staff
  • Listen to patient voices DAILY
  • Managers now involved
  • Structured process in place
  • Data drives visits
  • Visible Leadership team
  • Improvement ideas, proactive
  • Feedback to unit staff
powerful stories
Powerful Stories
  • Woman in palliative care wanting to marry her partner
  • New mom disowned by parents, we are first visitors
  • Woman in mental health felt her physical concerns were being ignored (and the reverse in Medicine)
  • Elderly gentleman in isolation so grateful for the visit, as he felt “isolated” and lonely
  • “Your system needs a quarterback. Not one person seems to own this care for me!”
  • +++feedback on whiteboard iterations
changes we ve made as a result of lpv
Changes we’ve made as a result of LPV
  • Improved signage for wayfinding
  • Larger meals for postpartum moms
  • Large, welcoming FREE signs for art gallery
  • Handrail installed in main hallway
  • More art-at-the-bedside opportunities
  • Better mental health support for patients
  • Removal of cluttered pamphlet racks, posters
  • More free newspapers for patients
  • Long-term parking, TV, phone rates
  • Fixed cold showers! -Lodging for families
ongoing challenges
Ongoing Challenges
  • It’s hard to maintain and keep fresh
  • patient sat data is quarterly
  • Attendance
  • Managers still don’t own
  • Staff unsure about purpose of visit
  • Where is the best spot to prep and to debrief?
next steps
Next Steps
  • Add Atrium, Parking
  • How can the questions go deeper over time and connect from one month to next?
  • Involve charge nurse, as well as Manager?
  • Streamline prep at Patient Safety & Quality office
  • E-appts to individual Directors and Managers for their areas
  • Standard Work Process for LPV
  • Rotation of areas to visit
  • Monthly Schedule
  • Script to guide visits (cue cards)


cue video
Cue video
  • Our experience with Leadership Patient Visits
    • Video produced April 2012