io 9 algerian prison system n.
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IO#9 -Algerian Prison System PowerPoint Presentation
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IO#9 -Algerian Prison System

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IO#9 -Algerian Prison System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IO#9 -Algerian Prison System. Jeremy Beyon Christian Garcia Period 2 Mrs. Des Palmes-Madrigal. What is it?. Notorious Prison System Accused of Human Indecency Prisoners Die in Algerian Prison. Breakdown . Operated as a Separate Function Prisons go as far as French Rule

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io 9 algerian prison system

IO#9 -Algerian Prison System

Jeremy Beyon

Christian GarciaPeriod 2Mrs. Des Palmes-Madrigal

what is it
What is it?
  • Notorious Prison System
  • Accused of Human Indecency
  • Prisoners Die in Algerian Prison
  • Operated as a Separate Function
  • Prisons go as far as French Rule
  • Small Crime = Provincial Civil Prison
breakdown continue
Breakdown (Continue)
  • Serious Crime = Penitentiaries
  • Murder, Kidnap, Rape, Treason, Terrorism, and any Crimes against State
  • Primitive Conditions, Crowded
  • Poor Sanitary Facilities
  • 61% Algerian Prisons Over 100 Years Old
condition continue
Condition (Continue)
  • 40,000 Prisoners Confined in Overcrowded Prisons
  • Saharan Prison forced with extreme heat
so what
  • Small understanding of Algerian Prison System allow readers to make more connections
  • Gives readers power to question Camus’s writing
  • Was Camus accurate? Did he exaggerate Algerian Prison? Did he underrate Algerian Prison?
cultural elements
Cultural Elements
  • Novel Accurate to Algerian Prison
  • Murder Controversial (Arab biased or poor character?)
  • Prisoners Separated by Crime (taken to private cell later)
cultural element continue
Cultural Element (Continue)
  • Prison mostly Arab
  • French Algerian not common aka Meursault
  • Family Allowed ONLY for Civil Prison
cultural element continue1
Cultural Element (Continue)
  • Assume Meursault in Penitentiaries
  • Meursault under poor conditions ex.) cell crammed with small window
  • Slept on a plain wooden plank for a bed
contextual elements
Contextual Elements
  • Prisoners = Outcast
  • Meursault condemned for honesty about feelings
  • Considered an "stranger“
contextual elements continue
Contextual Elements (Continue)
  • Refuses to lie
  • Doesn't play the game
  • Henceforth title The Stranger
  • "were still those of a free man" (Camus 76)
contextual elements continue1
Contextual Elements (Continue)
  • "Little by little I would have gotten used to it" (Camus 77)
  • "could easily live for a hundred years in prison" ( Camus 79)
  • "found the simplest and most lasting joys" (Camus 104).
contextual elements continue2
Contextual Elements (Continue)
  • Signal emerging self-awareness + self-consciousness
  • Growing to understand himself + his beliefs
  • Ironically becomes a better person in Prison
  • Did Meursault break conformity in prison?
  • Did Meursault subscribe to a new belief in prison?
  • Has he accepted life’s absurdity?
  • Is Meursault free in Prison? Not physically, but mentally
  • Meursault thinks for himself in prison