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MDMA ( ecstacy )

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MDMA ( ecstacy ). By Cody Wilkins. History.

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mdma ecstacy

MDMA (ecstacy)

By Cody Wilkins


MDMA was first synthesized in 1912 intended to stop abnormal bleeding. After that MDMA was largely forgotten, researched years later in universities, and used casually by the doctors who researched it and their friends. In the 80’s MDMA became popular in night clubs and gay clubs, it later spread to the Europe and the rave culture. MDMA was classified as a schedule 1 drug in 1985.

medical uses
Medical uses

Arguably can be used to assist in psychotherapy

Buddhist Monks use it in small doses to enhance meditation

Currently being researched for its use in treating PTSD

recreational use
Recreational use


Night Clubs

Gay Clubs

Often used in conjunction with other psychedelic drugs

effects on the brain
Effects on the Brain

Causes the release of large amounts of serotonin

Blocks the reuptake of serotonin by the synaptic terminal

Depletes the amount of serotonin in the brain

Reduced memory

Brain damage

Possibly toxic

how people feel when they are on ecstacy
How people feel when they are on ecstacy

Altered conscience

Sense of inner peace

Diminished aggression

Diminished fear and anxiety


Exceptionally loving towards others

Improved self confidence

Heightened senses

Auditory and visual distortions

Stimulated arousal/hyperactivity

Increased alertness

More energy

Decreased pain/analgesia

acute effects
Acute Effects





Irritability fatigue

Impaired focus

acute effects1
Acute Effects


Jaw clenching

Teeth grinding

Dry mouth

Loss of appetite






long term effects
Long Term Effects


Memory impairment

Brain damage

Damage to blood vessels

Muscle twitching

Involuntary eye movements

Damage to heart

Organ failure

overdose risks
Overdose Risks

Overactive reflexes

Rapid breathing or shortness of breath

Severe chest pain

Abnormal electrical activity in the heart

Circulatory shock

Heart Failure



Hyperthermia (body too hot)

Fainting/loss of consciousness



Dead Hours Later

medical treatment
Medical Treatment

There are currently no pharmacological treatments for Ecstasy addiction but the best treatment as with most drugs is behavioral cognitive therapy.

Some Buddhist monks use MDMA to enhance their meditations.

legal conscequences
Legal Conscequences


  • $500(min)-$750,000(max) fine
  • 8(min) months to 15(max) years in prison
  • Reduced college opportunities
  • Reduced job opportunities


  • $5,000(min)-$1,000,000(max) fine
  • 1(min) year to life(max) in prison
  • Reduced college opportunities
  • Reduced job opportunities
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