welcome to pst096 introducing e verify n.
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Welcome to PST096 Introducing E-Verify PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to PST096 Introducing E-Verify

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Welcome to PST096 Introducing E-Verify - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to PST096 Introducing E-Verify. Welcome!. Cell Phones. Introductions. Materials. Roster Signing. Questions. Rest Rooms. Evaluations!. To assist the University of Florida’s efforts in sustainability we have moved to electronic evaluations

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Cell Phones



Roster Signing


Rest Rooms

  • To assist the University of Florida’s efforts in sustainability we have moved to electronic evaluations
  • Within next 3 days you should receive email request to provide feedback on today’s class
  • Please help us assess the quality of our training by completing the evaluation

Thank you!

  • E-Verify
    • Overview
    • UF & department obligations
    • Important dates
  • Completing Form I-9
  • ePAF and E-Verify
  • E-Verify decisions
  • Security
e verify overview1
E-Verify Overview
  • DHS
    • US Department of Homeland Security
    • US Citizenship & Immigration Services
    • Bureau of DHS
  • SSA
    • Social Security Administration
  • I-9
    • Employment eligibility verification form
  • SSN
    • Social Security Number
e verify what is it
E-Verify: what is it?
  • E-Verify: what is it?
    • Internet based system
    • Operated by DHS in partnership with SSA
    • Uses information from I-9 to determine eligibility of employee to work in US
  • Now mandatory for all federal contractors
e verify what does it mean to uf
E-Verify: what does it mean to UF?
  • E-Verify: what does it mean to UF?
    • Strict time deadlines for
      • I-9 completion
      • E-Verify submission through ePAF
      • We will look at these later…
    • Consequences for not meeting deadlines
e verify what does it mean to uf1
E-Verify: what does it mean to UF?
  • ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ signed with USCIS in October 2009
    • Have 90 days from that date to start process of e-verifying new employees
    • Have 180 days from that date to start process of e-verifying existing employees
  • UF therefore starts the E-Verify process in January 2010
e verify what does it mean to uf2
E-Verify: what does it mean to UF?
  • All new hires will be E-Verify checked
    • Includes faculty, staff, student assistants, OPS, Federal Work Study, and lump sum payments
    • Excludes courtesy appointments and

ISCR* pay plans

      • *ISCR = Independent Contractor/Scholar
e verify what does it mean to uf3
E-Verify: what does it mean to UF?
  • All existing employees will be E-Verify checked
  • Includes faculty, staff, Student Assistants, OPS, Federal Work Study, and lump sum payments
  • Excludes courtesy appointments,

ISCR pay plans and employees hired before November 6, 1986

e verify how does it work
E-Verify: how does it work?


Step 1

Employee and Dept complete I-9

Step 2

Department submits I-9 through ePAF

Step 4

Decision received within minutes and can be viewed by Core Office

We will look at this process (including E-Verify decisions) in more detail…

Step 3

E-Verify process looks at I-9 details

Let’s start with

completing the I-9

completing form i 9
Completing Form I-9
  • Form I-9
    • First step to verify eligibility to work in US
    • Must be completed within strict timeline (more later…)
    • Required for hires regardless of nationality, visa, and citizenship status
completing form i 91
Completing Form I-9
  • Form I-9
    • Essential all information entered accurately
    • Check date entered correctly (month/day/year)
    • Do not use white out! Cross out error, initial

and date the correction

      • Employee can correct Section 1
      • Employer can correct Section 2
    • Always use latest version and download from http://www.hr.ufl.edu/forms/default.asp
example i 9 timeline
Example I-9 Timeline

Let’s look at an example for the I-9 timeline

Justin Time has applied

for a position within

HR Services and has

been invited for interview…

Follow along with the I-9 completion procedure using the sample form attached to your Training Guide
i 9 section 1 employee information
I-9 Section 1: Employee Information
  • I-9 Section 1: Employee Information
    • Must be completed by the employee on or before first day of hire
    • But not before job acceptance received!
  • Let’s look at this in more detail…
i 9 section 1 employee information1
I-9 Section 1: Employee Information

Errors should be crossed out and new details intialed and dated by employee

Social Security Number must be entered?

Citizenship status box must be clearly checked. Alien # or admission # and expiration date must be entered if applicable





Employee must sign and date Section 1 in all cases. Check dates correct i.e. day/month/year


JT 11/9/2009

123 Gator Street






If assistance required for Section 1 preparer/translator must sign certification




Justin Time


i 9 section 2 documentation
I-9 Section 2: Documentation
  • I-9 Section 2: Documentation
    • Must be completed by the employer within 3 business days of start of hire
    • Documents must be original and unexpired
    • Employee must produce one document from List A OR one from List B and one from List C
    • If documents not received by end of 3rd business day of start of hire, employee will be terminated
i 9 section 2 documentation1
I-9 Section 2: Documentation
  • I-9 Section 2: Documentation
    • To comply with fair employment practice department cannot specify which documents should be produced
  • Receipts may be accepted for lost or damaged documents but originals must be produced within 90 days
i 9 section 2 documentation2
I-9 Section 2: Documentation
  • Photocopies of I-9 and related documents can be made but department are encouraged to destroy them after ePAF approved or must be stored under lock and key
i 9 section 2 documentation3
I-9 Section 2: Documentation

Employer Certification

Document List A Example

Document List B and C Example

Certification: “I attest, under penalty of perjury, that I have examined the document(s) presented by the above-named employee, that the above-listed documents appear to be genuine and to relate to the employee named, that the employee began employment on (date) and that to the best of my knowledge the employee is authorized to work in the United States.”

Social Security Card

Drivers License


Examples of passport stamps, visa documents and USCIS forms found at


SS Administration

State of Florida

United Kingdom




Enter the date the employee started work. Complete business address details, sign and date Section 2





Always include Document Title, Issuing Authority, Document Number, and any Expiration Date. Take care to enter details on appropriate line


Melissa Curry


Assoc.Dir. Recruitment


University of Florida, 1932 W University Ave, Gainesville, FL 32611

i 9 section 3 updating
I-9 Section 3: Updating
  • I-9 Section 3: Updating
    • If previous work authorization expiring and now renewed
    • To update expired documents
  • Use existing I-9. Enter new details in Section 3 as soon as possible to ensure continued employment eligibility
  • Let’s look at Section 3…
i 9 section 3 updating1
I-9 Section 3: Updating

Use existing I-9 ( available from Core Office or download from original ePAF) BUT if not the current version then download new version and enter employee name only in section 1 with new details in section 3 and attach to original I-9

In this example, Section 3 is completed to update documentation with new employment authorization details

Department should fax or send updated I-9 to appropriate Core Office (Recruitment & Staffing/ Academic Personnel/Student Employment)




Melissa Curry



Start date

or before…

I-9: it’s the


e verify and epaf1
E-Verify and ePAF
  • Essential that information entered accurately in ePAF(no transposed numbers etc.)
  • Let’s take a look at the revised Hire Employee ePAF…

E-Verify Prompt

A prompt will appear when an E-Verify check is required. Click YES to continue


This screen shows details required for E-Verify.

Note the fields auto-populated from details entered earlier in the ePAF.

E-Verify Screen



The I-9 Date must now be entered together with Document details

E-Verify does not currently accept hyphenated names, therefore remove the hyphen and replace with a space e.g., Smith-Jones becomes Smith Jones. Note this does not change the name in the UF Directory or ePAF!


Non Citizen Example

Click E-Verify button to continue

Special note: for E-Verify purposes, use date the I-9 was signed by employee which may be different from the effective date of hire used for ePAF



Justin Time produced a foreign passport with I-94 stamp as evidence of eligibility. Use look up list for Document ID

The fields you need to enter will populate according to the Document ID. In this example, Alien OR I-94, Visa and Passport # are required


Citizen Example

This example shows the screen for a US citizen. The I-9 date has been entered and Document ID # 28 selected from the look up list shown below. Note there are no other fields to be completed relating to documentation.




E-Verify Complete

At the E-Verify Complete screen click OK to continue the ePAF and submit for approval in the usual way

epaf approval
ePAF Approval
  • Approval process has not changed
  • Hire Employee ePAF can be submitted for approval regardless of E-Verify decision
  • ePAF can be approved regardless of E-Verify decision
  • Employee can start work regardless of E-Verify decision (unless Final Nonconfirmation)
social security numbers
Social Security Numbers
  • What if no Social Security Number?
    • I-9 must be completed
    • E-Verify check can be delayed
      • This is the only exception allowed under the new E-Verify timeline regulation
    • Let’s look at this in more detail…

Social Security Numbers

No Social Security Number?

I-9 must be completed in all cases

Where SSN wait letter is 2 weeks

Where SSN wait letter is 4 weeks

and Tax Services issue Tax ID #

Department completes Hire ePAF using Tax ID # as SSN. Prompt for E-Verify is bypassed

Department can delay completing Hire ePAF

Department completes ePAF/submits E-Verify when SSN received

Department notifies Core Office immediately SSN received. Core Office submits E-Verify manually

Understanding the

E-Verify decisions

e verify decisions
E-Verify: Decisions

SSA Tentative Nonconfirmation


DHS Tentative Nonconfirmation




Employment Authorized

e verify decisions1
E-Verify: Decisions
  • Who can view the E-Verify decisions?
    • Only the Core Office can view decisions and will notify the department in all cases (except Employment Authorized)
  • If TNC decision received can employee start work?
    • Yes, and can continue to work until Final Nonconfirmation received or employee chooses not to contest the TNC decision

Decision: Tentative Nonconfirmation

  • If department error (e.g., transposed numbers) Core Office can correct and

resubmit E-Verify

  • If TNC for other reason Core Office notifies department and meets employee to explain process

SSA Tentative Nonconfirmation


DHS Tentative Nonconfirmation


decision tentative nonconfirmation
Decision: Tentative Nonconfirmation
  • If employee chooses to contest decision he/she must contact appropriate agency within 8 days
  • If employee chooses not to contest decision he/she will be terminated immediately

SSA Tentative Nonconfirmation


DHS Tentative Nonconfirmation


decision final nonconfirmation
Decision: Final Nonconfirmation
  • Core Office receives Final Nonconfirmation decision and communicates appropriately
  • Final Nonconfirmation results in termination of employment



decision authorized employment
Decision: Authorized Employment
  • System generated verification number is automatically recorded. No further action!

Employment Authorized

Answers to some

Frequently Asked Questions

rehiring transfers
  • Employee transferring from another department?
    • E-Verify check not required unless there is break in service of one day or more
  • Employee with more than one UF job?
    • E-Verify check not required if already carried out (ePAF will prompt)
  • Rehiring an employee?
    • Just one day break in service requires new I-9 and E-Verify (previously 12 months)
visa questions
Visa Questions
  • What is the procedure for a visa renewal/extension?
    • Use existing I-9 to complete Section 3 to show current employment eligibility
    • E-Verify check is not required (assuming continual employment)
student assistants
Student Assistants
  • Student employees not enrolled in classes during the summer
    • STAS may remain as Student Assistants and do not need to be moved to OPS salary plan
    • FWSP should be moved to STAS or OPS salary plan if they do not receive a federal award for summer work

E-Verify Review!

So what do you know


Multiple Choice

  • E-verify applies to all new and existing employees with exception of
    • Courtesy appointments
    • ISCR salary plans
    • OPS salary plans
    • Employees hired before November 6, 1986
    • Student assistants
which one is correct
Which one is correct?
  • Which documents can an employee submit to establish identity and eligibility to work
    • 1 from List A OR 1 from List B and 1 from List C
    • 1 from List A OR 1 from List B OR 1 from List C
    • 1 from List A AND 1 from List B or 1 from List C
true or false
True or False?
  • Photocopies of documents are acceptable to verify an employee’s identity and employment eligibility

False! Original and unexpired documents only are accepted

  • To save time, Section 1 of Form I-9 can be completed during the interview process

False! Section 1 can only be completed by employee after job offer is made and accepted

true or false1
True or False?
  • Section 2 of Form I-9 should be completed no later than 5 days after employee starts work

False! Section 2 must be completed by department within three business days of hire

  • If E-Verify decision is SSA Tentative NonConfirmation, employee will be terminated after 8 days

False! The employee has 8 days to dispute the TNC. Termination occurs only when/if Final Nonconfirmation decision received

true or false2
True or False?
  • You should always make a copy of the I-9 for your departmental files

False! The I-9 must be destroyed after the ePAF has been approved

  • The I-9 cannot be completed without an Social Security Number

False! The I-9 must be completed even if employee does not have SSN

true or false3
True or False?
  • The Hire Effective Date for ePAF is always the employee start date

True! The ePAF effective date is always the date the employee starts work

  • The I-9 date for E-Verify check is the date the employer signed Form I-9

False! The I-9 date entered for E-Verify is the date the EMPLOYEE signed Form I-9

information resources
Information Resources

E-Verify information Hiring at UF

and I-9 tutorial instruction guide



security roles
Security Roles
  • Security roles required for ePAF
    • UF_EPAF_Department Admin
    • UF_EPAF_Level 1 Approver
  • In order to retain your ePAF security role you must
    • Participate in training (classroom or online)
    • Sign Notice of Understanding
notice of understanding
Notice of Understanding
  • I understand that the Form I-9 must be completed for all new employees before or on the first day of hire with the exception of Courtesy appointments and ISCR pay plans.
  • I understand that the Hire an Employee ePAF must be completed and submitted for approval, with Form I-9 and relevant documents attached, within 3 business days of hire. The only exception to this will be where the employee does not have a Social Security Number. In this instance I will follow the guidelines posted on the Recruitment & Staffing website.
notice of understanding1
Notice of Understanding
  • I understand that I will not use E-Verify to pre-screen applicants and I will not request completion of the I-9 prior to the candidate accepting the offer.
  • I understand that I will not take any adverse action against an employee who has a Tentative Nonconfirmation.  No action will be taken on the employee until I receive the final decision from USCIS and the Core Office.

Please now sign the

Notice of Understanding