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MuGFET. First Time User Guide to MuGFET Mar. 28, 2008. Overview. Introduction Rappture input interface Rappture output interface Summary. Introduction-Structure. What is MuGFET ?. 1. The simulation tool for nano -scale FinFET structure. Double gate (AMD, IBM, Motorola).

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First Time User Guide to MuGFET

Mar. 28, 2008

  • Introduction
  • Rappture input interface
  • Rappture output interface
  • Summary
introduction structure
  • What is MuGFET?
  • 1. The simulation tool for nano-scale FinFET structure
  • Double gate (AMD, IBM, Motorola)
  • Tri-gate or 3-D (Intel)
introduction structure1
  • 2. Simulator for nanowire structure
introduction simulator
  • MuGFET uses existing simulation tool PROPHET and PADRE

Available in

Fast but rough – general partial differential eq. solver



Slow but in detail – device oriented solver


Poisson equation

Self consistent

Drift-diffusion equation

introduction purpose

Purpose of MuGFET

  • Very convenient graphical user interface using Rappture

Users don’t have to worry anything happened inside the simulator

  • Great flexibility with respect to structure and simulator
  • Drift-diffusion solver for relatively large nano-device
  • without full quantum mechanical calculation

Fast and efficient

  • Introduction
  • Rappture input interface
  • Rappture output interface
  • Summary
overall procedure
Overall Procedure

Device Type

Device Structure

Bias and Temperature



example loader
Example Loader



example loader1
Example Loader

Not changing any input of the example loaded, results come out from database without simulation

example loader2
Example Loader

If any input is changed from examples,

full simulation will start

device type
Device Type
  • Class : FinFET or Nanowire
  • Dimension

2D-Double Gate

3D-Triple Gate

  • Gate type : metal gate, poly gate
device structure
Device Structure

Geometry in x, y, z

device structure1
Device Structure
  • Geometry-X : Lateral Direction
    • Channel width
      • The width of silicon channel region
    • Oxide thickness
      • Left wall
      • Right wall
    • Poly gate thickness
      • Turned on if poly-gate type chosen in previous step

 The default device size is relatively large because this is a drift-diffusion type simulator.

 Specially, the cross section should be large compared to electron wave length so that quantum effect should not appear to use drift-diffusion equation.

device structure2
Device Structure
  • Geometry-Y : Propagation Direction
    • Gate length
      • Not the channel length but the length of the gate electrode
    • Source length, drain length
    • Source extension length
      • The length how much the source is extended to the gate
      • Positive if the source is overlapped with the gate which means the gate goes over the source region
      • Negative if the source is underlapped with the gate which means the gate doesn’t go over the source region
      • The default : 0
    • Drain extension length
      • Same as the source extension length
device structure3
Device Structure
  • Geometry-Z
    • Vertical direction for 3D simulation
    • Channel height
      • The height of silicon channel region
    • Top_ox : oxide thickness on top of the channel
    • Substrate oxide thickness
      • SOI (Silicon on Insulator)
geometry x nanowire
Geometry-X (Nanowire)

radial direction

The x-direction in nanowire is radial direction of the nanowire

geometry y nanowire
Geometry-Y (Nanowire)

The y-directional structure in nanowire configuration is same as that in finFET

gaussian doping
Gaussian Doping
  • Gaussian Doping
    • Gaussian doping flag
      • Check “yes” if you want to build Gaussian doping profile
    • Characteristic length for source
      • The length from source and channel boundary to where the value of Gaussian doping is at its half
    • Characteristic length for drain
      • The length from drain and channel boundary to where the value of Gaussian doping is at its half
    • Penetration into oxide
      • The length how much the Gaussian doping penetrates into oxide region
bias and temperature
Bias and Temperature

Gate : Id-Vg plot for each Vd

Drain: Id-Vd plot for each Vg


Options for PADRE

Options for PROPHET

  • Introduction
  • Rappture input interface
  • Rappture output interface
  • Summary
p finfet 45nmx30nm double gate iv curve
p-FinFET 45nmX30nm Double Gate - IV Curve

PROPHET and PADRE result comparison

Logarithmic Plot : Log10abs(Id)

comparison with experiment
Comparison with Experiment

*Experiment results from X. Huang et al., IEDM ,1999

comparison with nanowire
Comparison with *Nanowire



Larger on-current in Nanowire


All same Subthreshold slope

* Nanowire is quantum ballistic transport simulation tool for nanowire

- available in

comparison with nanomos
Comparison with *Nanomos


oxide thickness : 2.5 nm


* Nanomos 2D double gate simulation tool

- available in

sub threshold swing1
Sub-threshold Swing

*Experiment results from X. Huang et al., IEDM ,1999

multiple iv curve for id vg
Multiple IV curve for Id-Vg
  • Id-Vg plot in PROPHET simulation
  • Id-Vg plot in PADRE simulation
multiple iv curve for id vd
Multiple IV curve for Id-Vd
  • Id-Vd plot in PROPHET simulation
  • Id-Vd plot in PADRE simulation
doping electron hole density
Doping, Electron, Hole Density

At equilibrium

Sequence plot for applied bias

electrostatic potential profile
Electrostatic Potential Profile

Electrostatic potentail at equilibrium

Sequential plot at applied bias

plots only in padre
Plots only in PADRE

Net charge density

Electric field

plots only in padre1
Plots only in PADRE


Quasi-Fermi Levels


Energy band diagram

2d plots
2D Plots
  • 2D Electrostatic potential in PROPHET
  • 2D Electrostatic potential in PADRE
3d plots
3D Plots

2D Surface plot


DX format visualization (fast)

- Future work

  • Introduction
  • Rappture input interface
  • Rappture output interface
  • Summary
  • Brief description of MuGFET
  • GUI (Graphical User Interface) for convenient simulation
  • Flexible and convenient user interface to afford various type of structure and simulator
  • Validation of the drift diffusion solver PROPHET and PADRE in relatively large nano-device
considered future work
Considered Future Work
  • New Geometry

triangular shape, back gate, ellipsoidal shape

– Mesh builder

  • Full band structure calculation
  • 3D visualization (openDX)
  • Dessis