famous manga artists and their manga n.
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Famous Manga Artists and their Manga PowerPoint Presentation
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Famous Manga Artists and their Manga

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Famous Manga Artists and their Manga - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Famous Manga Artists and their Manga. Yugioh.

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Famous Manga Artists and their Manga

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    1. Famous Manga Artists and their Manga

    2. Yugioh

    3. Yugioh Duel Monsters:Yugioh Duel monsters is a much loved Manga story that people all around the world know about. Yugioh has had its own Comics, TV Eps, Movies ,Video games and even a trading card game. Yugioh Duel monsters started on 1996 and finished on 2004. There are 7 Manga comic books for Yugioh and over 220 TV episodes. Main Characters: Yugi, Pharaoh, Joey, Bakura, Tristan, Mai, Tea , Seto Kaiba Plot: A little teenage boy called Yugi Mutou, is a master at a game called duel monsters. Yugi has a millennium item called the millennium puzzle. There are 7 millennium items. Yugi solves it and sets free the pharaoh, ‘Yami Yugi’. It He goes through a lot of thrilling adventures and makes new friends along the way. Movies: The Pyramid of light and Yugioh 3D Bonds Beyond Time! Creator:Kazuki Takahashi he wrote and drew Yugioh. Here is a profile about him. Kazuki Takashi had quite a few favourite Mangas that other people created. One was Dragon Ball!

    4. YUGIOH 1996-2012 After Yugioh Duel Monsters, the series still goes on but with different characters, settings and plots. There is now also Yugioh GX, Yugioh 5Ds and the latest Yugioh Zexal.

    5. Dragon Ball Z:Dragon Ball Z is one of most popular fighting, Manga story in the world! It is jam-packed with action, fighting and adventure. Dragon Ball Z has 26 manga books, 291 TV episodes and also video games! It follows the older series Dragon Ball. There is also Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Kai! Main Characters:Goku, Gohan, Bulma, Vegeta, Krillin and lots more Plot:A man in his 20’s called Goku is a skilled fighter who helps others. His race is called Saiyan. Saiyans are skilled fighters who have lots of power. Super Saiyan is his super form Goku fights many villains and defeats lots of them. Goku has died a few times but got revived by dragon balls. Goku has quite a lot of friends and a huge of enemies! Creator:Akira Toriyama is the creator of Dragon Ball. He really liked Astro Boy and 101 Dalmatians. Name: Akira Toriyama Japanese Name:鳥山 明 Birth: April 5 1955 Gender: Male Occupation: Manga Artist, Writer, Character Designer Normal Goku Super Saiyan Goku

    6. Naruto:Naruto is a much loved ninja story that is very famous in Japan. Naruto is filled with comedy, action and adventure.Naruto has had its own video games and 220 TV Eps. There are 59 manga volumes of Naruto. Naruto is one of the top mangas in the world! Main Characters:Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi. Plot:The story is about a boy called Naruto who is training to be a great ninja. Naruto gets wiser and more powerful along the way and learns how to have teamwork. Even though at the beginning of the story he’s a total dork he still has cool powers. Naruto’s goal is to be the best ninja of all time! Creator:Masashi Kishimoto is the creator of Naruto. Name: Masashi Kishimoto Japanese Name:岸本 斉史 Birth: November 8 1974 Gender: Male Occupation: Manga Artist

    7. THANKS for watching! By: Matthew George