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Computer Labs and Kids PowerPoint Presentation
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Computer Labs and Kids

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Computer Labs and Kids - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Computer Labs and Kids
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  1. Computer Labs and Kids By Mark Raffler This Powerpoint designed to outline material developed by Mary Whyte, Mike Champion, and Mark Raffler 2-8-10

  2. Computer lab time is here! Now what would you do tomorrow if you had a group of kids to take to the computer lab? Take the next few minutes to brainstorm what activity you might do in the lab, how you would complete the activity, and why you would complete that activity.

  3. Think 3: Content, Process, Procedure • Content: You need to think through the content of your lesson or what do you want them to learn? • Process: You need to think of the process of your lesson or how will they step by step do the activity to meet the content benchmarks. • Procedures: You need to think through the behavior management procedures you will use in the lab setting.

  4. Content Tips • Plan activities to reinforce concepts that you are teaching. • Pre-select the internet sites you want to do with kids. Kids should rarely need to search. • Limit your online sites to 4 or less.

  5. Process Tips • Have a plan - a step by step procedure written down for students. • Try activity first in lab before you go. • Know how students connect to Internet. Do they need passwords. • Make sites available without having to type URL’s.

  6. Management Procedure Tips • Prepare in the classroom before you go. • Have consistent lab procedures. If your building does not have procedures then make up your own. • How will you set up where the kids sit? • How will the kids ask for help? • Printing

  7. Other Factors to lead to success in the lab! • Modeling – The kids need to see your directions to understand what to do. • Tech Buddies – Buddy lower grade students with upper grade students. • Tech Mentor – Find a teacher in your building who likes technology and uses the school equipment. • Share with your Grade Level – Collaborate with others and share your ideas.

  8. Still more success factors in the lab! • Start Simple • District Technology Benchmarks – Know your district technology benchmarks and plan a wide variety of applications. • Practice ahead! • Back up plan! • Good transition in place to get kids back to the classroom.

  9. How can I Implement Technology Now? • Good example of a homepage • METS/Technology Requirements • Skype • Podcasting • Blogging • SmartBoard • Documents

  10. Educational Technology – The Future • My path • Trends you need to take notice of • Stay informed and be efficient