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Christopher Columbus

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Christopher Columbus. He landed in the New World on October 12, 1492. He sailed for Spain after being turned down by Portugal, Genoa, and Venice. Why would Spain allow him to sail, when others turned him down?. Christopher Columbus . The Muslims in Granada “San Salvador”- Holy Savior

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christopher columbus
Christopher Columbus
  • He landed in the New World on October 12, 1492.
  • He sailed for Spain after being turned down by Portugal, Genoa, and Venice.
  • Why would Spain allow him to sail, when others turned him down?
christopher columbus1
Christopher Columbus
  • The Muslims in Granada
  • “San Salvador”- Holy Savior
  • Columbus thought he was in the Indies
  • The Native Americans
  • A.D. 1000- The Vikings- Leif Ericson- Scandinavia
the crusades a d 1000 and a d 1300
The Crusades- A.D. 1000 and A.D. 1300
  • The Popes, European kings, and noblemen led a series of battles to drive the Muslims from the Middle East.
  • They wanted to gain the Holy Land and restore it to Christendom
  • Christendom- The nations that professed to be Christian.
results of the crusades
Results of the Crusades
  • The Crusades revived European interest in trade with the East, or the Orient, as the Europeans called Asia
  • Crusaders brought back spices, jewels, ivory, glassware, silk, etc.
  • Trade between the West and East increased.
  • What does the U.S. Seek from the Middle East today?
the rise of the middle class
The Rise of the Middle Class
  • Merchants and Traders
  • The Travels of Marco Polo
  • Traveled through Asia and met Kublai Khan.
  • You are a Portuguese peasant class citizen. You read The Travels of Marco Polo and it spurs your interest, but you have a family in Portugal and you are hesitant of the challenging path that awaits you in the New World. Would you try to travel to the New World? Write a 2 paragraph essay detailing your reasoning.
the renaissance 1300s
The Renaissance- 1300s
  • A Rebirth of Learning
  • Emphasized the abilities of mankind and largely ignored God.
  • The Story of Nimrod
  • Revived t he Classical literature and scientific ideas of ancient Greece and Rome, but promoted Pagan ideology.
  • Paganism- Polytheistic, Non-Abrahamic
the products of the renaissance
The products of the Renaissance
  • Art
  • Science of Navigation
  • More accurate Maps, rudders, Astrolabe, Compass
  • Movable type printing Press- Johann Gutenberg 1440
  • The Bible
a new all water route to the orient
A New All Water Route To the Orient
  • Prince Henry the Navigator of Portugal
  • Sent students to navigate the Western coast of Africa
  • Bartholomew Dias- The Cape of Good Hope- Southern Tip of Africa (1488)
  • Vasco da Gama- Sailed all the way around Africa to India, thus opening an all water route to the East.
native americans
Native Americans
  • 4,000 Years ago... the ancestors of the N.A.s left the tower of Babel to begin the great migration.
  • Land Bridge- The Bering Strait (Separates North America from Asia)
  • Native American Homes- East- Used timber to build wigwams and long houses Plains- Tepees. Southwest- adobe (mud bricks)
daily life for native americans
Daily Life for Native Americans
  • Men- Fish and Hunt
  • Standing in tribe was based on his courage and war skills
  • Women- Cultivated the garden, preserved the game
  • Maize, pumpkins, squashes, and beans, tobacco, maple sap sugar, turkey, quail, bear, deer, bison, elk
Did Columbus believe the World was flat?
  • Why did Columbus sail westward to Asia?
  • Two Incorrect assumptions:
  • Distance
  • Didn't know that the continents of North and South America lay between Europe and Asia
  • The Arawak tribe...warns about the Caribs tribe
  • He found the West Indies, Cuba, and Hispaniola (Haiti)
spain after 1492
Spain after 1492
  • Conquistadors
  • Ponce de Leon- Governor of Puerto Rico-tried to find the Fountain of Youth- first Spanish landing of North America
  • Named the land Florida after Pascua Florida, the Feast of Flowers at Easter time
vasco de balboa
Vasco de Balboa
  • Crossed the Isthmus of Panama and discovered the Pacific Ocean
  • How do you think the world changed after this discovery?
1519 ferdinand magellan
1519- Ferdinand Magellan
  • Proved the World is round by sailing all the way around.
  • Showed the distance of the New World and the Orient
  • Started with five ships, only one returned with 18 men.
hernando cortes
Hernando Cortes
  • 1519-1521
  • Montezuma
  • Aztecs
  • Las Casas
  • What really happened in Mexico?