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Wyoming WISE Training PowerPoint Presentation
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Wyoming WISE Training

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Wyoming WISE Training - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Wyoming WISE Training
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  1. Wyoming WISE Training August 2005

  2. Agenda Welcome • Context and Overview • Student Locator Framework & Uniq-ID • District Checklist • WISE Data Guidelines • Student District Transmission Break • Near Match Resolution • Unique ID Download and Batch Upload • Import and Export from the SIS • SIS Agent District Install • Timeline Questions (ALL)

  3. The Case for State Student Record IDs • Historical Context • 1970s - USED Migrant Student Record Transfer System • 1980s - FL, TX, NV (SS#) • 1990s - MA, critical mass • 2000s - NCLB (PBDMI/EDEN) All 50 States • Why a state assigned, consistent, unique ID • vs. SS# • In addition to local ID • Data accuracy and reliability • Reduced reporting burden • Ability to link multiple data sources • Ability to link data across time • Ability to eliminate system duplications • Ability to improve efficiency of assessments

  4. WISE is a state-of-the-art enterprise education system that uses public SIF™ standards to dramatically reduce district administrative burden in implementing a state assigned student record ID.

  5. How will it work (Easy as 1-2-3) • School personnel register a student in their SIS • SIF Interoperability Occurs • District WISE coordinator receives e-mails from SLA with URL to resolve near matches. (District administrator logs onto Uniq-ID to complete year-end roll over and other batch registration process)

  6. At Districts At Aggregation Points SIS SIS Agent ZIS School/LEA User E-mail Notification Student Locator Agent WISE Coordinator Near Match Resolution Web Site State ZIS This is a Near Match Situation This is a New ID or an Exact Match Situation Unique Student ID Instance Student Resolver Agent At WDE

  7. District Check List Complete Training Ensure Agent Installed and Configured Ensure SIS Data Conformsto WISE Data Guidelines Run WISE Student Locator Agent console and initiate batch assignment of new students. Resolve all near matches Begin standard operations

  8. WISE Surveys • Has any district not yet completed their installation survey? (If not, please see John at the break) • Overview • Questions

  9. Data Access and Management Policy • Protections • Data Use and Release • Improper Disclosure of Student Records • Ownership of Data • District Sign-Off

  10. WISE Data Guidelines • Where is Data stored in the SIS? • Use complete legal names • Birth certificates • Multiple word names • Middle names (abbreviations and “NMN”) • Separate nicknames from formal names • Put generation codes in correct fields • Remove special characters , * () “ • ASCII US characters ~, accented letters, etc. are accepted • Matches are not case sensitive • Race, gender, and DOB are standardized by entry

  11. Student Record Details • Every WISER ID record must contain: • Legal Last Name • Legal First Name • Legal Middle Name • Legal Name Suffix • Gender • Date of Birth • Current Grade Level • District Student ID • Race / Ethnicity • In non-SIF uploads the fields Current School Code, Resident District Code, and Current School Code must be included. • Only valid data records can be loaded into the system • Pre-code Update

  12. Near Match Resolution • Overview • Demonstration

  13. Unique ID Download and Batch Upload • Overview • Demo

  14. WISER ID Import (1) WISER ID files will contain all district records in one file. (Header and Footer must be space or tab delimited, the rest can be CSV if desired) Header: Recode Type, Extract Date, Extract Time, Transmission ID, Version, Delimiter (carriage return) Detail Record: Record Type, Current School Code, Resident District Code, Legal Last Name, Legal First Name, Legal Middle Name, Legal Name Suffix, Gender, Date of Birth, Current Grade Level, Local Student ID, Social Security Number, Race/Ethnicity, WISER ID, Current District Code, Current School Code (carriage return) Trailer: Record Type,Transmission ID, Number of Records (carriage return) Sample Import File for School 006 in district 2601: TH 04/27/05 08:00:00 B1 1.0 delimiter=0X2C ID 006 2601 Max Kyle Bradly II M 03/15/89 09 5400112300 064123976 W (WISERID) 2601 2005 ID 006 2601 Jones Dot Carol F 02/10/90 1 5400002311 124567891 H (WISERID) 2601 2005 ID 006 2601 Smith,Robert Jr M 11/04/88 10 5401002300 387945123 A (WISERID) 2601 2005 TT B1 5

  15. WISER ID Import (2) Required File Manipulation The header and trailer records in the WISER file must be deleted before using the file to import the Student Record ID into WISE. This can be done by opening the file in WordPad or Notepad. The header and trailer record can be highlighted and deleted and then the file saved again. New Sample File for School 006 in district 2601: ID,006,2601,Max,Kyle,Bradly,II,M,03/15/89,09,5400112300,064123976,W,(WISERID),2601,2005 ID,006,2601,Jones,Dot,Carol,,F,02/10/90,1,5400002311,124567891,H,(WISERID),2601,2005 ID,006,2601,Smith,Robert,,Jr,M,11/04/88,10,5401002300,387945123,A,(WISERID),2601,2005

  16. WISE District Install (1) Overview • SIS Agent • Zone Integration Server (ZIS) (located at aggregation point) • View Aggregation Point Model At Districts At Aggregation Point SIS District Zone School/LEA User SIS Agent

  17. WISER District Install (2) • Install Agent • Configure Agent • Map SIS Data to Agent 4. Test SIS-Agent Connectivity • Test Agent-ZIS Connectivity • Begin Normal Operations • NOTE: These steps are for the WISE Coordinator or their technical proxy.

  18. SIF Bulk Upload Go onto WISE Student Locator Agent Console Follow Instructions in User Guide Select schools you want batch uploaded Student locator agent will execute Student Locator requests to the Student Resolver agent and handle returns Resolve all near matches IDs will be assigned to all students not already assigned an ID.

  19. At Districts At Aggregation Points SIS SIS Agent ZIS School/LEA User E-mail Notification Student Locator Agent WISE Coordinator Near Match Resolution Web Site State ZIS Unique Student ID Instance Student Resolver Agent At WDE

  20. Questions

  21. Contacts WY Department of Education Steve King sking@educ.state.wy.us (307) 777-6245 eScholar Mary Milligan mmilligan@eScholar.com (914) 989-2905 • WISE Technical Support • John Woller, WISE Project Manager • jwolle@educ.state.wy.us • (307) 777-3656 • ESP Solutions Group • Alex Jackl • ajackl@espsg.com • 781-370-1043 • Edustructures • Steve Setzer • ssetzer@edustructures.com • 801-858-0075