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Why Polarity Wholeness: The State of the World PowerPoint Presentation
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Why Polarity Wholeness: The State of the World

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Why Polarity Wholeness: The State of the World - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Uncovering and Engaging Polarities: Coaching Clients' Wholeness through Engagement of Opposites Sam House and Debra Wilton-Kinney USA. Why Polarity Wholeness: The State of the World. Out of Balance: Divided. In–Balance: Wholeness. Through Crisis? OR Consciousness?.

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Uncovering and Engaging Polarities: Coaching Clients' Wholeness through Engagement of OppositesSam House and Debra Wilton-Kinney USA
why polarity wholeness the state of the world
Why Polarity Wholeness: The State of the World

Out of Balance: Divided

In–Balance: Wholeness

Through Crisis?



leap to a whole new level
Leap to a Whole New Level

À la Einstein: Can’t solve imbalance with the same mindset that created it – we need no less than a

  • Fundamental Transformation of Consciousness
  • Where?
  • Integral thread across multiple disciplines
  • Ancient wisdom
  • Nature-based principles
  • Participating with creative forces larger than ourselves
what is the shift in mindset
What is the Shift in Mindset?

From :

  • To:

Simultaneous perspectives embraced together

Divide and conquer

  • Expand awareness to engage possibilities

Resolve and makeit happen


Ebb and Flow


Full Engagement and Cooperation

Power that comes not from us but through us

Material Power

unleashed capacity to create
Unleashed Capacity to Create
  • In and out breath Lifeforce
  • Heart beating Lifeblood
  • Rain and sun cycles Life flourishing
  • Computer on and off bits Artificial intelligence
  • Airplane high and low pressure Flight
  • Chaos and order Creativity
  • Autonomy and relationship Authentic connection
  • Simultaneous perspectives co-creating in relative balance unleash a Third Energythat is naturally life supportiveand generative

PAWS: Polarity and Wholeness System

Embrace the Disconnected

Keep Channel Open with

“Right” Balance

Detox &

Establish Creative Tension

pick a challenge
Pick A Challenge
  • Career
  • Money
  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Romance
  • Fun and Recreation
  • Physical Environment
  • Spirituality
navigate flow with purpose
Navigate Flow with Purpose
  • Keep the channel open
    • Resistanceas information and Acceptanceof what is to open to possibility
  • Attend to co-creative balance
    • ObserveandExperiment… turn it around …. change it up
  • Guide the emerging flow
    • Focus with IntentionandSurrender
daily practices for engaging wholeness
Daily Practices for Engaging Wholeness
  • Follow your breath in AND out as an access point to consciously look for two aspects of any other wholeness
  • Substitute “both/and” for “either/or” thinking and language
  • Catch self in act of strong opinionand look for the opposite
  • Notice constriction in body or thought, then release

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