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War I n D arfur

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War I n D arfur - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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War I n D arfur. By: Jae- Wook Lyeo. 2003 Feb 26 th Starting the War in Sudan. The government of the Sudan and the Arab people and the SPLA (African in Darfur) had a war in Darfur (Sudan)

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war i n d arfur


By: Jae-WookLyeo

2003 feb 26 th starting the war in sudan
2003 Feb 26thStarting the War in Sudan
  • The government of the Sudan and the Arab people and the SPLA (African in Darfur) had a war in Darfur (Sudan)
  • The reason is that the government of Sudan had racial discrimination about the black people (African). The Sudan government didn’t like Africans they only like Arab people They also steal food by killing the Africans.
2004 late dec helping the children
2004 late Dec = Helping the Children
  • The U.S. began to help children in Chad (not Chad Children) because the Sudanese children and adults left their country Sudan to the closest one - Chad.
  • The U.S. started to send money to the children in Darfur because they don’t have their houses to live in. There is lot of danger in Darfur (in Sudan) and they didn’t have food to eat or water to drink.

A map that showing where

is Sudan and other countries.

2006 april 30 th almost peace but the war started again
2006 April 30th = Almost Peace… but the War Started Again.
  • The African United (AU) stopped SPLA (The African) and the Government of Sudan from war and they got peace agreement.
  • SPLA wanted no racial discrimination of Africans after they got independence and they wanted the Vice President of Sudan to be SPLA/African, but the government of Sudan said no and the war started again.
2010 Feb = The Government and the President of Sudan and SPLA(Sudanese Peoples Liberation Army)/African get Peace
  • The president of Sudan told the African/(SPLA) we will stop doing whatever you want and we will stop doing racial discrimination about African/(SPLA and other) and you can have independence.
  • The SPLA/(African) were very happy with this decision.
2010 may 15 th the betrayal of the government and president of sudan
2010 May 15th =The Betrayal of the Government and President of Sudan.
  • The government of Sudan and the President betrayed the Africans/SPLA and killed 108 African people in Darfur (Sudan).
  • The African people (SPLA) in Sudan got very angry that they started the war again.
2003 feb to now effect on children of war
2003 Feb to Now = Effect on Children of War
  • The teenagers and some boys got trained by the adults and armies and fight with the adult
  • Sadly lots of teenagers and some boys got killed.
  • Also the children died of no food, no water and no shelter.