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Action Plan Intermodal & ITS Experts Group

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Action Plan Intermodal & ITS Experts Group - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Action Plan Intermodal & ITS Experts Group. June 2011 Update. Action Plan for the Intermodal and ITS Experts Group. Brings focus to the Intermodal and ITS Group Promotes more timely results. Goals. Reduce barriers to the movement of people and goods and facilitate trade.

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action plan for the intermodal and its experts group
Action Plan for the Intermodal and ITS Experts Group

Brings focus to the Intermodal and ITS Group

Promotes more timely results

  • Reduce barriers to the movement of people and goods and facilitate trade.
  • Save lives, time, money, energy and protect the environment through the adoption and deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS).
  • Facilitate the implementation of an efficient, integrated, safe, secure, and sustainable Intermodal transportation system.
  • Evaluate and encourage the adoption of new transportation technologies and methodologies used in Intermodal and ITS applications.
  • Standards
    • Identify Intermodal and Transportation Technology standards requirements which are APEC priorities.
    • Promote and facilitate the establishment of international ITS standards which are APEC priorities
  • Information Sharing
    • Build public/private partnerships that lead to a seamless, safe, secure, sustainable, and environmentally friendly transportation system that is intermodal.
    • Share information among APEC Economies regarding intermodal practices, projects and ITS developments.
    • Develop Human resources.
  • Research/Demonstration/Evaluation
    • Promote research on Intermodal and ITS needs addressing APEC goals and objectives
areas of activities pillars
Areas of Activities(Pillars)
  • Technology
    • ITS
    • Global Navigation Satellite Systems
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Sustainability
    • Energy and Greenhouse Gas Reduction
    • Environment Improvement
  • Human Resource Development
establish common apec needs on intermodal and its standards development
Establish Common APEC Needs on Intermodal and ITS Standards Development
  • Activities
    • World Report on ITS Standards (WRITSS) Project (Completed)
    • Participate in ISO/TC204 Plenary sessions (Ongoing)
    • Develop updated List of APEC priorities for ITS Services
    • Formulate and deliver updated Liaison Statement to ISO/TC204
    • Conduct interactive meetings and workshops with ISO/TC204
  • Schedule
    • Interactive meetings and workshops - Ongoing
    • Discussion of list of priorities for ITS Services - TPT 35
    • Economies review and agree on priorities for ITS Services – Intersessionally after TPT 35
    • Submit Liaison Statement to ISO TC204 Plenary – After TPT 36
  • Target Outcome: Update Category A liaison statement with ISO TC204 containing updated prioritized list of ITS services.
  • Lead Economy: Korea
develop joint representations to iso to establish priorities common to apec
Develop Joint Representations to ISO to Establish Priorities Common to APEC
  • Activities
    • Review any New Work Item Proposal (NP) received from ISO TC 204
    • Review any New Work Item Proposal received from other appropriateISO Technical Committee(s)
  • Schedule
    • Prepare ISO TC204 Liaison Report – Ongoing at every TPT meeting
    • Discussion related to new work items and proposals from TC204 and other ISO Technical Committees – Intersessionally and at appropriate TPT meetings
    • Formulate ITS Experts Group comments – Intersessionally and at appropriate TPT meetings
  • Target Outcome: Submission of comments to appropriateISO Technical Committeesexpressing APEC regional view
  • Lead Economy: Korea
collaborate on intermodal and its implementation projects
Collaborate on Intermodal andITS Implementation Projects
  • Activities
    • Share information on Intermodal and ITS development projects and their benefits from each economy (underway at TPT 34 and beyond)
    • FacilitateGlobal Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)applicationsto supportseamless intermodal transportation(underway)
    • Identify actions to facilitate and collaborate on implementations of GNSS applications (underway)
    • Update questionnaire and re-survey Economies
  • Schedule
    • Discuss results of latest/planned Ministerial Meetings – TPT 34 and beyond
    • Develop new plans/activities as necessary to meet latest Ministerial Meeting directives – TPT 34 and beyond
    • Share information on Intermodal and ITS development projects and benefits – TPT 34 and continuous thereafter
    • Discuss and Plan Re-survey (if needed) – TPT 35
    • Complete re-survey, consolidate results, circulate draft – Intersessionally after TPT 35
    • Discuss survey and establish next steps – TPT 36
  • Target Outcome: Info Exchanges
  • Lead Economy: All Economies
promote trade in n ew intermodal and its a pplications and services
Promote Trade in New Intermodal and ITS Applications and Services
  • Activities
    • Share bi-lateral agreements
    • Share plans for Intermodal and ITS Infrastructure
    • Share funding opportunities
    • Involve organizations from economies (e.g. APTA, ITS-America, ITS-Canada . . .)
  • Schedule
    • Discussion of bi-lateral agreements – TPT 35
    • Post funding opportunities on Web site – Continuous starting after TPT 35
    • Post plans for Intermodal and ITS Infrastructure information – Continuous starting after TPT 35
    • Economy Organization participation – TPT WG 35 and beyond
  • Target Outcome: Increased trade in Intermodal and ITS transportation technologiesapplications and services
  • Lead Economy: All Economies
promote technology transfer outreach training and adoption of best practices
Promote Technology Transfer, Outreach & Training, and Adoption of Best Practices
  • Activities
    • Short Sea Shipping Study on Best Practices (Completed)
    • Organize and Conduct GNSS Industry Forums (One completed and as necessary)
    • Organize and conduct special sessions on one/or all of following topics:
      • GNSS applications; Intermodal Skills/ITS Accessibility; Joint workshops with ISO TC204 (One completed); Sustainability issues and new technologies
    • Survey of Workforce Development Needs (Completed)
    • Compendium of Best Practices and Benefits of National Logistics Associations (Ongoing)
    • Sharing Best Practices for Seamless Intermodal Cargo Movement (Proposed)
    • Promote Human Resources Development activities and projects
  • Schedule
    • Discuss necessary topics, issues, proposed projects - TPT 34 and beyond
    • Special workshop sessions and forums – Several completed and future events being planned as necessary
  • Target Outcome: Workshops and Outreach
  • Lead Economy: As Required/All Economies
conduct research and evaluation studies on intermodal and its applications
Conduct Research and Evaluation Studies on Intermodal andITS Applications
  • Activities
    • APEC Secure Trade Evaluation Project (Completed)
    • Study of Using More Inland Rivers in Intermodal Transport (Ongoing)
    • Study of Secure & Smart Container Development for Intermodal Transport (Ongoing)
    • Study of Security Monitoring Model for Supply Chains with Focus on Food Security (Ongoing)
    • Transport, Energy and Environmental Benefits of Intermodal Freight (Ongoing)
    • Transport, energy and Environmental Benefits of Transit Oriented Development (Ongoing)
    • Energy benefits of Bus Rapid Transit (Ongoing)
    • Transborder Control and Optimal Transborder Logistics (Ongoing)
    • GNSS Applications for Seamless Supply Chain Connectivity (Ongoing)
    • National Logistics Associations – Best Practices and Benefits (Ongoing)
    • Study of Sustainable Intermodal Transportation Using Short Sea Shipping (Proposed)
  • Schedule
    • Discussion of existing and potential research topics (above or others) – TPT 34 and beyond
    • Decision on potential research topics – TPT 34 and beyond
    • Submission of project proposals to APEC on selected research topics – Intersessionally after TPT 34 and beyond
  • Target Outcome: Research Projects
  • Lead Economy: As Required/All Economies