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In-Stream “State of the Union”. John A. Miller | Director, Product Experience Nettie Tien | Solution Specialist Boaz Ram | Product Marketing Manager April 23, 2012. Service Team presentation. Introduction. John A. Miller Director, Product Experience New York City. Boaz Ram

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In stream state of the union
In-Stream “State of the Union”

John A. Miller | Director, Product Experience

Nettie Tien | Solution Specialist

Boaz Ram | Product Marketing ManagerApril 23, 2012

Service Team presentation


John A. Miller

Director, Product ExperienceNew York City

Boaz Ram

Product Marketing ManagerNew York City

Nettie Tien

Solution SpecialistNew York City


  • Opportunity

  • Offering

  • Outlook

  • Q & A

Online video is growing fast we must act
Online Video is Growing Fast…We Must Act!

Online Video Spend in USA

Video as % of Online Spend











eMarketer June 2011 ; eMarketer Nov. 2010

Tv consumption is going online
TV Consumption is Going Online


US internet users who watch TV content online weekly

eMarketer Dec. 2011

Where is the money coming from
Where is the Money Coming From?

Online Display

Budget Growth


Print OHH










Digital Video Advertising Trends: 2012; BreakMedia

Mediamind has some competition in video
MediaMind Has Some Competition in Video




Video Focus

Varied Focus

Site serving in stream is still king for now
Site Serving In-Stream is Still King…For Now


3rd Party


  • But…

  • More and more RFP discussions include 3rd Party Serving

  • Increases in video usage will reshape agency workflows making 3rd Party Serving necessary

  • We saw the same transformation in Rich Media 10 years ago

  • Within three years, 3rd Party Serving will be common practice


TV Managed


Site Served





Don’t Accept

3rd Party Tags

What is in stream
What is In-Stream?

  • Video ad presented alongside feature content

What is in stream1
What is In-Stream?

  • Video ad presented alongside feature content

Mediamind s in stream offering
MediaMind’s In-Stream Offering

  • Deliver content to the publisher in the VAST format

  • Publisher controls end-user experience

  • MediaMind does not offer our own player

  • VPAID support on a case-by-case basis

What is vast
What is VAST?

  • Video Ad Serving Template

    • XML protocol describing an ad to be displayed in, over, or around a Video Player.

How does vast work
How does VAST work?

Video player


Custom XML parsing

Publisher Ad Server

Pixel reporting on impressions and activities


Pre-fetch ad request

XML ad response


Secondary Ad Server

Pixel reporting on impressions and activities


Vast elements
VAST Elements

  • Linear Asset

    • Video that is pre, mid, or post-roll

  • Non-linear Asset

    • Text, image, SWF that runs simultaneously with the video content (i.e. overlay)

  • Companion Ad

    • Text, display ad, rich media or skins that wrap around the video experience. Typically run alongside or surrounding the video player.

Vast examples
VAST Examples

Linear Asset & Companion Ad

Non-linear asset overlay

What is vpaid
What is VPAID?

  • Video Player-Ad Interface Definition

    • Enables interactivity between video players and ad units, establishing a rich interactive in-stream experience

Vpaid examples
VPAID Examples

Clickable overlay

Across the board video metrics
Across-the-Board Video Metrics

  • Video Metrics

  • Video starts

  • Quartiles

  • Videos completed

  • Sound mutes/unmute

  • Video paused

  • Watched full-screen


  • Analytics reports do not support the "CreativeView" tracking event

  • Analytics reports do not support the time-based metrics such as Dwell, Timer, and Average Time.

  • The current ad format accepts only Flash files using ActionScript3.

  • Targeting was previously a limitation. Currently in final testing stages with Impossible Software.

Vast certification
VAST Certification

  • Dedicated certification team

  • Send certification request to

  • Currently certified with 140+ publishers

  • 2-3 weeks for VAST/VPAID

  • Include Publisher Account Managers when applicable

Certification process
Certification Process

  • All pub certifications projects are managed in CRM as projects

  • Projects are updated on a weekly basis

  • Client-facing certification will be available this week

Important dates
Important Dates

  • May 13th – Beta Soft Launch

    • Internal infrastructure release, greenlight to start building our own VAST templates and certifying for VPAID with publishers

    • Custom VAST formats (Custom dev & PIT)

    • VPAID support

    • Permissions enabled to select internal users only

Important dates1
Important Dates

  • June 30th – Full Beta release to clients

    • Full-service

    • Certified with 60+ publishers

    • Permissions enabled to all internal MM users

New beta features
New Beta Features

  • Flexible/adaptable VAST

    • Can run with sites that previously could not accept our VAST tag (Tidal TV)

  • VAST interactive video capabilities (VPAID)

    • VPAID checkbox on the MM platform

    • Support VPAID methods in Flash

  • Custom VAST formats

    • Publisher specific, modify XML with XSLT schemas

  • Interactive Formats

  • Dynamic Video

Beta goals
Beta Goals

  • Gain confidence in technical stability of VAST/VPAID

  • Receive feedback regarding all new features

  • Develop best practices for VPAID ads

  • Certify with 60+ strategic VPAID publishers

Upcoming in stream campaigns
Upcoming In-Stream Campaigns

  • Please notify