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Definition Essay

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Definition Essay. -II- The thesis statement includes both the term and your basic definition.

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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Definition Essay

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These definitions have a three-part structure that includes:1) the term to be defined2) the general class to which the term belongs3) the things that make the term different from other terms in its class.


Write the definition in your own words and think about wording that will make sense to your reader. Do not write a definition that sounds like it came from a dictionary.


You can consult your dictionary to find out what the term means, but your paragraph will include much more than the dictionary’s definition. It will include a personal definition


A single-sentence formal definition is often not enough to define a technical term, a concept, or a complicated subject. That’s why you have to write a longer definition in a DEFINITION paragraph or essay.


Democracy is a form of governmenta university is an institution of learninga cabbage is a planta family is not a corporationa good job does not have to offer a high salarythe ideal pet is not necessarily a dog or a cat


The supporting paragraphs for a definition essay develop the characteristic of the term being defined.They may include description and examples. Also, they may mention what something is not.

Your supporting details explain the characteristics of the term. Examples can also explain the characteristic.

The major support points of your essay are the examples that show what you mean by your use of the term or concept you are defining.Choose at least three good examples that demonstrate your use of the term being defined.

Transitions used for definition:The term is defined as…is understood to be…means that…is sometimes thought to be…signifies…







Sexual harassment

An ideal husband/wife

A good teacher