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A Teacher at her best

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A Teacher at her best
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A Teacher at her best

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  1. A Teacher at her best ShakiraOttun Knowing & Learning Spring 2010

  2. Once upon a time there was a new teacher in town It was her first day of teaching, but she didn't want to frown She had a nice fake smile from ear to ear And was holding her lesson plan, as if she had no fear.

  3. So she goes in the classroom and starts talking, talking, talking. The students are dozing off, and some actually start walking. She totally is focused on trying to get her point across, & in the process the students were totally lost.

  4. After talking for about thirty minutes, she decides to force the students to copy notes. She turns her back writing on the board, not minding any gloats. “Okay time for your first quiz!” She yells to the class. When she got the results… no one passed!

  5. During their recess she contemplated and cried, she kept asking herself “Why? Why? Why?” She then remembered the principles she learned from TeachHouston, and realized this was the best time to use them! Now she did a proper formative assessment, and final realized the students weren’t getting it.

  6. She split them in groups assigning roles for each student. And they became very attentive, while also being prudent. She asked probing questions, while they came up with their own thoughts They then wrote it down, and started experimenting with their props.

  7. As the teacher walked around and observed all the students working. She noticed she was experiencing constructivism and discovery learning! The students were actually making connections to their past experiences, and using it to figure out the issues. The teacher was faintly crying tears of joy, and needed to get a tissue.

  8. After the experiment, she had a discussion with the class, and wanted to address any misconceptions they may have had. She then gave them the same quiz before it was time to go, And to her surprise they now understood what they know! Her first day of teaching may have started out kind of bad, But at the end of the day the students met the objective which made her very glad.