book burning past and present n.
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Book Burning, Past and Present.

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Book Burning, Past and Present. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Book Burning, Past and Present. By: Emilie, Crystal, Sara, Ellie. .

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Book Burning, Past and Present.

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book burning past and present

Book Burning, Past and Present.

By: Emilie, Crystal, Sara, Ellie.

burning of the library of alexandria
The library of Alexandria was the hub of all knowledge. It contained literature from all over the world like; Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Persian, and many more. By “accident” Julius Caesar burnt down the library because of what it held. Burning of the library of Alexandria.
In 213 B.C, all the Confucian books were burned save one copy of each.

Books became the biggest threat and they were burnt because of the fear they produced.

Confucianism became a victim of Li Si’s burning of books.

Chinese book burning.

book burning in paris 1242
Book burning in Paris 1242.
  • In 1239 Pope Gregory IX sent letters to the kings, archbishops and bishops of France, asking them to burn the Talmud and other Jewish books because ‘the outstanding reason that Jews remain obstinate in their perfidy is the influence of their books’. With the encouragement of Louis IX of France twenty-four cartloads of Talmudic literature were burned at Paris in June 1242.
rome 1519
Rome 1519.
  • Martin Luther was burnt at the stake because he translated the bible into other languages then just Latin. His books were burned at Paul’s Cross in 1521 and “great baskets full” at St. Paul’s cathedral in the Vatican.
london 1575
London 1575.
  • During Queen Elizabeth 1st reign there was a book that was called “A Shadowe of Truth” this was all about how the church of England was wrong and the Catholics were right. Whoever owned a copy was hanged publicly at the tower of London. Also every book that was found was burnt.
leicester 1650
In the city of Leicester England Jacob Bothumley wrote a book called “ The light and dark side of God”. Because of what he wrote he had his tongue branded with a red hot cross, and have his book publicly burnt before his face in the palace yard in Westminster. He was later put on trail and was found guilty of being a wizard so was burnt at the stake.

Leicester 1650.
cambridge 1633
Cambridge 1633.
  • The prophetess Lady Eleanor Davies had her books burned by Archbishop Laud during her appearance before the court of High Commission in 1633. At a later date she was burnt at the stake for being found guilty of witchery.
ww2 1933
WW2 1933.
  • Nazi’s burnt book that were “Un-German.” if it wasn’t written by a German it was burnt. Hitler told the German people that this was cleansing the German people from the “scum” of the earth.
america 1900 pres
America 1900-pres.
  • 1918: the post office burnt four issues of Margaret Anderson’s “little review” magazine, because it contained excerpts from James Joyce's “Ulysses”.
  • 1935: the library trustees of Warsaw, Indiana, ordered that all copy’s of Theodore Dreiser’s novel’s be burned for its leftist content.
america 1900 pres continued
America 1900-pres. Continued.
  • Kurt Vonnegut's “Slaughterhouse Five” was burnt in high school furnaces all over the country.
  • J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter, for being Satanic, was burnt in a bonfire at a church in Alamogordo, New Mexico and in Greenville Michigan.