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Configuration Manager 2012 Compliance and Settings Management PowerPoint Presentation
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Configuration Manager 2012 Compliance and Settings Management

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Configuration Manager 2012 Compliance and Settings Management - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Configuration Manager 2012 Compliance and Settings Management. Roberto Rodriguez Premier Field Engineer Microsoft Corporation. Session Agenda . Compliance and settings management vision Features and improvements done in ConfigMgr 2012 Demos. Vision.

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Configuration Manager 2012 Compliance and Settings Management

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Configuration Manager 2012 Compliance and Settings Management Roberto Rodriguez Premier Field Engineer Microsoft Corporation

    2. Session Agenda • Compliance and settings management vision • Features and improvements done in ConfigMgr 2012 • Demos

    3. Vision Provide a unified platform for customers and partners to define, monitor, enforce and report configuration compliance in the enterprise for users across all supported ConfigMgr devices. Pillars: • Simplify administrator experience • Embrace “user centric” management • Integrate architecture, infrastructure, administrator experience for all user-centric management disciplines for policy evaluation and rule authoring.

    4. Key Concepts ConfigMgr Agent Agent discovers CIs, validates data against rules, remediates and reports compliance Collection Monitor/remediate Deployment Baseline Group of CIs with presence rules. WMI XML Configuration Item Script Active Directory Configuration model defined for OS , Application (settings, rules, applicability ) Registry SQL File IIS Software Updates MSI

    5. Features and Improvements • Unified compliance-settings mgmt across servers, desktops, laptops, and mobile devices • Simplify administrator experience • Role-based administration built in “Compliance Settings Management Role” • Browse gold system when creating configuration items • Simplified Baseline creation experience • Re-use of settings across CI boundary • Deployment of Baselines • User and Device targeting of Baselines • Define compliance SLAs for Baseline deployments and generate Alerts • True per user evaluation and remediation • Monitoring Baseline deployment compliance status • In Console monitoring • Updated reports to include remediation, conflict and error reporting • Automatic remediation (aka DCM “set”) • CI revisioning and change control • Migration of existing Configuration Manager 2007 Baselines and CIs

    6. Role Base Access Control Scenario: Built in Compliance and Settings Management Role. Design principal: Just view and manage objects relevant for Compliance and Settings Management Rolewithin console.

    7. Browse on gold system when creating CIs Scenario: Simplify configuration item creation. Design principal: Admin can create DCM setting and rule without typing by browsing gold system registry and file system, eliminating human errors. Browse local / remote machine Registry and File System only

    8. Demo Creating Configuration Items by browsing gold system

    9. User or Device Targeting Scenario: Deploy policy to users or devices, remediate and report compliance for user or device. Design principal: Did support device targeting in 2007, now with user targeting support aligning with user centric vision. • New verb is “Deployment” no longer use Assignment term • Deploy baselines to user or device collections • If deployed to users evaluation options • Evaluate Baseline on all devices user logs on • Evaluate Baseline on only user’s primary machines • CIs in Baseline can contain user and device setting • User settings: • Registry settings stored under HKCU • Script setting: Run discovery and remediation scripts under user context • CIs with user settings will be evaluated when user logs on.

    10. Demo Deploying Baseline to user collection

    11. Compliance SLAs for Baseline deployments Scenario: Alert admin when target compliance threshold is not met. Design principal: Provide clear alert description, condition not met for each Baseline deployment. Admin can manage alert properties for each BL deployment which is aligned with SWD and SUM. • Admin can define Target Compliance SLA % at BL Deployment level • Alerts are generated if SLA is not met • Customize alerts properties • Reevaluate alert condition in time in future again.

    12. Demo Viewing Target Compliance SLA Alerts

    13. In Console Monitoring Scenario: Allow admin to view BL deployment compliance statistics within console Design principal: Show the most important issues admin needs to worry about in priority order within console • Most common Noncompliant/Errors sorted based on # of devices/users impacted • Deployed to Users vs Device • If deployed to user collection, asset details is sorted by user • If deployed to device collection, asset detail is sorted by device • Reports are also available and now includes remediation, conflict and error reporting

    14. Reporting • Lets admin see compliance at a glance • Drill-down to see details • View Troubleshooting and remediation info

    15. Demo Viewing Baseline compliance statistics using new In Console Monitoring UX and Reporting

    16. Monitor vs Remediate • Monitoring: We still support monitoring for all Configuration Manager 2007 setting providers (Registry Key, Registry Value, File, Folder, Script , WMI, XML…..etc) • Check existence of setting • Check value of setting • Remediation: Only supported for Registry-, wmi- and script-based settings and all mobile phone settings • Create setting if not exist • Set value if not compliant • Run remediation script • Remediate phone settings

    17. Demo Enable remediation

    18. Support for Mobile phones Scenario: Support configuration - compliance management for mobile devices Design principal: Unified platform and user experience to define, monitor, enforce, report compliance for users across all supported ConfigMgr devices. • Fully integrated authoring, targeting and reporting experience • Easily build a CI from built-in common settings or create your own settings • Compliance evaluation off-loaded to server to limit battery and cpu impact on mobile • Support for WM6.1 and WP 6.5.x

    19. Demo Create and deploy configuration Item for mobile devices

    20. CI revisioningand audit tracking Scenario: Support change management for configuration items Design principal: Ability to see revisions of configuration item, view who changed what and chose to use specific or latest revision of CIs in Baselines.

    21. Migration Scenario: Migrate 2007 Config Packs Design principal: Migration or Import support for all 2007 Config Packs to 2012. • Ability to import 2007 CI and Baselines to 2012 environment • Migration from 2007 hierarchy to 2012 using migration tool • Migration or Import will automatically convert v4 schema to v5 schema

    22. New server Configuration Packs • Customer ask : Server CPs are not updated!. • Solution: We will convert following server BPA templates to DCM CIS/BLs, publish them up on ConfigPack catalog  and make sure they work with ConfigMgr 2007 and 2012 releases. • SQL Server 2008 R2 • Exchange Server 2010 • SharePoint Server 2007 • Windows 2008 R2 IIS server • Windows 2008 R2 DHCP server • Windows 2008 R2 TS server • What customers will do? Download these new server CPs, deploy to servers and check compliance • Note: All BPA rules are converted to DCM settings with PS script type. Rules will check passed/failed.

    23. Conclusion ConfigMgr 2012 provides unified compliance and settings management across all devices users have such as desktops, laptops, mobile devices even servers!