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Welcome to Robertsdale High School. The Golden Bears!.

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The golden bears
The Golden Bears!

  • History-According to research done in 1953, the first school in Robertsdale was a wooden two-story structure build on the site of the current city hall in 1905.  The first session of school was in 1907-1908. There were 35 students ranging from first through eighth grades. Miss Rose Clisby was the teacher. She gained an assistant in 1909. In 1910, Mr. A. F. Moseley became the principal and was assisted by Miss Lila Poos. From 1911-1914, Mr. G.A. Strong served as principal and Miss Poos taught the primary grades. Mr. Strong taught on whatever level he found his students.

  • As enrollment increased, the School Improvement Society was organized to construct a new building. The old building was torn down, and a new block building was put in its place. In 1914, the new principal was a Mr. Cutis, but due to illness, he had to move and Mr. Strong became principal again and served in that position until 1919. From 1919 – 1920 Miss Florence Burns served as principal of the school.               

  • In 1920, Mr. C. F. Taylor of Ohio became principal and at the same time due to increasing enrollment, a new school was planned. In 1927, a high school was completed on land originally owned by the Stoddards. Professor Taylor, as he was known by his students, served as principal until 1953.

  • In 1953, Mr. Virgil Buck, a former student and teacher at Robertsdale, became principal. During his tenure in 1967, J. D. Seller’s Stadium was constructed on campus. Football games were previously held at Garrett Park. Mr. Buck retired as principal in 1976.

  • In 1976, Mr. Bobby Farris became principal at Robertsdale High School. He had also served as a social studies teacher at the school. He served until 1987.

  • In 1987, Mr. John Falck began his tenure at Robertsdale High School. During his time, Baldwin County was experiencing an increase in population. Several new high schools were being built. Due to the diligence of citizens in the Central Baldwin Area a new school was built in 1992 to serve 9th – 12th grades. The school was located on Highway 59 on the south end of Robertsdale.

  • In 1998, Mr. Falck retired and Mr. Paul Hollingsworth served as principal for the 1998 – 1999 school year. In 1999, Ms. Theresa Bryant became the principal of Robertsdale High School. She served in that position until the fall of 2011.  During her tenure, she improved the classrooms with new technology like smartboards and added a track and improved stadium facilities.

  • In the fall of 2011, Mr. Craig Ross became principal and currently serves in that position.         

Leadership team
Leadership Team

  • Dr. Craig Ross- Principal – cross@bcbe.org

  • Dr. Rachael McDaniel – Assistant Principal-9th grade administrator. rmcdaniel@bcbe.org

  • Mr. Steve Grant- Assistant Principal – sgrant@bcbe.org

  • Mr. Teddy Mitchell- Assistant Principal tmitchell@bcbe.org


  • 9th Grade- Karen Sweeney ksweeney@bcbe.org

  • 10th Grade- Scott Harville

  • 11th Grade- Shirley Bell

  • 12th Amber Eurgil

Front office team
Front Office Team

  • Renee Carter – Executive Assistant

  • Anita Duck – Attendance

  • Michelle Kinne- Finance

  • Kim Stone- Registrar/Records/Grades

  • Cissy Shrek – Receptionist

The four a s of school success
The four A’s of school success!

  • Attendance

  • Academics

  • Alliance between home and school

  • Activities


  • In the block schedule program (grades 9-12), a student may not exceed five (5) unexcused absences per class per term. If a student misses more than half of a class period, a full absence will be accumulated. A student and a student’s parent or guardian shall be given written notice when a student’s unexcused absences exceed two (2) days in any class. The student could lose credit for any class in which the unexcused absences exceed five (5) per class. If the student exceeds five (5) unexcused absences per class, the student and parent/guardian may petition the Attendance Committee for review of the reasons for the absences, and/or make-up two (2) of the absences by attending Academic Saturday School. Petition for review by the Attendance Committee may be filled-out at any time after notification, but in any event, no later than 30 calendar days after the final day of the term. The Attendance Committee shall review the student’s entire attendance record and documented excuses to determine whether to award credit.

  • NOTE- The Early Warning Program will remain in effect.


  • Teacher Moodle Sites will come home in syllabus.

  • Progress reports will come home after midterms- expect a phone call from me.

  • I-Now parent portal.

  • E-mail teacher- 24 hour rule. Cc principal

  • Parent/Student/Teacher conferences


  • One of the strongest indicators of a child’s success in school is the relationship that exists between the parents and the school.

    • Use this relationship to find out what is really going on.

    • Communication is key to your child’s success.

    • The myth about parent involvement at the high school level.


Sports- Athletic Director Coach Brian Campbell bcampbell@bcbe.org

  • Clubs-

Johns hopkins research grant
Johns Hopkins Research Grant

  • Promotion Coach – Phyllis Campbell

  • Social services – Beth Boyett



Parent role
Parent Role

  • Aid in developing good study habits

  • Check that homework and class notes are completed daily

  • Communicate directly with teachers/counselors

  • Become involved in meaningful school/community activities

  • Monitor Parent Portal in INOW

Welcome to robertsdale high school

  • Math tutoring after school from 3:15-4:15 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in room 708.

  • Free Homework Help Service through the internet with a zip code: http://homework.apls.state.al.us/ 

How to navigate parent portal in inow
How to Navigate parent portal in INOW


  • initial passcodes: homeuser, homeuser1 is an invaluable internet resource to allow you to conveniently peer into your student's teachers' grade books to see not only the average grade but how that average came to be. Graded assignments are listed to give you an idea of whether or not schoolwork is being completed. You can also check attendance; very important with the new attendance policy that could affect credits. Discipline is also available. Unofficial transcripts can be viewed as well. An added benefit can be to discover grading mistakes before a final grade is computed. INow Home Portal can be accessed from any computer with internet access. Public libraries and coffee shops can be used if your home is not connected.

Student role
Student Role

  • Doing homework and assignments

  • Aiming to balance academic and social life

  • Starting to think about and focus personal goals

  • Future consequences of today’s decisions

  • Taking ownership of his or her high school experience

  • Monitor progress through Student Portal

Open forum
Open Forum

  • Communication is Key !

  • What questions do you have?