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By: Jalexis Singleton and Briana Peters. About Louisiana .

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By jalexis singleton and briana peters

By: Jalexis Singleton andBriana Peters

About louisiana
About Louisiana

  • Louisiana has an interesting history. Thomas Jefferson bought the area that makes up the state from France in 1803 as part of the Louisiana Purchase. The influence of early French settlers can also be seen in the state's name. Louisiana was named after French King Louis XIV. Louisiana is a West South Central state bordered by Arkansas to the north, Mississippi to the east, the Gulf of Mexico to the south, and Texas to the west. The state is shaped like the capital letter "L" or a boot.

Louisiana capital
Louisiana Capital

  • In 1699 Pierre le Moyne, sieurd'Iberville, came upon a tall cypress pole smeared red with animal blood. This site on the banks of the Mississippi River would become known as Baton Rouge which is the English translation of the French words Red Stick. The local indians called it Istrouma. As you can tell by the date above, Baton Rouge is over 300 years old. It became the state capital in 1846 and remained so until 1862 and the onset of the Civil War. The capital changed locations several time after that and Baton Rouge was designated the permanent state capital in 1879. It has remained so.

Louisiana s governor
Louisiana’s Governor

  • He was elected Governor of Louisiana on October 20, 2007, with 54 percent of the vote in the primary, winning 60 of 64 parishes.Governor Jindal has put forth detailed plans for reforming our state's health care, education, and transportation systems, as well as for encouraging workforce development and continuing recovery efforts in areas devastated by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, as well as Hurricanes Gustav and Ike.

Bobby Jindal

Louisiana s motto
Louisiana’s Motto

  • It's not known how the motto was determined, but certainly Governor Heard considered these three words to be most important aspects of statehood. The meaning behind the motto may be recognized in the official State Pledge of Allegiance, adopted in 1981 and recorded in the Louisiana Revised Statutes

Louisiana s flower
Louisiana’s Flower

  • The magnolia blossom was designated the state flower of Louisiana in 1900. The southern magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora) is a medium size hardwood tree that grows in the southest USA (also called evergreen magnolia, bull-bay, big-laurel, little gem or large-flower magnolia). The large, fragrant white flowers and leathery evergreen leaves make the magnolia tree popular around the world as an ornamental.

Louisiana s tree
Louisiana’s Tree

  • Louisiana designated the bald cypress official state tree in 1963. Unlike most conifers (which are evergreens), the bald cypress is deciduous (loses its needles in the fall - giving the tree a "bald" appearance). A majestic tree that grows in many parts of Louisiana, particularly in swampy areas.

Louisiana s bird
Louisiana’s Bird

  • The brown pelican was designated the state bird of Louisiana in 1966. Early European settlers were impressed with the pelican's generous and nurturing attitude toward their young, and the brown pelican has been a symbol of Louisiana since that time

Louisiana s dog
Louisiana’s Dog

  • The Catahoula Leopard Dog was designated the official state dog of Louisiana in 1979. Catahoula leopard dogs are bred to find livestock in any terrain - swamps, canyons, forests, or mountains - largest and most aggressive of the cattle dogs, they can handle wild cattle and hogs in the roughest country. Leopard dogs are the only native domesticated North American breed of dog - developed by Indians and early settlers.

Louisiana s nickname
Louisiana’s Nickname

  • The nickname for Louisiana is The Pelican State. The brown pelican is the state bird and appears on Louisiana's state flag, great seal, the official state painting (along with many other symbols and icons of Louisiana), and is one of three Louisiana symbols displayed on the U.S. mint's bicentennial quarter.

Louisiana s flag
Louisiana’s Flag

  • The state flag of Louisiana displays a white pelican nurturing its young by tearing at its own breast (signified by three drops of blood), with a white banner below containing the state motto in blue letters (Union, Justice, and Confidence); all on a field of blue.