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2014-2015 Counseling Department PowerPoint Presentation
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2014-2015 Counseling Department

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2014-2015 Counseling Department - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2014-2015 Counseling Department. Meet Your Counselor. Ozzy Perez. Steve Kanner. Rosemary Gallo. Jan Moore. Brenda Lohr. Mike Maluski. Counselor-Student Assignments. Describes what courses Hamilton offers. Informs you what classes you need to graduate.

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2014-2015 Counseling Department

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Counseling Department

meet your counselor

Meet Your Counselor

Ozzy Perez

Steve Kanner

Rosemary Gallo

Jan Moore

Brenda Lohr

Mike Maluski

registration forms and info www hamiltonhuskies com
Describes what courses Hamilton offers.

Informs you what classes you need to graduate.

What classes you need to attend a university

Registration Forms and
four year high school planning program planning pg 6
Four-Year High School PlanningProgram Planning – Pg. 6

Check Graduation requirements

Check University Requirements

how do i know what classes to take
How do I know whatclasses to take?

Doe John 12345

Sample schedule

  • AP English 11
  • AP Am/Az History
  • Math
  • Science
  • Elective
  • Elective

Fund of Marketing

Early Childhood Education

  • English 11
  • AP English 11
    • No testing required
    • Required summer reading
    • Full year commitment
social studies
Social Studies
  • American/Arizona History
  • AP American/Arizona History
    • Common note taking skills & outside reading
    • Higher level thinking
    • Top academic clubs such as Model United Nations and We The People.
ap american studies
AP American Studies
  • Combines AP English 11 and AP Am/AZ History
  • Application process
  • American Studies is designed for students who have a passion for the rich history, culture, literature and language of this county. If you are committed to an engaging and challenging course of study, this course, co-taught by college level teachers, utilizes an interdisciplinary approach based on the College Board’s AP U.S. History and AP Language and Composition curriculums
  • Algebra 2
  • Honors Pre-Calculusor next level of Math
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Honors Chemistry
  • AP Chemistry
  • Hon Physics
  • AP Physics
physical education 1 credit required for graduation
Physical Education(1 credit required for graduation)
  • Introduction to Physical Education-
    • Male Locker
      • This course offers students a basic foundation in physical education by exposing them to a variety of individual and team sports. A strong emphasis on lifetime sports is stressed.
  • Introduction to Physical Education
    • Female Locker
      • This course offers students a basic foundation in physical education by exposing them to a variety of individual and team sports. A strong emphasis on lifetime sports is stressed.
the academies
The Academies

excellence in academics…excellence in youth development…Golf, Volleyball Tennis, Soccer, Softball, Running and Swimming

what if i want to take another elective
What if I want to take another elective?
  • You can take a 0 hour class!
    • O-hour classes are from 6:30-7:20 everyday!
    • You must have your own transportation!
    • Did I mention it is EARLY???

Elective Choices at HHS Check out the back of the registration sheet! All the elective courses that you can take as a 11th grader is on the back of the registration sheet

start working on your future
Start Working on Your Future

Earn College credit

while in High School

Enroll in

Dual Credit & AP classes

Dual Credit classes

Dual credit courses require the payment of tuition to the cooperating community college. Dual enrollment credit is earned when the course is taken at a high school in the Chandler School District

AP Credit classes

College credit is granted after receiving a high enough test on AP exam

Only for 11th and 12th graders

Variety of Vocational classes available

½ day at HHS and ½ day at EVIT – Buses available

Just write EVIT in your elective choice boxes and complete an EVIT application

Check out

know your options and what it takes to reach your goals
Community College?

College or University?



SAT Reasoning Test?

SAT Subject Test?

ACT Test?


Know your options and what it takes to reach your goals!
college entrance exams
College Entrance Exams
  • SAT Reasoning/ACT
    • Spring of Junior year
    • Retest Fall of Senior year if needed
    • SAT Subject tests
    • First check with your college to see if required
    • Take this test soon after completion of subject class.
    • Placement Testing
    • For Community College
    • Take Senior year and it is Free
how do i register for these exams
How do I Register for these Exams?
  • Register online
    • SAT – – Cost $47.00
    • ACT – – Cost $32.00 (+$15 for writing)
    • By mail – Packets available in Career Center
    • Watch registration deadlines
    • Both tests have stand-by testing available for fee. Seating is limited.
    • Fee waiver available for those on free/reduced lunch
use available resources for future planning
Use Available Resources for Future Planning!

HHS Website -Register at

Sign up to receive e-alerts: Scholarship information, make an appointment with your counselor or attend College/University visits, School news/announcements, and classroom information.

Career Center –College visits, scholarship information, Job board

Counselors –Visit your counselor and ask questions.

KUDER software – complete career search, college searches, etc.

SAT and ACT Prep classes – HHS offers Free classes!

ncaa clearinghouse
NCAA Clearinghouse

If you plan to participate in collegiate athletics you must register at

extra curricular activities

See or the Student Handbook for a list of clubs!


Visit our website at

Counselors will return in 2 weeks to meet with you and collect the form