postgresql windows port and jpug n.
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PostgreSQL Windows Port and JPUG PowerPoint Presentation
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PostgreSQL Windows Port and JPUG

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PostgreSQL Windows Port and JPUG - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PostgreSQL Windows Port and JPUG. PGDAY.EU 2009 in Paris. 2009.11.6. Hiroshi Saito. J apan P ostgreSQL U sers G roup. PostgreSQL windows native port available ------------------------------------------------------------------------ From: Jean-Michel POURE <xxx>

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postgresql windows port and jpug
PostgreSQL Windows Port and JPUG

PGDAY.EU 2009 in Paris


Hiroshi Saito

Japan PostgreSQL Users Group


PostgreSQL windows native port available


From: Jean-Michel POURE <xxx>

To: <pgadmin-hackers(at)postgresql(dot)org>

Cc: "Dave Page" <xxx>

Subject: PostgreSQL windows native port available

Date: Fri, 10 May 2002 11:07:04 +0200

Message-id: <> <text/plain>


Dear Dave,

Some hackers are now discussing about importing PostgreSQL Windows port

into PostgreSQL main tree.

How long would it take to release a clean installer for PostgreSQLe

existing binaries. Some say it is a very stable solution. This would be

nice to release both pgAdmin2 and PostgreSQL on bloodshed.


Jean-Michel POURE

long time ago, there was one mail.


PostgreSQL Version 7.1/7.2 for Windows

A developer build produced by Toshiyuki, myself and some of the JPUG members!!


But, but, he desired perfection.

I committed it

last night and now its gone!

why on windows
Why on windows?

Let's study using PostgreSQL in a JPUG meeting.

Please vacuum by shell. pc:>

My PC is windows.




Many people have not experienced PostgreSQL as they use Windows

challenge history on windows
Challenge history on windows
  • 1999-03 Try start…. Version 6.4

- at that time, people thought 'sheer madness'!

  • Mr. Myron Scott Solaris-Pthread (Version 7.0)

- it avoided concurrency issues using environment variables.

  • Windows-Native Single-Thread (Version 7.1)

- it could operate by the single user mode: by me.

  • UltraSQL Process-Model (Version 7.2)

- by Jan Wieck.

  • PowerGres Multi-Thread (Version 7.3)

- A functional multi-thread version was completed by SRAOSS and me with Bruce Momjian.

  • PostgreSQL 8.0 Release

- the process model was completed by community.

since then
Since then.

They are 100 participants only on windows.

Do you like SAKE?

PostgreSQL on Windows

JPUG2007 PostgreSQL for Windows Seminar

with Magnus

Dave, Magnus, and Andreas cooperated in JPUG.

Slony seminar in Tokyo 2005

study meeting now
Study meeting, Now!

All users can use PostgtreSQL of the same action, without wavering.

pgAdmin can be used on almost all platforms, don’t forget!