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The IT Service Blog Presents. ITIL Version 3 Perspectives. TM. Note: This Presentation Material is based on the thoughts and observations of the IT Service Blog and is not associated or approved by the OGC.

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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The IT Service Blog


ITIL Version 3



Note: This Presentation Material is based on the thoughts and observations

of the IT Service Blog and is not associated or approved by the OGC.

ITIL® is a Registered Trade Mark, and a Registered Community Trade Mark of the Office of Government Commerce,

and is Registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Visit the Official ITIL site at

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Important Notes About This Slide Deck- This slide deck is based solely on the thoughts and observationsof The IT Service Blog, based on an original Webcast viewing, first broadcast on Sharon Taylor (Chief ITIL V3 Architect) delivered the Webcast- hosted the Webcast- Frontrange solutions sponsored the Webcast, but haveno affiliation to the OGC- The full Webcast can be downloaded here- We recommend that you view this slide deck FIRST

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Sharon presented some background on ITIL Version 3…

  • 3rd update to ITIL (long overdue)

  • It’s a “Library Refresh programme”

  • Formal qualification scheme still applies

  • Available in 17 languages

  • MOF is based on ITIL Framework

  • Many empirical studies available for ITIL ROI

  • New ITIL Structure to follow…

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ITIL Version Three has three predominant components…





Best Practice


Support for market sector

or technology

Topical Support


Process Maps


Customized Implementation

  • Predominant themes => easy implementation, that’s customised to our world

  • Core = 5 Books, generic best practice guidance, principles that remain constant

  • Complementary => Topic specific books, e.g. Targeted towards public sector e.g. Financial Sector, Manufacturing Sector

  • Web => Complete integrated ITIL process map, glossary, standard terms- Bring about a better alignment of business and IT Service initiatives

  • New library will explore business catalysts

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ITIL V3 will be “consistent and practical”

- IT Alignment with the business

- Explores Service Models and Business Catalysts

- Defines Service Management Value Propositions

- Defines Service Management Strategies

- More of a focus on Service Process Design, Introductionand Operation- Return on Investment Measurement

* Priorities that the public and companies wanted to see

* Improvements to how you can create a value proposition and demonstrate the ROI of ITIL were top priority

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Key theme – “Pragmatic Service Management”



Principles for

Service Management







Service Operations

  • Pragmatic, Lifecycle approach

  • Proven, measurable and repeatable over a long term horizon

  • Solid, reliable, long term core best practices that don’t change much

  • Strategy at the hub

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  • Complementary Guidance

  • Helping people gain “Traction in Service Excellence”

  • By providing additional/complementary material…

  • Governance Methods

  • Standards alignment

  • Case Studies

  • Scalability

  • Quick Wins

  • Study Aids

  • Executive Overviews

  • Knowledge

  • Skills

  • It’s all about “gaining traction”

  • GovernanceMethods (CoBIT and other governance methods to enable organizations to make choices about all methods)- Case Studies and Templates (e.g. for Service Catalogs)- Hub => Core Practices- Spokes => Particular Technologies and Markets

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  • ITIL V3 Highlights

  • Centered on business value

  • Service life cycle focus

  • Guidance on Compliance (e.g. Sarbox)

  • Balanced Scorecards

  • Deming Quality Cycle

- Key => Centred on business Value- Linkages to other best practices e.g. Six Sigma- Will help organizations align their current investment in Six Sigma to ITIL, for example- ITIL V3 will use scorecards and Deming cycle (it’s built in)

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  • The Value of ITIL V3

  • Focus on Value and ROI

  • Self Assessment Guidance

  • Maturity Improvement

  • Business Case Preparation

  • Business Service ROI

  • Business Centric Focus

  • ITIL V3 will include already existing lifecycle management practices

  • ITIL’s role is help you understand the ROI for your organization

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  • Q&A Segment (Summary of Questions put to Sharon)- “Are you aware of efforts to bring ITIL to academia?” - Carnegie Mellon has a practice around Service Management & CMM - Part of the refresh certification scheme is being updated to allow there to be more opportunities for academic

  • “Can you reference any ROI case studies for ITIL?” - Proctor and Gamble - Caterpillar

  • “Is there an Ontology for ITIL?” - Yes, there will be. Probably the itSMF.“Will there be a structure of ITIL for addressing Outsourcing and Shared Services Environments?” - Yes, this will be addressed in V3 - Driven by many requests for Organizations seeking ISO20000 certification in the Outsourcers they deal with

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Q&A Segment (Summary of Questions put to Sharon)- “When is the new version going to be released?” - Begins in September 2006 with the 5 new CORE volumes - Service Design, Introduction, Operations, Improvements, Strategy - Authoring underway now by authoring teams - Complementary publications will follow

- “What will be the cost of the books?” - Not expecting any significant changes from today’s core - Some material will be re-used from the library, especially Service Support and Service Delivery- “What will be the likely changes to certification?” - Many people are asking this question (of Sharon) - Today’s certification is still valid, but the certification scheme is changing - EXIN and ISEB exams institutes are on the V3 project board and they are working on a new certification scheme, which will be released after a suitable ‘lag time’ – possibly 6-12 months after the release of the books

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Q&A Segment (Summary of Questions put to Sharon)- “What will be the impact/implications to current ITIL ‘shops’?” - Minimal. This is purposely so. - Some of the process elements will shift into the new core texts - e.g. Planning should be considered in Service Design and Service Introduction - “Not turning the world on it’s ear” (Sharon) - “Positive Impact” (Sharon)- “How will the new ITIL materials be available?” - New Topic Guides - Books, CD-ROM, Free Downloads (Case Studies, Glossary, Integrated Process Maps) - Audio Books are a possibility, time depending- “Do you expect monthly or quarterly updates to the complementary publications?” - These will be updated much more frequently - Looking at establishing a group to manage templates, white papers etc - Rapid turnaround in this area

- “When will there be an holistic process landscape for CMM and ITIL?” - Formal mapping between these processes is underway (via OGC) - CoBIT is already done - Other frameworks and methods will be considered, there is an interest

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Q&A Segment (Summary of Questions put to Sharon)- “Are early draft templates available to enable early alignment?” - V3 work has representatives from around the world (ITIL Advisory Group) - So, it’s not being created in isolation - “A Litmus Test” is going on all the time with this group (Vendors too) - In the next 3-4 weeks the public report on scoping will be available to the public via website highlighting the forthcoming changes - This will be very useful for helping organizations re-align- “Will the complementary ITIL Guides be broken down into how a different Sized Organization can best implement and practice ITIL?” - Yes, the current “Implementing ITIL in small organizations” will be re-written and integrated into the new texts - ITIL will remain owned by the Office of Government Commerce (OGC)- ITIL is not being ‘sold’

- The forthcoming improvements have been done in a very open and consultative forum.

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