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3/20 Warm Up

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3/20 Warm Up

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3/20 Warm Up

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  1. 3/20 Warm Up • What is the Act of Supremacy? Who is instated it and why? • What religion does Queen Elizabeth I establish in England? What is unique about this religion? • Who Created Calvinism? What is Calvinism? (what are their main beliefs) • Calvinism will spread to Scotland? Who is responsible for this expansion and what will Scottish followers be called? • What were the Jesuits and who was their founder? • ONCE FINISHED! GO TO EDMODO and complete the 19.1 Worksheet! • FINISH UP BY 11:30!

  2. 19.1 & 20.1: Spain Builds an American Empire I CAN: Describe the Spanish conquest of the Americas Define/ Describe:Columbus Pizarro Colonies Atahualpa Vespucci Inca Magellan Meztizo Conquistadors Encomienda System Cortez Ponce de Leon Aztecs Cabral

  3. H- 19.1: Europeans Explore the East p529-530 “For “God, Glory, & Gold” 1. What role did the Renaissance play in launching an age of exploration? 2. The desire to grow ________________ and to spread __________________, coupled with advances in _________________ spurred an age of European exploration. 3. Which trade goods did Europeans continue to demand after the Crusades? 4. Which 2 groups controlled the trade routes from East to West? *5. How might the phrase “God, Glory, & Gold” summarize the European’s motivation for exploration? 6. In what ways did Europeans owe some of their sailing technology to other people?

  4. 20.1: Spanish Conquests in the Americas

  5. Why did exploration occur?

  6. Explorers: 1.Christopher Columbus- • On August 3, 1492 Columbus set Sail from Palos Spain with 3 ships & 88 men • What was the name of his ships? • What do you know about Christopher Columbus?

  7. “not half as beautiful as they are painted.”

  8. 2. Amerigo Vespucci- 1st to claim: the newly discovered land was NOT part of Asia but a NEW WORLD What is named after Vespucci? • 3. Ferdinand Magellan- • sailed around S. America & onto the Philippines where he was killed • Magellans crew was the 1st to Circumnavigate the globe

  9. Conquistadors: • Spanish explorer/ fortune hunter • 1. Hernando Cortez conquered the Aztecs • Where were the Aztecs located? • Montezuma (Aztec emperor) thought Cortez was a god • 3 reasons for the Aztec defeat: • Superior Weapons Local Allies Disease

  10. Montezuma welcomed Cortes to Tenochtitlan (the Aztec capital)

  11. Cortez & Spanish soldiers confront the Indians

  12. Cortes' massacred thousands of Aztec people

  13. Conquistadors: • 2. Francisco Pizarro defeated the Incans • Where were the Incans located? • Atahualpa (Incan leader) was defeated quickly

  14. Juan Ponce de Leon claimed modern-day Florida for Spain • Francisco Vasquez de Coronado led expeditions into present-day AZ, NM, TX, OK, & KS • In 1500, the explorer Cabral claimed Brazil for Portugal • *The only part of the new world NOT controlled by the Spanish (Treaty of Tordesailes) • Found no gold/silver but began successful sugar industry

  15. Pattern of Conquest • Spanish Peninsulares imposed their culture upon natives • Creation of a meztizo population • mistreatment • burned sacred objects, prohibited sacred rituals, • forced religious conversions, abusive forced labor • Encomienda system • (a grant of land made by Spain to a settler in the Americas, including the right to use Native Americans as laborers on it) • Finding little gold, Priests settle in SW

  16. Spanish priests pushed for better treatment of natives • led to the abolishment of the encomienda system • When the encomeinda system was abolished, where would labor come from?

  17. 1. How did the Renaissance encourage exploration? • 2. Summarize motives for exploration. • 3. What did Europeans get from others that helped them in the age of exploration? • 4. What was the significance of Columbus’s voyages? • 5. Who claimed that the land was NOT part of Asia but a “new world” • 6. What was Magellan's crew able to do? • 7. What is a conquistador? • 8. Name 2 conquistadors. • 9. What factors helped the Spanish defeat the Aztecs? • 10. What was set up in Brazil? • 11. How did the Spanish treat the Natives? • 12. What is a mestizo? • 13. What was the system where the Spanish king would grant...?

  18. God, Glory, Gold • Mestizo • Inca • Atahualapa • Brazil • Ponce de Leon • Columbus • Cortez • “New World” • Encomienda System • Disease • Sugar • Montezuma • Pizzaro • Vesspucci • Magellan • Conquistador • Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria

  19. 3/24 Warm Up What was the French and Indian war about? What was the result? What was England’s first permanent colony? Was it successful? What did the profit from? What does the middle passage refer to? Why did Europeans see Africans as a better source of labor than African Americans? How was Africa effects by the Atlantic slave trade? (Look it up)

  20. 20.4 Columbian Exchange

  21. Columbian Exchange • Causes: The colonization of the Americas increased trade between Europe, Africa, and America • Effects: Spread of diseases, food, livestock; +/-

  22. Commercial Rev. • Causes: Establishment of colonial empires leads to new wealth; • Effects: Rise in Capitalism; Merchants obtain great wealth, continue to invest their money in trade, profits let them invest even more

  23. Commercial Rev. • Causes: Establishment of colonial empires leads to new wealth; • Effects: Rise in Capitalism; Merchants obtain great wealth, continue to invest their money in trade, profits let them invest even more

  24. Inflation • Causes: Increased economic activity in Europe increase nation’s money supply • Effects: Supply of goods decreased while demand increased, price of goods goes up

  25. Formation of joint-stock companies • Causes: High cost of colonization, Investors need to combine their wealth to reduce potential loss • Effects: Establishment of Jamestown & other colonies; Joint stock companies involve many members, so pay a fraction of cost—lose only a small amount, gain big if investment paid off

  26. Growth of Mercantilism • Causes: Desire for power & belief that a country’s power depended mainly on its wealth • Effects: Goal of every European nation became attainment of as much wealth as possible by achieving a favorable balance of trade & acquiring gold & silver---- using colonies

  27. How did capitalism change the balance of power in European countries? • Gov’ts were no longer the sole owners of great wealth; merchants/ individuals become wealthy

  28. Why was self-sufficiency so important to a country practicing mercantilism? • It minimized the amount a country had to import, contributing to a favorable balance of trade

  29. 3/25 Warm Up • How did colonies play role in mercantilism? ( more than one answer) • Why is self- sufficiency important to a country practicing mercantilism? • What is capitalism? How did it change the balance of Power in European countries • What are joint stock companies?