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Manchester Presentation

Using 21st century tools to improve teaching and learning in the classroom

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Manchester Presentation

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  1. ICT for Education Conference October 15th Manchester

  2. Introduction Eamonn Patrick Duffy: (Irish Heritage-Catholic by birth) 31 years in Birmingham working with: Children who are often described as: MSB M(ad).S(ad).B(ad) Tennal School Community Home: (On-site residential homes including secure unit with education on site) Oakhill House District Centre (residential with education on site) St John’s Community Home (Head of Education) (On-site residential homes, remand and secure provision) Frankley CHS (Head of Learning Support Unit) Oaks Collegiate (9 secondary 1 special school) (Collegiate Liaison - sharing panels)

  3. Why PowerPoint? • Just one of 30 million taking place today • Predominantly for the business sector • “Death by PowerPoint” (Garber 2001)

  4. What not to do with PowerPoint When people put every word they are going to say on their PowerPoint slides this can be very distracting. Although this reduces the need for you to memorise your talk, it will make your slides very crowded uninteresting and boring. More than likely you will loose your audiences attention and they will start looking at their watches and think OMG we have got another 40 minutes of this, I wish I was back in the classroom.

  5. Bullet Points • It • is • not • a • good • idea • to • fill • your • presentation • with • bullet • points • as • the • audience • will • quickly • switch • off • and • start • talking • to • each • other

  6. Background colours Using the wrong colour combinations can be detrimental to your presentation Never mind what your front room looks like at home you do not need to re-create it in the classroom A light background with a dark text or A dark background with a light text

  7. With PowerPoint and the internet What you see is not always What you get www.whorepresents.com www.expertsexchange.com www.penisland.net www.speedofart.com www.powergenitalia.com

  8. Using ICT in the classroom to encourage appropriate behaviour i.e. (Learning and Teaching)15 ways to use ICT in the classroom

  9. Number 1 Visual stimulus to control noise levels

  10. This is a good level of noise Everyone is able to work well Well done Keep it up!

  11. The noise level is rising ACT NOW TO RETURN TO GREEN Possible Consequences If we move to red

  12. The noise level is too high It is stopping us from learning Consequences Will happen Act Now!

  13. Number 2 Using a wireless slate

  14. Number 3 Use ‘Snagit’ to capture screens Freeze a movie Capture the image Create a PowerPoint or Movie

  15. Number 4 Selecting Groups

  16. Images captured from Private Ryan for GCSE English study

  17. Number 5 Use ‘CrazyTalk’ animation software

  18. A whole new way of making poetry interestingWritten by John Clare in a Northampton Lunatic Asylum 1844

  19. Or just to have some fun

  20. Number 6 SlideServe is a free service which gives users the power to easily share and view PowerPoint presentations online. Ideal to use with your pupils so they can view an earlier presentation from your lesson and use it to work outside of the classroom, or if they have missed the lesson for some reason.

  21. Number 7 Wallwisher A fantastic online resource which allows users to contribute text, video or audio content to an online collaborative "wall"

  22. Number 8 UsAudacityto mix music tracks free download http://audacity.sourceforge.net Name the 2 artists

  23. Number 9 Wordle Wordle is a very useful tool that allows you to create word clouds from text Here is one I did earlier: 48 ways to use Wordle

  24. Number 10 Writeboard • An excellent tool for students to use to collaborate on various pieces of work. • Every 'Writeboard' created has a URL, so you can get to it from any computer at any time with a modern web browser. Save every edit and roll back to any version.

  25. Number 11 • Zoho (presentation software)

  26. Number 12 Mouse Mischief

  27. Number 13 HTML to PDF Converter Convert any web page to a pdf document No need to download any application just click on: http://html-pdf-converter.com/

  28. Here is one I did earlier

  29. Number 14 Authorstream • Add videos, images or 'YouTube' clips into your PowerPoints simply and easily using this free software. • You can also share your presentations and have access to a library of other worthwhile presentations, for use in the classroom. Todays Presentation:

  30. Number 15 Shape Collage • Make your classroom photos into a collage in seconds, using this free application. • Design your own shape to put your photos into. • Use the 'YouTube' video link to get a fast and informative tutorial before you start.

  31. Bonus The magic ‘B’ button

  32. For more 21st Century resources • http://www.bgfl.org/bgfl/65.cfm • My e-mail: e.duffy@frankley.bham.sch.uk Presentation at: http://www.authorstream.com/Presentation/EAMONN-572885-manchester-conference-presentation/

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