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Tutorials for software training

E-learning is basically the utilization of electronic media in the domain of education; it's an expression that describes the usage of technology to sustain the process of learning and imparting education.

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Tutorials for software training

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  1. E-learning is a trendy and useful tool Widespread usage of internet and computers has revolutionized the way of life and consequently the way one looks at things. In this era, almost everything has been altered by the touch of technology. Needless to say, education, which is an essential part and parcel of one's life, is no exception at all. Technology has modernized the system of education and the style of teaching too. Speaking of education and the all-encompassing power of technology, the word that comes into mind is e-learning, the culmination of these two aspects to produce a trendy and useful tool.

  2. Create a rich learning experience Through e-learning, an user can learn anywhere, anytime and at any place. E-learning can be DVD based, Intranet-based or based upon Internet totally. It can comprise textual content, videos, images, audio, interesting animations, games, quizzes, tutorials for software training, everything put together to create a rich learning experience. It's much more advantageous than classroom learning in the sense that it is inexpensive and the learners can acquire the knowledge at their own pace. Through discussions, forums, chats, mails and video-conferencing, learners can interact with the instructors in the sessions daily, weekly or monthly, even on yearly-basis.

  3. Usage of  technology to sustain the process of learning  E-learning is basically the utilization of electronic media in the domain of education, it's an expression that describes the usage of  technology to sustain the process of learning and imparting education. In other words, it's a perfect mingling of knowledge and usage of technical know-how. Imparting knowledge is necessary but e-learning enables it to be imparted in an interactive manner that ameliorates the capacity of retention of any particular user. E-learning is therefore an effective learning and teaching process that's quite a craze among users of all ages.

  4. The advantage of interactivity that kills the monotony There are some features of e-learning that keeps it ahead of classroom training. The most palpable is the flexibility, affordability and the money saved from travelling and spending a considerable amount of time by attending classes. Then, there is the advantage of interactivity that kills the monotony. Rather than just listening and reading, users can actually do a lot of stuff through games, quizzes and animations, which in turn enables them to remember better.

  5. Interaction between instructors and users to facilitate learning E-learning servicesprovided by companies are quite popular, and there are several good reasons for that. First of all, the utilization of elements that make the learning procedure fun and intriguing, something that can hold the attention of an user for a very long time without monotony. Secondly, pictures, text and videos can work together in such a way so that the brain is able to remember and retain even the most difficult of information. Thirdly, interaction between instructors and users to facilitate learning, problem solving and harnessing the benefits of classroom discussions through chats and e-mails. Lastly, it allows the provision of feedback to clarify doubts and misunderstandings.

  6. Motivate the learners more than that of a classroom training These features motivate the learners more than that of a classroom training. Privacy in learning, drawback of missed lessons in classroom creating unnecessary pressures on students and avoiding the crowd of a classroom are benefits of e-learning.

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