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Ed Sarfo A People Person PowerPoint Presentation
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Ed Sarfo A People Person

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Ed Sarfo A People Person
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Ed Sarfo A People Person

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  1. Ed Sarfo A People Person One of the reasons that Ed Sarfo has done so well in the real estate industry is because he is what is known as a people person. Ed has a passion for his profession that helps him to go above and beyond the call of duty. He enjoys helping and counseling his clients so that they can make the most educated and informed decision about their future. Ed has shown other real estate agents that putting the client first is good realtor practice.

  2. Ed Sarfo A Christian Man Ed Sarfo is not just a successful real estate broker, he is also a devoted Christian with a lot of faith. In fact, his commitment to his faith has helped him to become a deacon at his church. A deacon is known as a minister of a church that aids with the service in one way or another. A deacon is ranked below the priest, and often acts as an assistant for helping to carry out the service.

  3. Ed Sarfo Integrity One of the things that Ed Sarfo believes is important for a real estate agent is to have honesty and integrity. He believes that all business success is based on these principles. Ed has attributed much of his success to the positive feedback he often experiences from his clients. This has helped Ed attract new clients, which is a result of his commitment to customer service. By serving with honesty and integrity, Ed has made many positive, lasting connections in the real estate industry.The center has a number of success stories that has encouraged many to use their facility

  4. Ed Sarfo Well-Traveled Ed Sarfo is an experienced real estate broker that has been to many different places all across the globe. Ed is not the typical real estate agent. He has a unique history and education. Ed was born in Ghana, West Africa. He grew up there for many years before attending school in Germany. Ed would then go on to continue his education in America, becoming a real estate agent over ten years ago. The worldly experience he has gotten from his travels have proven useful for his profession.Ed Sarfo is intrinsically driven to help others and loved the good feelings he gets from helping others.

  5. THANK YOU... For more details visit here: https://medium.com/@EdSarfo http://itsmyurls.com/edsarfo https://www.scribd.com/user/301630810/Ed-Sarfo http://edsarfo.jigsy.com/