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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer PowerPoint Presentation
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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

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  1. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Mark Twain

  2. Warm- Up • Read the handout given to you at the beginning of the period.“Mark Twain’s Literary Influence” • What was your knowledge of Mark Twain before today?

  3. Satire • a way of using humor to show that someone or something is foolish, weak, bad, etc. : humor that shows the weaknesses or bad qualities of a person, government, society, etc.

  4. Homework • Annotate for these questions: • How do the first three chapters present this period in American history? • How does Twain depict education? • How does Twain depict religion?

  5. Warm Up • Using passages that you annotated last night, choose the best example of satire or description of the time period.

  6. Modernization • In your writer’s notebook, re-create the “white-washing the fence” scene by modernizing it. • What would kids trade now for a chance to white-wash the fence? • What is a chore that a kid would be trying to get out of?

  7. Homework • Read Chapters 4-6 • Annotate for superstitions • Satire about religion

  8. Warm-Up • As Tom or Huck, write a one paragraph description of the personality of the other character and the nature of their relationship. • You’ll be asked to read it aloud in the voice of the character!

  9. Homework • Read chapters 7-11. • Annotate for: • Superstitions • Satire • Tom’s Personality • Lines you Love

  10. Warm-Up • List Tom’s three most prominent personality traits, backing each choice by describing any incidents in the text thus far that serve as the basis for that choice.

  11. Hyperbole Warm-Up • Re-read the hilarious account of Peter the cat’s reaction to the spoonful of Pain-Killer. In your writer’s notebook, practice using hyperbole by writing a brief account of an ordinary incident enlivened by comically exaggerated descriptions.

  12. Chapter 12-16 Review Questions • In chapter 12, what behavior displayed by Aunt Polly is satirized by Twain? • What vice of Huck's do Tom and Joe envy and resolve to acquire? • Why is Huck able to sleep more easily on the island than Joe and Tom? • Why is the ferry boat firing a canon in chapter 14? • What does the word EXPECTORATION mean in the following sentences:"The silences widened; the EXPECTORATION marvellously increased. Every pore inside the boys' cheeks became a spouting fountain..." (100).

  13. Read the article titled “The Mighty Mississippi” from the front desk. On the bottom of the front or on the back, answer the following question- • How are the river and island symbols?

  14. In his 2004 book on Mark Twain, Larzer Ziff maintains that “Tom’s adventures do not follow one another in any necessary order because Twain is not concerned with the evolution of Tom’s character” and that “none of Tom’s adventures alters his character or matures him- he is always the boy he was” (65). Is this view valid? Why or why not? Can you find evidence to support Ziff? Can you find evidence to refute him? Cite passages from the text to support your view.

  15. Review the main events in the novel thus far. What are the most significant events? How has Twain chosen to pace the story? Is it too fast-paced and too fantastical? Is it realistic and believable?

  16. Write a new back-cover summary for a new edition of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. • Explain why a contemporary audience would find the novel an entertaining and rewarding reading experience. • One page typed and decorated due on Friday, May 30.