Nannies in america
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Nannies in America. By: Ariana Hill. Problemas ?. Underpayment Child abuse Nanny cams Taking advantage of rules. Have you ever thought that the person taking care of YOUR kids, lives like this?. Underpayment. Live In: $20,800-$31,200/ year Live Out: $26,000-$63,400/ year

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Nannies in america

Nannies in America

By: Ariana Hill



Child abuse

Nanny cams

Taking advantage of rules

Underpayment kids,

  • Live In: $20,800-$31,200/ year

  • Live Out: $26,000-$63,400/ year

  • Mother’s Helper: $8-13/ hour

    • Can’t live comfortably with kids

    • Some live off of less

    • Lots live around poverty line

Child abuse
Child Abuse kids,


Throwing objects at kids

Using profanity

Feeding unhealthy food everyday

Shaking kids (especially babies)

Leaving kids unattended occasionally

What is a nanny cam
What is a Nanny Cam? kids,

Small camera

Hidden in everyday objects

Can have many cameras around house

Take footage of nannies with kids

Problems with nanny cams
Problems with Nanny Cams kids,

Nannies have sued due to footage


Footage can be out of context

Taking advantage of rules
Taking Advantage of Rules kids,

Have people over when kids are in bed

Drinking employer’s alcohol

Have parties at unattended house

Stealing employer’s possessions

Don t you think they deserve more
Don’t you think they deserve more? kids,

Maybe we can:

-Pay them more

-Choose nannies better

-Treat them fairly

-Check on them with our kids more often