Mcps student achievement team
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MCPS Student Achievement Team. Faculty Meeting Update. February 2011. A Message from Brenda Blackburn. Click here to play video. MCPS Mission.

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Mcps student achievement team

MCPS Student Achievement Team

Faculty Meeting Update

February 2011

A message from brenda blackburn
A Message from Brenda Blackburn

Click here to play video.

Mcps mission
MCPS Mission

The mission of Montgomery County Public Schools is to be a community of excellence that develops each student’s full potential to be a lifelong learner and a productive global citizen.

Mcps vision
MCPS Vision

MCPS values a high-performing learning culture that places “Students First” by:

  • Cultivating positive relationships based on mutual trust, respect, and open communication among all stakeholders;

  • Holding highexpectationsforachievement and accountability through effective practices which actively engage students and staff and instill enthusiasm for learning and teaching;

  • Sustaining a nurturingenvironment that ensures the physical safety and emotional well-being of all individuals within the learning community; and

  • Valuing continuouslearning and providing growth opportunities for staff, students, and members of the community.

Mcps student achievement team1
MCPS Student Achievement Team

What is it?

Superintendent Blackburn has assembled this team to promote the achievement of all students and address the achievementgaps in reading and math for our students in the Black, Disadvantaged, and Special Education AYP subgroups.

Who are its members?

  • 24 members representing all four strands of the county:

  • Superintendent, directors, principals, supervisors, coordinators,

  • instructional specialists, counselors, and teachers

Charges from the superintendent
Charges from the Superintendent

  • Analyze testing data in reading and math to target our achievement gaps.

  • Compare MCPS to Other Districts in Virginia: Region VI; districts with demographics similar to MCPS; the highest performing districts in Virginia (especially those making AYP).

  • Learn from other school districts that are having success in closing the gaps and meeting AYP.

  • Identify the data we need to guide our improvement efforts.

  • Review the research regarding the practices of school districts that are successfully closing the gaps.

  • Measure our progress: reduce the failure rates for all subgroups.

  • Close the gaps!


Principals’ Vertical Strand Meetings

  • Discussing data and ways to support students

  • Looking at practices to increase graduation rates

    Principal-Student-Parent Meetings

  • Developing awareness of specific expectations and SOL requirements

  • Analyzing student supports:

    - School

    - Home

  • Strengthening personal connections


Learning from Other School Divisions

  • Areas of Interest

    - Remediation for Struggling Students

    - Special Education

    - Instructional Strategies/Initiatives

    - District-Level Procedures

  • Henry County – December/January

  • Augusta County, Bedford City, Martinsville City, Patrick County, Warren County

What We Took With Us:

Multiple Perspectives

  • District

  • School

  • Elementary

  • Secondary

  • General Education

  • Special Education

  • RTI

What We Brought Back:

MCPS is on the Right Track

  • Focus on Student Learning

  • Relationships

  • Structures

  • Curriculum Alignment

  • Professional Development

  • Data-Based Decision Making

Data based decision making
Data-Based Decision Making

  • Think, Pair, Share: What is data?

  • Victoria Bernhardt, Using Data to Improve Student Learning in School Districts – Four Types of Data:

  • Student Learning

  • Demographics

  • Perceptions

  • School Process

  • Can you think of an example of each type of data?

  • With which type(s) do you work most often?

People act in congruence with what they believe,

perceive, or think about different topics.

What educators are doing to get the results that

they are getting.

Student Learning

Base decisions on multiple data sources.



School Process

Data literacy
Data Literacy

  • What is literacy?

    “Having the knowledge and skills to function effectively within a particular context.”

  • What is data literacy?

    “The ability to interpret and use multiple data sources effectively to improve teaching and learning.”

    ‐ Nancy Love

    Using Data to Improve Learning for All:

    A Collaborative Inquiry Approach

  • Why do we need to be data literate?

Source: Jennifer Morrison, ASCD 2010

Source: Jennifer Morrison, ASCD 2010

Teachers and data three essential changes
Teachers and Data: Three Essential Changes

  • Realize that data include more than end-of-year standardized test scores.

  • View collecting data as a way to investigate the many questions about students, teaching practices, and learning that arise for any committed teacher.

  • Talk with one another about what data reveal and how to build on those revelations.

    “Teachers will need support both to become assessment literate and to adopt workable ways to gather, analyze, reflect on, and discuss data. Uncomfortable questions about the nature of standardized testing, school goals, and leadership may arise. Administrators should help their learning community respectfully talk through tough questions. They will build teacher capacity and leadership in the process.”

  • Jennifer Morrison, Educational Leadership 66(4)

Mcps student achievement team looking to the future
MCPS Student Achievement Team: Looking to the Future

The MCPS Student Achievement Team is

working to maintain our district-wide focus on

student achievement, build upon what we are

already doing well, and provide direction for

our future work to keep Students First.