Asthma knowledge and skills tests
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Asthma Knowledge and Skills Tests - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Asthma Knowledge and Skills Tests. dPAS II Component Five Elizabeth L. Thomas MEd, RN, NCSN, FNASN DSNA, November, 2012. What are we doing?. Selecting the condition of asthma as a focus for health promotion

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Asthma knowledge and skills tests

Asthma Knowledge and Skills Tests

dPAS II Component Five

Elizabeth L. Thomas


DSNA, November, 2012

What are we doing
What are we doing?

Selecting the condition of asthma as a focus for health promotion

Measuring knowledge and skills with the notion that healthy students are better learners

Using a written test with skills demonstration followed by health education to improve student knowledge and skills

WHY? A GOAL of improved health (and a higher score on the post test)

Four pre tests and four post tests
Four Pre Tests and Four Post Tests




High school

School Nurse may choose to administer a different level test to students based on developmental age

Total of 100 possible points//10 MC for 3 points and

10 skills for 7 points

Choosing a cohort
Choosing a cohort

Maybe all students in a grade with HCP documented asthma?

Maybe all students in a grade who have RX meds in school for asthma?

Maybe all students in whole school with above?

Maybe only students who have multiple visits for asthma symptoms in previous month?

School Nurse Decision-But must be cohort of 10-150 students

Giving the pre test
Giving the Pre Test

Schedule the pretest with the teacher


Assure appropriate level for student

Ten multiple choice questions may be administered by another staff member prn.

Questions may be read to student.

Item Tag and codes will be useful for research

Demo of skills should closely follow MC

Skills demonstration
Skills Demonstration

Must be assessed by School Nurse using rubric provided

7 possible points for each skill

Must be done 1:1 as soon as possible after the written test

Remember to be consistent!!!

Knowing the codes
Knowing the codes

Item tag found after each test item:

Example is 0001.AS.3-5.Pre.MC-LV2-TP

LV1, LV2, LV3 indicate depth of knowledge

Last letter indicates area of knowledge and skill set

D=definition or description

P=pathophysiology M=Medications

S=Symptoms TP=Treatment Plan

Q=Equipment HS=Health Status

Health education intervention
Health Education Intervention

Suggest that parents be notified of student learning opportunity around chronic condition

Must last at least four weeks

Must be consistent for whole cohort

May include parent information packets

Use your skills, ingenuity and creativity

SN: Scope and Standards (2011) Standard 5b

Resources for educational plan
Resources for educational plan

Post test
Post Test

  • MC may be given as a group if convenient

  • MC may be monitored by another staff member

  • Skills development must be assessed by SN

  • Expectations appropriate to age/developmental age

Scoring the tests
Scoring the Tests

Ten MC worth three points each= 30 points

Ten Skills Demos worth seven points each=70 points

Potential score = 100 points

Calculating the score
Calculating the Score

# Students showing improvement

________________________________ =

Total # of Students in Cohort

% of cohort growth (improvement)

Acceptable growth
Acceptable Growth

50% is acceptable student growth-Need ½ of cohort to improve


8 students show improved score = 80%

10 students in cohort

Remember—if pre test and post test are 100%, maintaining 100% is considered improvement!

Evaluating the test results
Evaluating the Test Results

Compare the pre and post tests using the codes

Determine if knowledge questions or skills demos are problematic

Revise education plan as appropriate

Try again!

Looking forward
Looking Forward

Research possibilities

compare cohort to control group

compare absences due to asthma pre/post intervention

compare GPA pre/post


Bank of Learning Opportunities

Test bank

Thank you
Thank You